Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arun Gyan - Articulating Mind Echoes - #1

Having nothing much to blog about  except these quotes I tweeted, when I was in an awesome mood. So, here goes a new series, "Arun Gyan"...

"First love is like that annoying piece of bubble gum that gets stuck to your shoes n refuses to come off !! "

"Getting loved in return is like contracting syphilis... You never believe 'you' can get it, until you get it !! "

"When Love is in the air, Gravity ain't enough to bring you back to ground !!" 

"Life is like a box of idlies. You can't do anything with it, unless it is dipped in the sambhar of love and chutnies of friends."

Ciao folks.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Fiiiiiiirst salary !!! :D

9.7.2010 - Received my first salary (Internship stipend from Govt) !!!  :D   FTW !!   "Daddy daddy, no more pocket money for me !!!"  (Atleast until I spend all of my salary :P )   Naan valargiren Mummy   :)  

Anyways, It was an awesome feeling to spend your own bucks without getting questioned. 

Already spent 1/3 of my salary in buying gifts for my nephew's birthday.  (Nobody gifted me anything more than a 1000 bucks for my past 22 b'days !!  :P  Nephew gets it on his first !!  Let him enjoiii )  
Planning to spend the rest of my salary buying gifts too... A watch for my granddad n may be a donation to my college hosp... hmmm... Lets see about that :)

At the exact same day, Something else also happened, Which was also a first for me. Nope I didn't get a French kiss  (That happens only in my dreams :-(  )   

I was doing night duty in a village PHC (Primary health care center) and a patient came with complaints similar to a silent infarction (heart attack in a diabetes patient, which has no chest pain). I referred him to take an ECG to a nearby pvt hospital. The Patient returned with an ECG, which was the poooorest in the quality I've seen !!!  It was like a friggin inkblot  n they charged him 150 Rs !!  Pissed me off.

Went to the pvt hosp n scolded at the ECG technician for some 5 minutes n warned him not to take any further ECG's like these !!!   I've never stood up against anything in my life, EVER !!  felt proud !!  :D  

This happened after I came back from the pvt hosp having established my sense of 'authority'.  I was lying in my bed n ...

Inner Me - "So, Doctor Scolds-a-Lot... Did you get back the 150 Rs that patient paid for his ECG ?"
Me -  "No... "
Inner Me - "Then what was the point of you arguing ??"
Me - "He would be afraid to make the same mistake, the next time he takes an ECG !!"
Inner Me - "Yeah Rite... LOL !!  You are very funny dude :P " 

Grrrr... I friggin hate my conscience !!!  :D 

Ciao folks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tweet Meme - Dear Future Wife...

Hi all !! Welcome to my new blog (actually, I'm back at my old blog :P )  Been less busy with my work n more lazy with my life... Ortho postings are over. Had an awesome time up there. The Post Grads n Co-interns were cheerful n it was fun working with them... Now in Community Med postings. Its kinda boring but relaxxxing !!! loving it.

Anyways, haven't written anything of late... n not in a mood to bore you with anymore of my internship updates :P he he.. So, posting a few tweets I made past midnight a few months before... The tweet meme is "Dear Future Wife"  :D  here goes...

#DearFutureWife If you ever nag me to stop checking out other cute girls... You are Fired !!

#DearFutureWife A lil' peek into our future. Our children's names are Luke and Leia  #AgreeOrDivorce

#DearFutureWife When I die, Make sure to bury me along with my iPhone !! Jailbreaked n unlocked !!

#DearFutureWife If you cook maggi n say its dinner, I'm gonna assume you are just friggin joking !!

#DearFutureWife I know your last name is Watson.. Your first name is Emma.. Rite ?? I know I know !! I've these psychic skills !!

#DearFutureWife pls have a lot of cute sisters !! n more cuter best friends... :P

#DearFutureWife If I'm ever proposing to you, There will definitely be 10 rings inside the wine glass. One for every cute lil finger.  :)

#DearFutureWife I know you'll be deep asleep now. So, this will be just a whisper "Love You till my last neuron dies"  :)   [Tweet made at 1 20 AM :D ]

The meme started as fun n turned out to be kinda cheesy at the end... he he.. I know, Nights bring out the romantic in me.. :P

Ciao till the next posht !!