Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And on one fine holiday afternoon..

Logging into my blogger account after 4 whole months!  Phoo.. Phooooo.. Its dusty :P  'cos I've gotten rusty !

So, Things have been good. Joined my Post graduation in Radio-diagnosis in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (Pondicherry). In short Radio-diagnosis is like being the "Sherlock Holmes" of  the hospital !  (Yup, I'm over exaggerating, but not by much :P )  I like computers and I like to watch/read Sherlock Holmes and I'm lazy.  To quote Joan Of Arc, - "I was born to do this !!"

And, the department's cool.. literally (22* C) and figuratively !  The seniors are fun to be with n the Profs are helpful. So, as I said, Things have been gooood.

So, what more is up with me... I've been studying, in bits n pieces.. actually trying to... n failing miserably sometimes, well most of the times.. as usual :P  But, the intent is what matters right ?! It does. It does.. or so I hope. #YeahImConfused

Man !! This is really tough, haven't blabbered about me in a post for a loong time.

Tomorrow's my dissertation protocol presentation infront of the college committee. So, If anyone crosses across this blog (Surely I'll irritate n make atleast 3 of my friends visit today) Wish some luck for moi !

Will try to be regular,
Dr. Arun. (Yeah, I can add that now. I've got a degree certificate to prove :P ) 


Pink Scarf said...

All the best

shiva... said...

All the best da :)

Shimmer said...

break a leg! :D
and blog more

broca's area said...

atb![late wishes]

razi said...

u are such a freakish type of person but vth good attitude!!!all THE BEST FOR YOUR CAREER!!!