Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 facts about me tag.

Okay okay. I know I've already done a couple of similar tags already.. But, I'm the king of my blog !! I write what I can :P   So, here goes...

10 facts about me:

1) I don't mind waiting to see someone. With an iPhone n 3G in it, I've even grown to love waiting. 

2) My friends say I like only super slim girls. based on my last 2 crushes from school & college - I'd have to say my friends know me best.

3) I never use the word 'Love'. 'Crush' is my friendly alternative to it. 

4) My biggest fear after I've completed my internship is - I might have HIV !! Second biggest fear - Hep B. Was exposed to a lotta blood during emergency times. No infected needle pricks though :P

5) I once scored 115 runs in a street cricket game. No one believes :(  me n my two cousins thrashed their under 11 team !!  We were under 13  :P

6) I hate tucking in my shirt !! Tucked out is cozy n comfy, though I look like a dork with a full hand tucked out shirt.

7) I am a pretty good liar. I lie thro my teeth facing directly at the person's eyes, with a face so innocent - everybody except my friends are suckers to my lies. :D

8) In my short life of omnivorism, I've eaten - chicken, fish, mutton, pork, camel, turkey, quail, prawn n shell fish.  No rabbits and deer  :(

9) I'll never stop wearing my glasses, even if I undergo a Laser correction.  I look good (only) with my spectacles. :)

10) I wrote this post in exactly 22 mins. Notice how every sentence begins with either 'I' or 'My' - I'm good when I'm narcissistic :P

Till tomorrow,


shiva... said...

its true u like slim girls ..but that college crush u had made me really sick :P

Pink Scarf said...

Hahahah. HIV! LOL! It'll be fun if you have :P

Arun Kumar said...

Nee enna solre nu enaku purile da !! whaaaaaat ?!

fun ?! ugh !!

shiva... said...
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broca's area said...

glasses make u look 'sadhu'type!!:P