Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bleeding Blue - A medical analysis of all the mayhem

Everybody has the badges in their profile pics, Everybody tweets n puts a status update in FB at least once a day - "Bleed Blue". Do you know what it literally means ?!

Bleed Blue - Bleeding of blue colored blood. Who the fcuk said its not possible ?! One CAN bleed blue !! #TrueFact.  But of course one will be dead a long time before he can actually bleed blue :P

The hypothetical analysis of the 'Bleeding Blue' postulation:
  I'll make this short. To bleed blue, one needs to have blue blood first. Four conditions…

1) Hemocyanin - Where the blood is actually blue, cos of cyanin pigments n its a normal state in Arthropods. Not in humans. So, Rejected !!
2) Methemoglobinemia - Its not actually blue, kinda a bluish brownish colorish blood. :P caused by increased proportions of methemoglobin in blood. possible in humans
3) Cyanosis - This is not blue blood, its blue discoloration of skin caused  by less oxygen in tissues. So, Rejected !!
4) Feeling Blue - Blue is actually an emotion you know :P so metaphorically speaking, you can bleed blue. he he.. I know !! Rejected.

So, the only viable condition which can present blue blood in humans - Methemoglobinemia. It can be an acquired illness or a congenital one, meaning right from birth. Wikipedia link here.

So we've got blue blood now. But it needs to bleed, to complete the expression 'Bleeding Blue'. For blood to bleed outta blood vessels.. Two possible methods..

1) Trauma to the body n thus the blood vessels - Not gonna happen unless you're in the field playing cricket or watching the match near a srilankan n cursing "FCuk you MF'ing Srilankans" for every indian run !!
2) Bleeding n clotting disorders - LOTS of them are possible. None of them are a symptom or a co manifestation of Methemoglobinemia as far as i searched in Google..

So, We are stuck !! Blue blood n no bleeding !!  :(  Time to go postulating like My man Einstein. There is cricket, there are lots of runs n wickets, lots of emotions running high.. wholly dolly !!  what if we postulate that 'Heightened emotions' can somehow cause the bleed to occur.. Its more a plausible cause than Sachin being an alien n can make ppl infront of TV screens  bleed thro his awesomeness :P

So, we postulate that heightened emotions experienced during a cricket match is the root cause of bleeding. Lets say on periods of heightened emotions, mind can somehow act psycho-somatically n can actually cause a physical cut in the skin which makes the blue blood bleed. TADA !!  Voila !!  Case closed.

Case not closed - What are the side effects?! Can one can die of Bleeding blue ?!  theoretically - YES !!  :O  It depends on the number of episodes of heightened emotions you experience during a cricket match and the frequency n the length of each episode. Cos, For you to be dead bleeding blue - you need to get a lotta cuts in your body in a very little time, cos the bloody clotting factors may set in :P So be wary of bleeding blue.

Doctor's Advice - Don't wear a blue dress on the world cup finals day cos all the people ask you to wear it - to support india. Cos if you start bleeding blue.. the bleeding may go un-noticed and you may die of a hypovolemic shock !!  :P :P

Credits to @drongotweet and @ikarthik_  for giving me the inspiration to write this :P

Enough of my mokkai... Hope India wins today, we all die bleeding blue n the Indian population finally becomes a manageable sum :D


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