Thursday, January 13, 2011

Outlook 2011 - What's in the store for Arun ?

MMXI !!  Hope it turns out as good as MMX :)
So, what do I have to look forward to in 2011... By the length of this post - A lot. A possible career focusing move, new friends to look forward to and a gloomy good bye to present friends :(

:::> End of internship n college life. Will have a lotta lovely memories to cherish n a lotta bitter regrets to forget. To sum up - college life was like a bumper car ride. No responsibilities, nobody cared how many mistakes you made n you always have parents to pay for the ride :P   So after this, I have to "act" responsible at times, make less mistakes, but one thing thats not gonna change - my parents will still pay for my ride :P  

:::> College buddies - I'm definitely gonna miss them. period.  :(

:::> Its gonna be an arranged marriage for me :P  My career selection was made when my dad purchased his first single slice CT scanner. My road's never gonna diverge into 2 in the yellow woods, its pretty much a one way and probably with not many twists I hope. Hey, its better than having to build your own road from scratch !!  Radio-diagnosis - I'm lazy n I love spending time in a computer, We'll get along just fine :)  Destined to be together.

:::> Newer acquaintances (IF i get a PG seat). Argh !! I hate hate hate this part. Never been good in the initial stages of any of my friendships. Hope there profs are tolerant and the friends are cool n the girls (if any) are cute :P  

:::> City life !! :D  PG seat or no PG seat. After finishing internship - I'm definitely moving to Chennai !! No more town boi :P   I'm gonna see un-tamil-dubbed English movies on the first day, Eat in KFC, More girls to ogle at,  Lots of shopping malls, n I'll finally use the word 'Tra-fucked' in a tweet :P

:::> A Macbook Pro... or atleast a Macbook. Definite buy if I join PG. 

:::> A possible relief from this blogstipation :P  

Although, Lots of 'if's rise a faint fear, Lots of 'gonna's have me hoping for a lively 2011.  Hope you all have a pleasant 2011. 

(Belated) New year wishes to everyone of you.