Sunday, October 10, 2010

A lazy soul digs up an excuse, no matter what !!

Internship - My excuse for everything nowadays.

Friend "Coming for a movie.. noon show ?!"
Two hours sleep has become a routine for the past 6 months. No spoiling that.
Me "Nah man.. just now got off a 24 hour shift.. too tired. may be later."
There was no later..

Mom "When are gonna come here da ?! Sis and nephew will be here this weekend.."
Sunday means less work.. more time at my place... to REST.
Me "I don't get holidays on sundays ma.. Some other time.."

Me "Dude.. Lets blog about this awesome village postings and the various interesting characters we've met.."
Myself "Yeah... Nooo. It will take 30 mins to draft a post and who's gonna care if we don't write.. Lets have some peaceful rest. will surely finish the post on coming sunday. okay ?!"
Me "Yeah.. whatever !!"

Me "Lets download some new tracks off the internet n hear.."
Myself "Laters... "
Me "Lets read that IT college novel you bought recently.. It will be uber funny !!"
Myself "Laters.. Novels are massive !!"
Me "Dude.. atleast download some porn... "
Myself "shit !! just remembered... I need write my log book before morning !! laters.."

Later... Someday... are places in time which'll never be visited ever !!  'Someday' means 'never'.

The truth is, I'm busy. But, I'm not THAT busy to do these simple things... I'm just freakin lazy. Too lazy infact, that I don't get up from bed to get the blanket off the shelf, I just roll into my bedsheet instead.

My blog archive for the past two years - 55 (2008) &  52 (2009).  This year - 22.  Explains things... doesn't it ?!  (But I make up for that in twitter :P   Twitter is blogging for lazy people.. )

Anyways, (for the hundredth time) I give my word "I will stop being lazy n post more often !!"
My goal for 2010 - Reach 50 posts by its end. okay its a bit too much... 40 would be a realistic target. But, I have labor postings for a month n that is going to be super busy. So.. okay lets see, hmmm.. will decide on that some other time.