Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesome fun to be had with a switched off iPhone

A few days back, My iPhone died on me !! Blame it on the newly activated 3G in my mobile. So, there I was - waiting in the lobby with nobody to talk n with an iPhone on 1% charge and 45 mins of waiting to go. Mind went nuts.

The Sprinkle oil - Trinkle madness idea:
             iPhone's got an awesome glassy 3.5 inch screen. Not much use powered off ?! Think different.  Rub a little oil over the screen (tip - there is always some oil left in your forehead n nose :P)  and then the magic begins.
The glassy screen coupled with the oil immersion makes the screen a perfect slate !! You can write anything you want with your finger n tilt the phone to get a good angulation with a light source and see your writings sparkle in a thousand different colors against the black screen !! (Should I patent this awesome idea ?!)  
Your name, her/his name with a heart arrow symbol in the middle - you can keep on looking at it in different angles & different colors and you will never think about charging your iPhone ever :P

Use the built in spy cam:
        True fact !! iPhone comes with a built in spy cam. That too when the screen is off. Listen to me you dupid bugger Steve Jobs n market your product better !! 
For this procedure rub off all the oil from the previous procedure ( n with that her name too :(  ). Now, Find a cute gal nearby :P  Now remember this.. 
the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence 
Tilt the iPhone n focus your screen in such a way that the light rays reflected from the cute gal falls directly on your iPhone screen. Ogle your way thro the rest of the waiting time :) 

For this spy cam action to work well - Sit in a position where the light source is infront of you (to pour light over the figure :P) n there are no lights to your back (to avoid the glare). Physics comes in really handy :P

The Fake Phone Call:

         Oldest trick in the book. But, still always works !! especially when the other people around you have now, by this time, after seeing u tilt n twist your phone, have concluded you as a weird dude. A fake phone call might bring some amount of normalcy to the scenario. Major Tip - Even if your iphone has only 1% charge, don't take a chance. 'Always in silent mode, when making a fake phone call'
 - Rule no. 1. You might also speak 'peter' engilish n confirm that you are a creepy guy or talk normally as you usually do to a friend.

The killer instinct:
         Now, that you've waited for some 50 mins and you're feeling the irritation n anger. So, now is the time to take a Gooood look at the iPhone architecture. The design behind the success n the innovation behind the sensation n try to find the weak spots in its design. Mind you - there are many !!  Think about what would be the ideal height n force, from where the iphone should be dropped so that it achieves the velocity of destruction n now... would be the time to go get a drink or to go for a walk. cos, indulging in any more of this thinking will get your iphone killed n athuku company porupagaathu !!

I hope by now, I've convinced you that I'm a better marketer that Stevie Jobs. Yup !! I can even sell a dead iPhone :P  ha ha... Enough of my mokka. Read n survive.



vaishnavi jai said...

Room pottu yosipingalo ;D funny n nice...

Arun Kumar said...

@Vaishnavi - he he.. அதுவும் செய்வோம் !! :P Thank you ka. :)

Meow said...

Sight aroma nala device nu ore line la solradha vita potu oru page ku blog ezhudharan Parrah.... Jokes aPart nice post :)

Arun Kumar said...

@Sowmiya Grrrrr !! you're demeaning the iPhone !! #Blasphemy

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sai said...

Man this stuff is real hilarious, i like the angle of reflect part.