Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hah... to be FREE again !! :)

Yesh !! My 2 months posting in the Medicine Dept is overrrrr !!!

No more IMCU duties...  :)
No more responsibilities for patients getting sicker on my watch... :)
No more opening n loading 50 bottles of Atropine to save Poison cases...  :)  (Double yay !! I friggin hate Poison drinkers !!)

But, am already missing my unit mates  :(   Post Grads  n Co-interns... had a great time with them... Tea breaks in potti kadai... Nimbooz at midnight... Dinners at admission days... (huh.. isn't it weird that all the fun times that come to my mind are associated with food ??!! )  Anyways  The chief doc made me extra happy by congratulating me as a "Sincere Intern"  :D :D   (innum intha ulagam nammala nambuthu da Arun'u !! )

Gonna be posted in Ortho Dept from tomorrow !! Will be goin there with the posting order in one hand and a leave letter for three days in another hand  :D  Lols...  Yup, goin to chill out with my family in Kodaikanal for 3 days !!  Leave or no leave, I'm definitely going there !!!  I DEFINITELY DESERVE a break !!  havent taken a single day off in 2 months... Must be my personal record since birth !!

Anyways, hope the Ortho posting is less tiring... Will be blogging actively once again :)
Ciao till then...