Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meeting new people is fun !!

Went to Chennai for a quick 2 day trip to shave off my 7 month year old nephew's hair (yup, thats a family function :P ) Poor guy cried his vocal cords out when his hair was smooth shaved n ears were pierced... :( :(

Anyways, apart from the screaming nephew n Chennai heat n Chennai traffic... The rest of the trip was GoooooooD... :) Met 3 of my online friends. A blogger and two tweet friends.

@antonioanbu & @vigneash :

The two guys were exactly as I had pictured them... Anbu - Funny man, easy to get friends with. Vigneash - Responsible, calm n interesting. Had a mini movie tweet up at Citicenter... had a lotta time to kill before the movie... We were kalaiching each other and were roaming around. Bought a novel "Above Average" by Amitabha Bagchi on vigneash's recommendation.

We went for the Movie Love Sex aur Dhokha. I hadn't even seen the trailers for the film... But there was no stopping me from seeing a Indian movie with 'love' & 'sex' in the title... The movie was awesome n funny (I actually could understand the Hindi to my surprise !!) till they *Caution: Big spoilers ahead* decided to cut the actor and the actress head n cut them into pieces n pack them in plastic packets !! The actress was sooooo cute :(  I  got a head ache... The movie was not for the faint hearted like me... But the content in the movie was original... just not my taste.

Antony Anbu didn't even understand a single hindi word and decided to sleep. He just woke up for the gilpons sexy scenes !! lols... The evening was fun without any uncomfy silences. :D should meet 'em both sometime in the future with a bigger twitter crowd.

@dextrouslady :

She is both a blogger n twitter pal. Made me wait 22 mins (My firstu time waiting for a gal !! lols ). For a few moments I thought "ithu unaku thevaiyada Arunu ??". Then madame came... She was cute ( Worth the wait, I say !! he he :P). She is a yabba-dabba-doo non-stop talker. I was talking now n then and keeping up.

The grape juice we ordered was the worst I've tasted in my entire life !! But she drank it fully and said the philosophy "Only when we start earning, we know the value and importance of money." lols... comedy gal !!   Anyways, she paid the bill. Yup, True fact. The Girl paid. I didn't even offer to pay  :P

A more important philosophy - "Money never spent is money well saved" :P :P  Arun never says philosophies. He just puts 'em in action   :P

Planned to meet Mridul (freelancer) and Heena (Gulshan) in the evening... But the plan didn't work out.. they were busy... n my trip was short. :( Poor timing. "Next time" they said... he he... It will probably be next year I think !!

Yup, My internship is starting tomorrow. Slave Labour for one year !! As usual I'm posted in a batch with a lotta girls (5 boys in 18 member batch :( ) Dunno why this keeps on happening... Wish me luck.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Dudes in love...

Time Period - When I was in 1'st year MBBS
Site - Anatomy dissection hall

For a newly joined first year MBBS student bubbling with enthusiasm, Anatomy dissection table could mean only 2 things...

1) A place to learn the art of dissecting thro a dead cadaver and learning the fine nuances of the human anatomy. (level headed guys)

2) A place to prove that he/she is MBBS material n not wussies by wielding their scalpel at the poor dead cadaver. (Surgeon wannabes. Aarva kolaru guys)

Dunno why, but after a few weeks a few got bored of the necro-torture-philia... n we formed a group. Oh, we were interested in anatomy too !! One can say that we were more 'interested' in surface anatomy of our ovarian counterparts. Yeap, we were sighting/staring/ogling at the opposite sex standing opposite to us at the cadaver table. You've gotta accept there is something awesomely sexy about a girl swinging a scalpel n scissors !!

One fine day, as we were 'studying' the surface anatomy and 'grading' the grandeur of it... Something struck out. One of my friends was a little too much into his Cunnigham's Manual of Dissection. Before I could probe into this anomaly, Our professor came to the table and started teaching.

There is such a lot of nerves n arteries n veins in the human upper limb !! Got bored and tuned my attention to my friend. He was STILL reading the friggin Cunnigham's !! TRAITOR. On looking close, I couldn't believe it. Not only was the page he was reading had nothing to do with what we were dissecting, but the damn book was upside down !! (Thank God, The book was covered with brown sheets, or else he would be banned for life from the dissection hall. Capital crime in Anatomy.)

Reading a text book upside down could mean, either he has some really weird form of dyslexia or he has never once looked at the book from the start of the class (duh, easy answer !! occam's razor)

I slowly moved outta the dissection-interested crowd and towards him. BACK STABBING TRAITOR. The dude was sighting a girl without mingling with the crowd. Its kinda easy to know whether a guy is having a crush on a girl. We - guys make it pretty obvious (Not like girls !!)

-> The guy's eyes will be glimpsing at the girl's eyes or face or the lock of hair infront of her ears or lips (I could go on n on with this... I was a good student of surface anatomy u know).... rather than the more obvious below neck anatomy.

-> (This is a more definite sign) He splits from his usual group of sight see'ers and decides to ogle at her alone.

-> When she smiles, He smiles... When she perspires, He sweats.. etc etc

All symptoms - Present !! Definitely a serious crush... I whispered to him,

"Dai, Book thalai keela iruku da !!" (Your book is upside down man)

He changed the book's orientation.

"Avlo thookamaada ?? " (You are that asleep ??)

He feigned drowsiness n said "Aama da... kaalaila aaru manike enthichiten.. kadi." (Yeah man, woke up at 6 AM itself)

"Naan Nambitten da.." *sarcasm* (I definitely believe you man !!)

He gave a sheepish smile... Oh yeah, He knew that I knew !!

"Kanava...?? nadathu nadathu !!" (Dreams eh ?? continue ur good work..)

More sheepish smile !! DIAGNOSIS COMPLETE. Dude in Love !!
First year MBBS, Anatomy dissection hall was a highly gory, highly smelly, yet a highly romantic space.

P.S. - This was my first time stumbling across a love story in my college batch n there were more to follow. Many many more... Will be writing them in this series... "Dudes in Love"
I've been in love once. But, I've never been in an actual love story (where the love is mutual). But, I've been around a lot of love stories... Love stories of my close friends. Some of them secretive. Some of them untold. This series will be ME writing about MY PERSPECTIVE on THEIR LOVE STORIES. No names. Just the truth spiced up fiction.


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lucky Chinese Tag...

Was tagged by Nuchu and Shimmer. (A loooooong time back... )
Dunno whats so lucky about this tag (Lets see)... was bored n had nothing to write about... So took it up.

8 TV Shows I watch/watched:

A few of 'em are still runnin and the rest are my all time favorites.

1. Friends (No surprise... still watching the syndications !!)
2. Battlestar Galactica (Best sci-fi action series I've seen)
3. Coupling (I love british sexual humor !!)
4. Two and Half Men
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. Heroes
8. House

8 Favorite places to eat:

Am not that fond of eating... anything spicy or trashy goes straight thro my palate...

1. Road side Bhel poori n Masala poori (slurp slurp !!)
2. Aryaas (he he... spent most of my college life eating there..)
3. KFC (Only the Indian sites)
4. Saravana Bhavan (nothin beats it..)
5. Radha park inn (The chinese joint there is 'slurpy'..)
6. McDonalds (Some childhood fetish i think...)
7. Java Green
8. Hyderabad Biriyaanis at anyplace hyderabadi.

8 things I look forward to:

1. Finishing this friggin MBBS course
2. Getting my first stipend during internship. 7000 bucks.
3. Sporting a french beard or van dyke. (This will defn happen this year)
4. Atleast doing a hydrocele surgery (if they let me)
5. Delivering a child in OG postings
6. Meeting the love of my life (this is on no.6.. pathetic I know.)
7. Meeting a few of my blogger pals n Twitter pals
8. Going to gym

8 things that happened yesterday:

1. Saw 'The Rebound' movie. A crappy chick flick
2. Tried a lotta new templates for my blog & didn't like any
3. Heard the actor Goundamani was dead n was investigating all over net n in twitter. Found it was a rumor at last.
4. Got the worst To-Fall-in-Love-advice from a chat friend !!
5. Noon. was kinda puttin 'kadalai' in mobile.. I think... lols
6. Tried unlocking a friend's Ipod touch n failed.
7. Called a few of my friends to dine out. didn't work out.
8. Got the worst 'how to get a new mobile from dad' advice from another chat friend.

he he... holidays... no productivity. full of futility !!

8 Things I hate about summer:

(this was abt winter when the tag was passed to me.. lols..)

1. We sweat
2. Everybody stinks
3. The friggin heat drinks all our energy
4. Car seats and bike seats get hot where ever you park 'em.
5. Everybody is cranky
6. Sun rays thro the window at my room spoil my 'after morning' sleep
7. No chance of a cool breeze anytime
8. Power cuts make life a living frying pan !!

8 Things I'm passionate about:

1. Movies !!
2. Cricket
3. Day-dreaming
4. Trying to make my friends smile a little
5. Blogging
6. Fixing things (I wud've made a great mechanic !!)
7. Radiology (I dunno if its a passion or just plain laziness for which I like this field)
8. Love (duh... this will top the list if I ever find one..)

8 words or phrases I use often:

1. Mokkai da..
2. LOL
3. He he...
4. Enna koduma saravanan ithu !!
5. Arun is... (I speak of myself as a third person a lotta times)
6. where are you ? what are you doing ?? (My most sent-out SMS)
7. Eat out ?? (My Most sent-out SMS 2)
8. huh

8 Places I would love to Go,Visit or See:

1. New zealand
2. Switzerland
3. New York during christmas
4. France during february
5. Kerala (jus to look at the beautiful gals :P)
6. Spain
7. Amsterdam
8. Italy (heard there were some 15 topless beaches in there !! Yeap..)

Phew... This tag really took a lot of patience n a looot of time !! Even trimmed two or more '8 things' to make it short (?!)...

Anyone who is suffering from Blog-stipation n has a lotta time is welcome to try out this tag :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yay, Arun pass in final year.

Yup, I've passed in my final year MBBS !!  No more attending classes, No more studying for exams !! (atleast till I join a PG course)...

Many of my friends have failed... :(  and am not really in a position to console them... This shucks !!

Will be joining my internship by the next week or so... Already worrying about it... Its WORK !!  :(   I want more n more holidays !!

Thats it. Short post.

Friday, March 12, 2010

One day trip with my friends...

Went for a One day trip with my friends to Thirparapu waterfalls, Padamanapapuram palace and Kanyakumari... I liked the traveling & chatting up (kalayals n mokkais) with friends part more than the places itself... :)  Anyways, the trip was awesome !! We took a lot of pics... Duh, that was kinda the objective of this trip.

Had high dreams of traveling to Goa or Shimla in these final year holidays... Grrrr... Finally had to settle with this !!  :)

The best part of the trip -->> I DROVE. Yup, all 300 Kms.. Its the first time I took my precious car out for a trip !!  n Nope !!  My parents dunno about this. *Wicked Smile*   I've always been pretty good at lying !!

Here are the pics...

Reached home safe & sound with not a scar nor a dent !! Success !!
God Saves Arun -->> Alwayz  :D


Sunday, March 7, 2010

These Holidays are worser than College days !!

I hate doing anything thats even trivially related to studying or working during my holidays (duh ! everybody does !). Considering This might probably be my last cluster of holidays before I get into 'The work life' - trying to survive in the competitive world,  My plan was - I MUST ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST !!


"Use these holidays and try to learn as much as possible about Ultrasound, CT etc... Only you've got facilities n backing like this. make good use of it !!"  -  Dad. Parental pressure.

I protested.

"Why are you wasting your days ??  Your dad is workin day and night for your well being only. Can't you just accompany him to his office and make him happy ?? thats the least you could do !!"   -  Mom. Sentimental blackmail.

I had to accept the proposal now !! (or I would become the ungrateful son)  n So I did !!

Hating every bit of this training torture now !! Been at it for 10 days... sucks. (It was interesting initially, to be honest. but now its jus BORING. I hate to learn !) I just wanna sit infront of TV or PC  all day n watch movies  :(   I want my holidays to be usual. I want my holidays to be just holidays, not some preparatory phase for Work Life !!  hell.. I'm still a 'student' n I still havent even passed my final year.

Parents could be pretty selfish at times.

They wanted me to do well in school -->> I was pretty friggin good  !!
They wanted me to get a free seat at a Medical college -->> Did that too !! (way beyond expectations)
They wanted me to pass thro every year in college without arrears -->> So far doing that. (with a lot of luck !!)

n Now, I must sacrifice my holidays too just to make 'em feel good n self assured that their Son has a safe future ???  I agree that its all for ''My Own Good".  But I just wanna be LAZY n HAPPY in my holidays !!! n I'm doing that from tomorrow onwards...

No more Dad's office !! (*gulps*. Easier said than done. Dad wud be pretty pissed n I'd definitely receive a phone call which will make me visit the office once again.)

Ciao. Will update on the 'protest' results in the next post.  :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beauty Asleep in My Dreams...

Love sleeps hidden;
Love stays hidden.
I didn't kiss the sleeping princess.
Fairy tale Forever - My life.

P.S. - An optimistic outlook on untold love. Concealed love never has an ending (Never even has a beginning actually !!).

No Reactants  ---(No Catalysts)--->>  No Heartbreaks !!