Sunday, December 25, 2011

5 things that annoyed me this year !

T'is the season to use the word t'is instead of it's. Merry Christmas everyone :)
Now to my post..  #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - tweet meme.

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - Staff nurses at the hospital.  No work, No patient care. Just warming up the seats until duty ends ! #Bleddy 

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - Chennai traffic ! When apple introduces personalized jetpacks, I'm soo standing in the front of the queue !

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - iPhone 4. yup, broke it twice. Network issues. no option for a only 3G mode n Airtel EDGE sucks !

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear- FDI not getting implemented. Stupid politicians! Y U no listen to Manmohan ji the only time he decides to talk ?!

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear- Friends who RT stupid tweets  just cos they are tweeted by pretty girls, which clogs up my timeline ! :P

Yup, Staff nurses top the list ! All they did while I was an intern in the govt hospital was just maintain records n check whether nothing gets stolen. Yup, they will be posted in night duties n yes, they will get heavily annoyed when anyone disturbs their sleep ! Also they have a bunch of trainee nurses to get work from, yet the only work they are asked to do is to run between wards to get signs in records n stuff and keep things clean. Have to blame the stupid old British 'keeping a record of everything' paperwork system  mainly !! yep, NHS has changed everything in UK, nope, we still follow the failed system which they taught us 60 years back. 

LOVED the iPhone 4 until it broke the first time for a fall of just 1 feet !! n Thy marketed it as 'Helicopter glass' !!  Kids have toy helicopters with better stability.  :(  Also the network issues n death grip sucks. No feature to be in a only 3G mode sucked too.. mainly cos Airtel EDGE is slower than me on a lazy sunday ! Anyways, I'm happy with my android now. Full control baby ! :D  

I sooo looked forward to the FDI in Retail.Hmmm.. atleast the 100% FDI in single brand retail scrapped thro.. yay !! Welcome IKEA n GAP.  Also cheaper Adidas n Reebok n KFC n Sony products I hope. :D

Anyways, End of blabber. life update = things have been good with me.. "This is My December" has been my theme song of late. yup, that good !  More on that later, very very later ! :P  



broca's area said...

haha...agree with staff thing!!!!:D

Shimmer said...

the nurses aren't a prob for only doctors! even fr patients too!! u gotta keep reminding them of their duty grrrr!!!!

n Happy (belated) new year! :D