Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook - The wikileaks of social networking !

What goes thro my mind nowadays before pressing 'like' on a cute girl's photo in facebook.. 

My dad will know and will throw a sly smile the next time I see him. My sister will inform my mom that Arun should get married soon. That 3rd std school mate with whom I've never really talked since, will judge me. My college friend would give a quick call n say "Dai dog !! Have you ever ever pressed like or commented on even a single pic of mine ?! Figure na palla ilichittu like'ah podre ! Nadathu nadathu". A few super vetti friends would take the pain to calculate the time interval between she uploading the pic and me commenting on it and will infer 'Jeez ! Is he like always online ?!' 

The Facebook ticker - Lethal to privacy, Fatal to productivity ! :P  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And on one fine holiday afternoon..

Logging into my blogger account after 4 whole months!  Phoo.. Phooooo.. Its dusty :P  'cos I've gotten rusty !

So, Things have been good. Joined my Post graduation in Radio-diagnosis in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (Pondicherry). In short Radio-diagnosis is like being the "Sherlock Holmes" of  the hospital !  (Yup, I'm over exaggerating, but not by much :P )  I like computers and I like to watch/read Sherlock Holmes and I'm lazy.  To quote Joan Of Arc, - "I was born to do this !!"

And, the department's cool.. literally (22* C) and figuratively !  The seniors are fun to be with n the Profs are helpful. So, as I said, Things have been gooood.

So, what more is up with me... I've been studying, in bits n pieces.. actually trying to... n failing miserably sometimes, well most of the times.. as usual :P  But, the intent is what matters right ?! It does. It does.. or so I hope. #YeahImConfused

Man !! This is really tough, haven't blabbered about me in a post for a loong time.

Tomorrow's my dissertation protocol presentation infront of the college committee. So, If anyone crosses across this blog (Surely I'll irritate n make atleast 3 of my friends visit today) Wish some luck for moi !

Will try to be regular,
Dr. Arun. (Yeah, I can add that now. I've got a degree certificate to prove :P )