Saturday, April 17, 2010

Internship - Interesting n Tiring !!!

My first blog entry after the start of my internship... :)  As the title says, the experience so far has been intriguing n tiring !!!  The feel of actually treating the patients, advising them, seeing them slowly recover... everything is great !! But, at the end of the day, the overall work, drains one's energy completely... (one of the reasons I haven't been updating my blog.)

The less pass percentage of our batch has screwed us !! only 55 % of us passed the final year. So, 70 of us are doing a job that was done by 140 interns last year. Double the duty. Double the fatigue.

Anyways, Internship has its perks too... Learning to be a doc. Posted in 6th unit in Medicine. Friendly PG's, Helpful senior interns... I've done my first (beware - long list ahead) Intravenous cannulation, Ryle's tube insertion, Urinary catheterization, CSF sampling, n so much more  :D   My first time catheterizing was on a female AIDS patient... *gulps* was scared like anything.

Had my share of deaths too... 3 in my ward n many in IMCU posting.

The first death - I came after seeing 2 deaths in IMCU (which is common btw) n this patient I've been treating was hyper dyspneic n slowly died infront of me. Made me depressed. My first time seeing a person die that violently... Anyways, she had Dilated Cardiomyopathy (The heart's swollen far outta its size) n there was no intervention I or any doc could've done... but, I was scared for two days after that death...

The second n third death - Didnt affect me very much... Both of them were expected. TB Meningitis n AIDS terminal stage patients. moving on...

IMCU postings - HELL on earth.. 12 hours of non stop work !!  The interns cant sit for all the 12 hours !! Sucks big time... I hate it... It especially pisses me off seeing poisoning cases... F**kers just wanna threaten their families and drink stupid poisons like ant killers, oleander seeds etc... If u wanna actually die, drink real poison n shut the doors behind you I say !!!

Night duty - Love it !!  inspite of the loss of sleep... these are my favourite times in the hospital. The entire hosp is uber quiet... just me n the fellow interns n the PGs at work... lazing around n chatting... Its great. I like that atmosphere.

Haven't met most of my friends in these 3 weeks of internship... everyone's been busy. Just a few mins seeing n talking while in the blood bank waiting for blood or in the casuality tea shop... Miss 'em. As I said, this low pass result has screwed our batch big time !!

Finally, a BIG thanks to cocacola n pepsi for introducing Nimbooz n Nimbu fresh !!  They are the only things that've been hydrating me during this energy drain n keeping me alive.. drinking atleast 600 ml of em everyday while in postings.

he he.. this is one looooong post. I know. Anyways, I had finally gotten the time today to rant here !! Pre-admission day today. Less patients. Less work. Admission day tomorrow. *gulps*  Looong day ahead tomorrow  :)

Ciao till then... haven't read any of the blogs I've been following... Hey, Arun is bisi bisi nowadays  :P :P