Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five things that signal 'You are older than you think doode !!'

Signs n Symptoms that suggest you are becoming Lord v'OLD'emort...

1) You ogle at a cute girl in traffic signal and think "Shit !! I've seen this doll some where else before.. hummmm... where the fcuk was it ?? where where where ??!!" n thus when you are just about to implode inside your head, your friend says "Dei, thats XYZ, our college junior da !!"

2) When ever some friend asks your pants size. you raise your collar n say "I'm size 32. Been the same size all thro college doode" but, only you know that you've crossed size 32 exactly one year back and you are barely fitting into your newly bought jeans n the reason for you not tucking your shirt in is.. cos the frikkin shirt refuses to go in !!

3) You are waiting for your turn at the viva in your obstetrics practicals in your chair.. all nervous n studying, not minding the cute nursing students crossing by the side. Friend tries to pass you a book, you bend & extend to get it (like you don't have enough books in your lap already). *creaking noise* bham !! next second - meesai la mannu ottiduchi !! (sand in your moustache) Boys laugh n girls giggle. chair broken. Fallen pride.

4) Your nephew talks animatedly about some children's tv show called power rangers and asks which ranger you are and you say "blue ranger". The damned nephew runs to the living room full of close relatives shouting "Maama is a girl, maama is a girl !!". You google it on your phone quickly n find out... blue ranger is played by a girl now !!

5) you go to the nearby shop to buy batteries and the cute girl in the counter says to somebody "That will be 30 Rs Sir". A few seconds of staring n then it finally hits you !! The somebody is YOU. She addressed you as sir. A few years back, When you'd moved to the neighborhood, She called you "Anna" (brother) :( Somewhere deep down in your dark black heart, your soul lets out a shrieking cry !!

Yeap. All the five 'You's was me !! n the chair breaking catastrophe still haunts me, every time I try to sit on a plastic chair !! Ladies & gentlemen, I'm Arun, aged 22 and still young as a fairytale prince !! :D

n btw, Happy Raksha Banthan to all my ovarian sisters and Prostate brothers !!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

As good a day as any to ramble...

Have left this space high n dry for a long time now... Sheer laziness !! Haven't been busy at all. Thought I must keep 'my space' alive... at least thro my regular ramblings and rants.

So, Independence day !! Wishing everyone a happy day. Patriotism that, Patriotism this.. n blah blah... not feeling anything remotely patriotic. I'm a selfish pig. true that !! Perhaps patriotism died with me along with the shreds of innocence. may be..

I'm feeling that this is the first Independence day that I'm actually on process of becoming 'independent'. Yup, Dad asked me twice in the last month - "Do you need any pocket money ?? " and I blatantly rejected !! he he... having more than enough money in my bank account now, that I could spend.

Yeah, 7000 bucks is a lot to spend in a month for me !! I have been spending crazily and there's still more !! (Perhaps I should get a girlfriend :P ) Hmmmm.. I wonder whether dad is secretly putting money into my acc just to keep me afloat..

Everyone of my friends are hyper busy, either writing their exams or in their postings. A year before - I was always amidst friends with no money to spend and Now - I'm always amidst money with no friend to spend it on !! :(

But, Still loving My internship... best fun I've had in these 5 years !! Practicing what I've learnt n putting it to use to ease the suffering of poor people brings so much warmth to my heart. BLEH !! kidding. May be internship as a 'time period' in my life has been happy, 'cos I'm blissfully in a crush with this cutie gurl ( Yeap, Smitten !!  n NO. wont even remotely tell who she is  :P ) May be its also 'cos the fact that I don't have any tests or studying for the foreseeable future !! Been studying for tests for as loooong as I can remember in this life. Human kind needs to get rid of schools and colleges and must go back to middle ages.

Peace out !!