Sunday, December 25, 2011

5 things that annoyed me this year !

T'is the season to use the word t'is instead of it's. Merry Christmas everyone :)
Now to my post..  #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - tweet meme.

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - Staff nurses at the hospital.  No work, No patient care. Just warming up the seats until duty ends ! #Bleddy 

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - Chennai traffic ! When apple introduces personalized jetpacks, I'm soo standing in the front of the queue !

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear - iPhone 4. yup, broke it twice. Network issues. no option for a only 3G mode n Airtel EDGE sucks !

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear- FDI not getting implemented. Stupid politicians! Y U no listen to Manmohan ji the only time he decides to talk ?!

  • #5ThingsThatAnnoyedMeThisYear- Friends who RT stupid tweets  just cos they are tweeted by pretty girls, which clogs up my timeline ! :P

Yup, Staff nurses top the list ! All they did while I was an intern in the govt hospital was just maintain records n check whether nothing gets stolen. Yup, they will be posted in night duties n yes, they will get heavily annoyed when anyone disturbs their sleep ! Also they have a bunch of trainee nurses to get work from, yet the only work they are asked to do is to run between wards to get signs in records n stuff and keep things clean. Have to blame the stupid old British 'keeping a record of everything' paperwork system  mainly !! yep, NHS has changed everything in UK, nope, we still follow the failed system which they taught us 60 years back. 

LOVED the iPhone 4 until it broke the first time for a fall of just 1 feet !! n Thy marketed it as 'Helicopter glass' !!  Kids have toy helicopters with better stability.  :(  Also the network issues n death grip sucks. No feature to be in a only 3G mode sucked too.. mainly cos Airtel EDGE is slower than me on a lazy sunday ! Anyways, I'm happy with my android now. Full control baby ! :D  

I sooo looked forward to the FDI in Retail.Hmmm.. atleast the 100% FDI in single brand retail scrapped thro.. yay !! Welcome IKEA n GAP.  Also cheaper Adidas n Reebok n KFC n Sony products I hope. :D

Anyways, End of blabber. life update = things have been good with me.. "This is My December" has been my theme song of late. yup, that good !  More on that later, very very later ! :P  


Thursday, November 24, 2011

15 weird habits tag

Yay !! time to reanimate mera blog'u ! Got an awesome tag full of narcissism from KofyKat. Yup, It was an offer I couldn't refuse. Narcissism goes well with me. chah !  Here I was, going to fill a tag n I've started blabbering about me already :P

Ok. Here goes the tag..

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?

Arunachalam. My late grandma and an aunt used to call me that. Mom tells me she used to call me 'Thanga paanai' (Golden pot) when I was in pre school. I was a fatty back then I think. Now, everybody just calls me 'Arunu'.

#2. What's a weird habit of yours?

I crack my knuckles a lot, usually my wrists n toes. Highly irritating, especially when in a silent room. Gives away my nervous moods easily.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?

Snakes !!! My 'most feared, yet never have crossed paths with each another' enemy.

#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

"Shaktimaan" theme music. Whenever infront of a mirror after tucking in my shirt, I do that pose n the song goes playin in my mind. :D  Its also my energy booster song.

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?

I haaate it whenever someone comes back from toilet and puts their hands over my shoulder... We all know that 73.57 % of Indians don't wash their hands after wizzing !

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?

As said earlier, I crack knuckles a lot. Then... If I have my phone in my hands, I lock it and unlock it and flip thro all the menu pages and then lock it again. The cycle often repeats.

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

errr.. Pretty much in the center I guess..

#8. What was your first stuffed animal & it's name?

Never had one.. Sister bought a big panda bear. I named it 'Smuggle' ! So, thats sorta my first n only one too I think..

#9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at Barista?

Never been to it. I like tea and it should be light ! also Barista always reminded me of Batista, the wrestler.. funny right ?! not funny to you ? Don't make me come there n pull off a 'spine buster' on you. mind it !

#10. What's the one rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?

Hmmm.. tuff one! I never advice anyone.. This may come close ->  I hate it when people use a lotta full stops and exclamation marks while writing a mail, status or tweet. But I DO do that..

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?

Eh.. Facing against the flow of water ?!  #WhoFramedThisDupidQuestionYourHonor

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?

I can make a pair vampire like teeth from my lower lips, by clutching the center of it n raising the peripheries (Don't try this at home !!) .. Creeps a lot of people out.

#13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?

Got to be lays chips, hands down winner in the matter of 'the junk'.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?

Enna koduma saravana ithu !!  and  Nanbaen da!  #SavioursAtUncomfortableTimes

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?

Black sweatpants and grey Tshirt. #NaatukkuRombaAvasiyam  :P

Phooo... yessuda !! Ze tag is uh done and Ze blog is uh updated.  Online awesomeness hi5 !   :D

n I tag the only 4 readers of this blog - 'Fuhrer' Shiva, 'Genius' Fahi, 'Princess' Nuchu and 'Dextrous lady' Sowmiya.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook - The wikileaks of social networking !

What goes thro my mind nowadays before pressing 'like' on a cute girl's photo in facebook.. 

My dad will know and will throw a sly smile the next time I see him. My sister will inform my mom that Arun should get married soon. That 3rd std school mate with whom I've never really talked since, will judge me. My college friend would give a quick call n say "Dai dog !! Have you ever ever pressed like or commented on even a single pic of mine ?! Figure na palla ilichittu like'ah podre ! Nadathu nadathu". A few super vetti friends would take the pain to calculate the time interval between she uploading the pic and me commenting on it and will infer 'Jeez ! Is he like always online ?!' 

The Facebook ticker - Lethal to privacy, Fatal to productivity ! :P  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And on one fine holiday afternoon..

Logging into my blogger account after 4 whole months!  Phoo.. Phooooo.. Its dusty :P  'cos I've gotten rusty !

So, Things have been good. Joined my Post graduation in Radio-diagnosis in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (Pondicherry). In short Radio-diagnosis is like being the "Sherlock Holmes" of  the hospital !  (Yup, I'm over exaggerating, but not by much :P )  I like computers and I like to watch/read Sherlock Holmes and I'm lazy.  To quote Joan Of Arc, - "I was born to do this !!"

And, the department's cool.. literally (22* C) and figuratively !  The seniors are fun to be with n the Profs are helpful. So, as I said, Things have been gooood.

So, what more is up with me... I've been studying, in bits n pieces.. actually trying to... n failing miserably sometimes, well most of the times.. as usual :P  But, the intent is what matters right ?! It does. It does.. or so I hope. #YeahImConfused

Man !! This is really tough, haven't blabbered about me in a post for a loong time.

Tomorrow's my dissertation protocol presentation infront of the college committee. So, If anyone crosses across this blog (Surely I'll irritate n make atleast 3 of my friends visit today) Wish some luck for moi !

Will try to be regular,
Dr. Arun. (Yeah, I can add that now. I've got a degree certificate to prove :P ) 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesome fun to be had with a switched off iPhone

A few days back, My iPhone died on me !! Blame it on the newly activated 3G in my mobile. So, there I was - waiting in the lobby with nobody to talk n with an iPhone on 1% charge and 45 mins of waiting to go. Mind went nuts.

The Sprinkle oil - Trinkle madness idea:
             iPhone's got an awesome glassy 3.5 inch screen. Not much use powered off ?! Think different.  Rub a little oil over the screen (tip - there is always some oil left in your forehead n nose :P)  and then the magic begins.
The glassy screen coupled with the oil immersion makes the screen a perfect slate !! You can write anything you want with your finger n tilt the phone to get a good angulation with a light source and see your writings sparkle in a thousand different colors against the black screen !! (Should I patent this awesome idea ?!)  
Your name, her/his name with a heart arrow symbol in the middle - you can keep on looking at it in different angles & different colors and you will never think about charging your iPhone ever :P

Use the built in spy cam:
        True fact !! iPhone comes with a built in spy cam. That too when the screen is off. Listen to me you dupid bugger Steve Jobs n market your product better !! 
For this procedure rub off all the oil from the previous procedure ( n with that her name too :(  ). Now, Find a cute gal nearby :P  Now remember this.. 
the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence 
Tilt the iPhone n focus your screen in such a way that the light rays reflected from the cute gal falls directly on your iPhone screen. Ogle your way thro the rest of the waiting time :) 

For this spy cam action to work well - Sit in a position where the light source is infront of you (to pour light over the figure :P) n there are no lights to your back (to avoid the glare). Physics comes in really handy :P

The Fake Phone Call:

         Oldest trick in the book. But, still always works !! especially when the other people around you have now, by this time, after seeing u tilt n twist your phone, have concluded you as a weird dude. A fake phone call might bring some amount of normalcy to the scenario. Major Tip - Even if your iphone has only 1% charge, don't take a chance. 'Always in silent mode, when making a fake phone call'
 - Rule no. 1. You might also speak 'peter' engilish n confirm that you are a creepy guy or talk normally as you usually do to a friend.

The killer instinct:
         Now, that you've waited for some 50 mins and you're feeling the irritation n anger. So, now is the time to take a Gooood look at the iPhone architecture. The design behind the success n the innovation behind the sensation n try to find the weak spots in its design. Mind you - there are many !!  Think about what would be the ideal height n force, from where the iphone should be dropped so that it achieves the velocity of destruction n now... would be the time to go get a drink or to go for a walk. cos, indulging in any more of this thinking will get your iphone killed n athuku company porupagaathu !!

I hope by now, I've convinced you that I'm a better marketer that Stevie Jobs. Yup !! I can even sell a dead iPhone :P  ha ha... Enough of my mokka. Read n survive.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 facts about me tag.

Okay okay. I know I've already done a couple of similar tags already.. But, I'm the king of my blog !! I write what I can :P   So, here goes...

10 facts about me:

1) I don't mind waiting to see someone. With an iPhone n 3G in it, I've even grown to love waiting. 

2) My friends say I like only super slim girls. based on my last 2 crushes from school & college - I'd have to say my friends know me best.

3) I never use the word 'Love'. 'Crush' is my friendly alternative to it. 

4) My biggest fear after I've completed my internship is - I might have HIV !! Second biggest fear - Hep B. Was exposed to a lotta blood during emergency times. No infected needle pricks though :P

5) I once scored 115 runs in a street cricket game. No one believes :(  me n my two cousins thrashed their under 11 team !!  We were under 13  :P

6) I hate tucking in my shirt !! Tucked out is cozy n comfy, though I look like a dork with a full hand tucked out shirt.

7) I am a pretty good liar. I lie thro my teeth facing directly at the person's eyes, with a face so innocent - everybody except my friends are suckers to my lies. :D

8) In my short life of omnivorism, I've eaten - chicken, fish, mutton, pork, camel, turkey, quail, prawn n shell fish.  No rabbits and deer  :(

9) I'll never stop wearing my glasses, even if I undergo a Laser correction.  I look good (only) with my spectacles. :)

10) I wrote this post in exactly 22 mins. Notice how every sentence begins with either 'I' or 'My' - I'm good when I'm narcissistic :P

Till tomorrow,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bleeding Blue - A medical analysis of all the mayhem

Everybody has the badges in their profile pics, Everybody tweets n puts a status update in FB at least once a day - "Bleed Blue". Do you know what it literally means ?!

Bleed Blue - Bleeding of blue colored blood. Who the fcuk said its not possible ?! One CAN bleed blue !! #TrueFact.  But of course one will be dead a long time before he can actually bleed blue :P

The hypothetical analysis of the 'Bleeding Blue' postulation:
  I'll make this short. To bleed blue, one needs to have blue blood first. Four conditions…

1) Hemocyanin - Where the blood is actually blue, cos of cyanin pigments n its a normal state in Arthropods. Not in humans. So, Rejected !!
2) Methemoglobinemia - Its not actually blue, kinda a bluish brownish colorish blood. :P caused by increased proportions of methemoglobin in blood. possible in humans
3) Cyanosis - This is not blue blood, its blue discoloration of skin caused  by less oxygen in tissues. So, Rejected !!
4) Feeling Blue - Blue is actually an emotion you know :P so metaphorically speaking, you can bleed blue. he he.. I know !! Rejected.

So, the only viable condition which can present blue blood in humans - Methemoglobinemia. It can be an acquired illness or a congenital one, meaning right from birth. Wikipedia link here.

So we've got blue blood now. But it needs to bleed, to complete the expression 'Bleeding Blue'. For blood to bleed outta blood vessels.. Two possible methods..

1) Trauma to the body n thus the blood vessels - Not gonna happen unless you're in the field playing cricket or watching the match near a srilankan n cursing "FCuk you MF'ing Srilankans" for every indian run !!
2) Bleeding n clotting disorders - LOTS of them are possible. None of them are a symptom or a co manifestation of Methemoglobinemia as far as i searched in Google..

So, We are stuck !! Blue blood n no bleeding !!  :(  Time to go postulating like My man Einstein. There is cricket, there are lots of runs n wickets, lots of emotions running high.. wholly dolly !!  what if we postulate that 'Heightened emotions' can somehow cause the bleed to occur.. Its more a plausible cause than Sachin being an alien n can make ppl infront of TV screens  bleed thro his awesomeness :P

So, we postulate that heightened emotions experienced during a cricket match is the root cause of bleeding. Lets say on periods of heightened emotions, mind can somehow act psycho-somatically n can actually cause a physical cut in the skin which makes the blue blood bleed. TADA !!  Voila !!  Case closed.

Case not closed - What are the side effects?! Can one can die of Bleeding blue ?!  theoretically - YES !!  :O  It depends on the number of episodes of heightened emotions you experience during a cricket match and the frequency n the length of each episode. Cos, For you to be dead bleeding blue - you need to get a lotta cuts in your body in a very little time, cos the bloody clotting factors may set in :P So be wary of bleeding blue.

Doctor's Advice - Don't wear a blue dress on the world cup finals day cos all the people ask you to wear it - to support india. Cos if you start bleeding blue.. the bleeding may go un-noticed and you may die of a hypovolemic shock !!  :P :P

Credits to @drongotweet and @ikarthik_  for giving me the inspiration to write this :P

Enough of my mokkai... Hope India wins today, we all die bleeding blue n the Indian population finally becomes a manageable sum :D


Friday, March 25, 2011

My last Admission day as an intern

General info - Admission days are an intern's nightmare. Happens once in a week n you start the shift at morning 7 30, which pretty much lasts till the next day noon 1 PM. Walkin n workin - 30 hours. Nightmare but, without the sleep.

Never thought I would even miss it, until my last duty day.

Warning - DO NOT READ FURTHER. Lots of blabber n stupidity below.  If you got nothing better to do n want to bored to sleep - this might just be perfect :) 

7:45 AM - I soooo wanted to go to my last OPD session by 7 30 sharp. But as always... Sleep is a great motivator to go late :)  Had a lotta Dog bite cases as usual - Bleh !! what more to expect in a sunday OP !!

Then it was clockwork - A few cases got admitted, case sheets, injections, a late lunch by 3 PM n then casualty care duty.

Wait wait wait !! this happened by 4 PM - High point of the day. A call from her  :D After a looong time !!

n then a couple of cases were posted for emergency theatre - Appendicitis n an appendicular perforation.

5 30 PM - Met her finally :D    7 30 PM - Met her once again  :-D    Ah !!  Gooood times :)  Was smiling all the way. Of course my face mask would've hid the smiles. Kept wondering whether she was smiling under that face mask of hers too !!

This was about the time I realised - I'm gonna miss all these in a week's time !!  This was my last n final full day duty.  :( :( I'm never ever gonna work my ass of ever in my life as I've did during these admission days n IMCU n Labour postings.   :D  :)  :(  :/  *mixed feelings*

Casualty was kinda free - a few dubba assaults n RTA's. A super serious massive head injury case (sure to die in a few hours) was admitted. Blind person trying to cross a road got hit by a bus !!  :(  We gave our best. But... may he rest in peace. (he died after 2 days in intensive care)

Then this sudden urge took me over - to get a free dinner treat from somebody.. anybody !!  Tried with a couple of PGs, interns, even asked the duty assistant surgeon :P  Grrr !!  all kanjoos - Late dinner by 11 30 at home.

after some 2 hours chatting with co-interns n PGs (Yeap !! we were that vetti that day :P)  went to sleep in my car (better to sleep in the car than to get swarmed by mosquitos in the sweaty bed in casualty).

3 AM !!  Knock knock - Bloody buggers Aadil n Isaac came from their night duties to disturb my somewhat peaceful sleep in the cramped car. They wanted a treat for my last night duty, yeah... what the hell !!  Woke up n went for the casualty tea kadai (open 24x7 !!)  Chill outs n Pepsi n ground nut packets. Rs 35 la midnight treat over !!

3 30 PM - Didn't wanna spend the rest of 'my last night duty' sleeping (yeah, it became a thing). So the three of us wandered around the super silent n cool hospital outdoors. Good times :)  Then, someone suggested this crazy idea to call 'fire' Ganapathy in the middle of the night (Yup.. It was me.. Duh !!)

So, we gave the ring !!  Fire IS fire for a reason. 3 rings n he picks up in the middle of the frikkin night !!

"Dei, thoongitu irunthiya da ?!"  (usual obvious irritating question to set the mood)
"Errr... aama.. enna da ?"
"Nalla thookamo ?!"
"Yethuku da call panne ?!"
"En kooda Aadil and Isaac irukaanga da.. avungalukkum night duty thaan"
"err... solra !!"
"Dei unaku 'syntax' set aagiruchaame !!  unmailaye love'ah da ?!"  (Syntax was the nick name we kept for his gal)
Isaac got on the phone - Speaking like a drunk (although he drank only a pepsi mini) "Dei !! Syntax unaku suthama nallave illada... vutru da !! "
Fire "Dei.. phone'a vainga da panni'gala.. kaalaila pesikalaam" 

We also decided to call Aibu n pravin n enquire about their love stories. but fearing the back lash the day after. we didnt. #MissedMoment

Then a kutty 90 mins sleep in car once again. n then early morning rounds. then clockwork till 2 pm that noon.

I've worked non-stop on other admission days. But this admission day was the last n it was special. Just wanted to record it before I forgot these silly memories.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Outlook 2011 - What's in the store for Arun ?

MMXI !!  Hope it turns out as good as MMX :)
So, what do I have to look forward to in 2011... By the length of this post - A lot. A possible career focusing move, new friends to look forward to and a gloomy good bye to present friends :(

:::> End of internship n college life. Will have a lotta lovely memories to cherish n a lotta bitter regrets to forget. To sum up - college life was like a bumper car ride. No responsibilities, nobody cared how many mistakes you made n you always have parents to pay for the ride :P   So after this, I have to "act" responsible at times, make less mistakes, but one thing thats not gonna change - my parents will still pay for my ride :P  

:::> College buddies - I'm definitely gonna miss them. period.  :(

:::> Its gonna be an arranged marriage for me :P  My career selection was made when my dad purchased his first single slice CT scanner. My road's never gonna diverge into 2 in the yellow woods, its pretty much a one way and probably with not many twists I hope. Hey, its better than having to build your own road from scratch !!  Radio-diagnosis - I'm lazy n I love spending time in a computer, We'll get along just fine :)  Destined to be together.

:::> Newer acquaintances (IF i get a PG seat). Argh !! I hate hate hate this part. Never been good in the initial stages of any of my friendships. Hope there profs are tolerant and the friends are cool n the girls (if any) are cute :P  

:::> City life !! :D  PG seat or no PG seat. After finishing internship - I'm definitely moving to Chennai !! No more town boi :P   I'm gonna see un-tamil-dubbed English movies on the first day, Eat in KFC, More girls to ogle at,  Lots of shopping malls, n I'll finally use the word 'Tra-fucked' in a tweet :P

:::> A Macbook Pro... or atleast a Macbook. Definite buy if I join PG. 

:::> A possible relief from this blogstipation :P  

Although, Lots of 'if's rise a faint fear, Lots of 'gonna's have me hoping for a lively 2011.  Hope you all have a pleasant 2011. 

(Belated) New year wishes to everyone of you.