Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tweet Meme - Dear Future Wife...

Hi all !! Welcome to my new blog (actually, I'm back at my old blog :P )  Been less busy with my work n more lazy with my life... Ortho postings are over. Had an awesome time up there. The Post Grads n Co-interns were cheerful n it was fun working with them... Now in Community Med postings. Its kinda boring but relaxxxing !!! loving it.

Anyways, haven't written anything of late... n not in a mood to bore you with anymore of my internship updates :P he he.. So, posting a few tweets I made past midnight a few months before... The tweet meme is "Dear Future Wife"  :D  here goes...

#DearFutureWife If you ever nag me to stop checking out other cute girls... You are Fired !!

#DearFutureWife A lil' peek into our future. Our children's names are Luke and Leia  #AgreeOrDivorce

#DearFutureWife When I die, Make sure to bury me along with my iPhone !! Jailbreaked n unlocked !!

#DearFutureWife If you cook maggi n say its dinner, I'm gonna assume you are just friggin joking !!

#DearFutureWife I know your last name is Watson.. Your first name is Emma.. Rite ?? I know I know !! I've these psychic skills !!

#DearFutureWife pls have a lot of cute sisters !! n more cuter best friends... :P

#DearFutureWife If I'm ever proposing to you, There will definitely be 10 rings inside the wine glass. One for every cute lil finger.  :)

#DearFutureWife I know you'll be deep asleep now. So, this will be just a whisper "Love You till my last neuron dies"  :)   [Tweet made at 1 20 AM :D ]

The meme started as fun n turned out to be kinda cheesy at the end... he he.. I know, Nights bring out the romantic in me.. :P

Ciao till the next posht !!


Shimmer said...

Haaha, I still remember the mokkai #futurehusband tweeets i posted :P
That was a fin time.. ur last 2 ones r very sweet :D

Arun Kumar said...

lols.. i too remember !! Post em in ur blog :P :P

Bleh.. Arun is sweet :P

Meow said...

Arun is sweet???? Ahaan... seri.. btw.. last two tweets tweet panratha ena nenapu manda kulla??? :P

Arun Kumar said...

he he.. last tweet pannum pothu mani 1 30 !M irukum.. so, nothing much more on my mind than SLeep !! :P

~☆~Marshmallow~☆~ said...

So adorable.. So sweeet.. So funny.. So romantic..,

I am talking about the tweets not the tweeter :P

ganapathy said...

ena da achi unaku..?!?!?!?!?

nice tweets,,but most of dem wont work :(

shiva... said...


Fire ye workout agathunu solita ...correcta thaan erukum ..

Aparna said...

ur future wife(emma watson herself) will be lucky to have a romantic guy like you :)

luke n leia??!!!! cant actually say they r cute names....but well they r ur name them whatever

Arun Kumar said...

@marshmallow - blehh :P East or west is the awesomest !! :D

@ganapathi - he he.. I know most of the tweets will not work da moothevi !!! Tweeted them just for fun !!

@shiva - Work out aagum le.. Try panni paaru :P

@Aparna - he he.. thanks :) Luke n Leia are sibilings in star wars... Nopes I'm not gonna name my kids that :P may be just a pet name..