Friday, March 25, 2011

My last Admission day as an intern

General info - Admission days are an intern's nightmare. Happens once in a week n you start the shift at morning 7 30, which pretty much lasts till the next day noon 1 PM. Walkin n workin - 30 hours. Nightmare but, without the sleep.

Never thought I would even miss it, until my last duty day.

Warning - DO NOT READ FURTHER. Lots of blabber n stupidity below.  If you got nothing better to do n want to bored to sleep - this might just be perfect :) 

7:45 AM - I soooo wanted to go to my last OPD session by 7 30 sharp. But as always... Sleep is a great motivator to go late :)  Had a lotta Dog bite cases as usual - Bleh !! what more to expect in a sunday OP !!

Then it was clockwork - A few cases got admitted, case sheets, injections, a late lunch by 3 PM n then casualty care duty.

Wait wait wait !! this happened by 4 PM - High point of the day. A call from her  :D After a looong time !!

n then a couple of cases were posted for emergency theatre - Appendicitis n an appendicular perforation.

5 30 PM - Met her finally :D    7 30 PM - Met her once again  :-D    Ah !!  Gooood times :)  Was smiling all the way. Of course my face mask would've hid the smiles. Kept wondering whether she was smiling under that face mask of hers too !!

This was about the time I realised - I'm gonna miss all these in a week's time !!  This was my last n final full day duty.  :( :( I'm never ever gonna work my ass of ever in my life as I've did during these admission days n IMCU n Labour postings.   :D  :)  :(  :/  *mixed feelings*

Casualty was kinda free - a few dubba assaults n RTA's. A super serious massive head injury case (sure to die in a few hours) was admitted. Blind person trying to cross a road got hit by a bus !!  :(  We gave our best. But... may he rest in peace. (he died after 2 days in intensive care)

Then this sudden urge took me over - to get a free dinner treat from somebody.. anybody !!  Tried with a couple of PGs, interns, even asked the duty assistant surgeon :P  Grrr !!  all kanjoos - Late dinner by 11 30 at home.

after some 2 hours chatting with co-interns n PGs (Yeap !! we were that vetti that day :P)  went to sleep in my car (better to sleep in the car than to get swarmed by mosquitos in the sweaty bed in casualty).

3 AM !!  Knock knock - Bloody buggers Aadil n Isaac came from their night duties to disturb my somewhat peaceful sleep in the cramped car. They wanted a treat for my last night duty, yeah... what the hell !!  Woke up n went for the casualty tea kadai (open 24x7 !!)  Chill outs n Pepsi n ground nut packets. Rs 35 la midnight treat over !!

3 30 PM - Didn't wanna spend the rest of 'my last night duty' sleeping (yeah, it became a thing). So the three of us wandered around the super silent n cool hospital outdoors. Good times :)  Then, someone suggested this crazy idea to call 'fire' Ganapathy in the middle of the night (Yup.. It was me.. Duh !!)

So, we gave the ring !!  Fire IS fire for a reason. 3 rings n he picks up in the middle of the frikkin night !!

"Dei, thoongitu irunthiya da ?!"  (usual obvious irritating question to set the mood)
"Errr... aama.. enna da ?"
"Nalla thookamo ?!"
"Yethuku da call panne ?!"
"En kooda Aadil and Isaac irukaanga da.. avungalukkum night duty thaan"
"err... solra !!"
"Dei unaku 'syntax' set aagiruchaame !!  unmailaye love'ah da ?!"  (Syntax was the nick name we kept for his gal)
Isaac got on the phone - Speaking like a drunk (although he drank only a pepsi mini) "Dei !! Syntax unaku suthama nallave illada... vutru da !! "
Fire "Dei.. phone'a vainga da panni'gala.. kaalaila pesikalaam" 

We also decided to call Aibu n pravin n enquire about their love stories. but fearing the back lash the day after. we didnt. #MissedMoment

Then a kutty 90 mins sleep in car once again. n then early morning rounds. then clockwork till 2 pm that noon.

I've worked non-stop on other admission days. But this admission day was the last n it was special. Just wanted to record it before I forgot these silly memories.