Sunday, February 28, 2010

What if - My Nearest & Dearest In Twitter

Friday night. Power cut. Nothing much for me to do than lie down n gaze at the ceiling. Was thinking about a lotta stuff - from stupid views like 'When I was gonna get a girl of my own' (not a synthetic doll girl, an actual girl with whom I was gonna fall in love with head over heals) to tricky questions like 'Why the heck are those two dogs doing something-something exactly opposite my house ? ' (yeah... this happens daily nowdays !!)

Anyways, suddenly I was thinking about my family n the lack of communication in it... wouldn't it be great if they were all on twitter ?? I was actually contemplating about nagging Dad to start a twitter account. Then it suddenly struck me. What the heck am I thinking ??  DAD n MOM n SIS on twitter ??  I tilted my head n looked up like in Scooby Doo cartoons (when scooby thinks about scooby snacks) n let my imagination run wild.... WHAT IF...

Tweet Fantasy 1 :

arunamigo: F**k this shit !! Can't stand this torture anymore... I'm soooo cutting the next surgery class. #MovieTheatreTime  :D

arunDadMe: @arunamigo Yen da solla matte... unakenna... Inga oruthan 5 hrs mattume thoongi, 7 days a week velai paakuren la... jolly'a cut adi !! Ooru s

arunDadMe: @arunamigo ooru suthu !! Antha kaalathula naan ellam Street light'la kaalaila 4 maniku enthichu padichi munnuku vanthiruken da... neeyum nal

arunDadMe: @arunamigo neeyum nalla padichathaan, intha competitive world'la polaika mudium !!

arunDadMe: sollratha mulusa solla mudiyutha ?? 140 letters ku mela type panna poga maatiku... Yevan da kandupidichathu intha twittera ? waste of time.

Tweet Fantasy 2:

arunamigo: In theatre with friends. Makin fun of the heroine !! entire theatre lookin at us I think.

arunamigo: Oops. This chick got angry at our comments -  "Neeyellam akka thangachi kooda porakala ??"  Lols, Semma comedy !! I do have a sis ! how did she know ??

arunSisDoc: @arunamigo Dei naaye... Theatre'la poiye rowdythanam pannathillama, en maanathayum vaangiruka... thooo... Thirunthu da !!

arunSisDoc: @arunMomMe amma... ivanuku seekiram kalyanatha panni vai ma !!  Panra akramam thaangala...

Tweet Fantasy 3:

(Actually Mom doesn't even need a tweet from me to get a response outta her...)

arunMomMe: My son Arun wrote 5000 tweets !! I doubt !!  he is studying or not...??  all time on this twitter only.

arunamigo: Welcome to twitter ma... I do study... sometimes.

arunMomMe: Ooh... My son Arun has so many girl friends in twitter !! He never tells me all this... naughty boy !

arunamigo: ma, they r just friends...

arunMomMe: Actually, my son Arun is very shy... but here he is talking everything. That too mostly with girls !!

arunamigo: amma !! Stop embarrassing me !! public public !!

arunMomMe: Chai... Even here, he is not even replying me... I have written so many tweets to him !! are all sons like this ??

arunamigo: Aiyo amma... SEE YOUR @ replies in the side bar ma...

arunMomMe: Still no reply from my son Arun...  :(

arunamigo: mokka da saamy !!

Tweet Fantasy 4:

arunamigo: In Native town with family.  In Love with my family.  :D

arunMomMe: My son Arun is lying... actually I had to call n beg him 8 times to get him to this town. He doesn't love this town & this family

arunSisDoc: Dei, naan unake AKKA !! I know... Adaki vaasi sentimenta !!

Inference - Nearest n Dearest in Twitter -->> Worstu Idea ever. even in imaginations...  :D

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One day I was bored n the next day - New Blog !!

Yeap... It happened just like that. Three days before university practicals, I was super bored n stressed, didn't know what to do... I was browsing a couple of hosting sites... n 30 mins later, I was using my dad's credit card to buy a domain !!  (Haven't told him though...still... )

I know, I know... I'm already an useless blogger n in no need of another blog (That too a paid one !!). But I just wanted to try it out. It was sure fun building a site from scratch n configuring every bit n piece of it  :D.

And it wasn't that much costly either !! jus 500 bucks from my dad's account to buy the site name. Also, The first one year is fully free hosting !!  From the next year, I'll have to pay some 120 bucks each month (I'll be earning by that time.. he he.. )

Okies. So, I put up a simple template in the blog n put a Digital Business Card in the opening page... lols... Internet is very generous... Even I can have a Digital Business Card !!

The Site -->>

Now pour in your Views / Criticism / Nakkals / Scoldings etc... :)

P.S. - I know this is my 3rd blog change in 6 months !!  But, This'll be my last change (duh, I bought the blog n there is no going back from this now... he he..)  For the Loyal Royal readers of my blog  ( Shiva, Ganapathy, Brocasarea, Nuchu, Raja ) n the new guys (Meow n Shimmer) n other silent readers - Kindly put up with my repeated metamorphosis n Update your bookmarks.

Thanks Guys.


Friday, February 19, 2010

My Independance day !! The exam shit is finally down the drain...

Pheeeeew... Never wanna go thro this again in my life... never ever never... Exams SUCK !!! n back to back exams are like crap's crappy way of dealing with more crap !! I barely slept 3 hours a day during these exams... n was on ulcer tablets n head ache tablets all four days... Stress easily gets to me you see...

Anyways, The last two exams were easy... OG n Pediatrics, will pass in 'em. But Medicine n Surgery clinicals were 'terror' !! Have to wait for one more month till the results are out...

Best Presentations - Pedia Long case. Mitral Regurgitation. Cardio-vascular System - I love you. The only presentation in which I answered all the questions precisely n correctly. I even answered a few highly logical questions outta thin air... he he :D. The second prize goes to - Surgery Long case. Thyroid - Solitary nodular goitre.

Worst Presentations - It will probably be a tie between Medicine long case n Ortho short case. In medicine, I got Respiratory system and the patient had some 4 areas of dullness n bronchial breath sounds n a hell a lotta more findings. T'was difficult to arrive at a proper logical diagnosis. So I presented the case as it was and gave a provisional diagnosis. The externals asked me to give a better diagnosis n I simply couldn't, cos of the enormous number of findings in that case. So, findings right, Diagnosis wrong. :( Ortho was an entirely different story. Got the findings n diagnosis right n was answering a few questions right. Thats when the presentation went haywire... The questinos went deep into the subject n I was like "Sir,This may be.. Sir, That could be " n blah blah...

Luckiest Moment - O & G clinicals. I was the last roll number in my batch n a lot system was being conducted to hand over the cases. I had no choice n had to pick up the last n only paper. n Awesome surprise. The cases were 'Anaemia Complicating Pregnancy' n 'Uterine Prolapse' - The exact two cases I presented for my model clinicals exams... Yay !! Grand success !!

My pal Arul was of great help during the exams... Dunno what I wud've done without him. BIG THANKS da tower !!  :D

n another sweet surprise !!  I open my blog dashboard after days n I find that someone has gone all thro my blog... 105 pages in one single day !! Dunno who that is... Blessed soul !! 

Now, I'm thinking about the holidays... 45 days !!  Planning a trip with friends. The options - Goa or Shimla.  yet to decide on one... Goa trip has been a long delayed one. we've been planning the trip for the last 3 years... Pravin wants to go to Shimla cos his brother has a car n traveling will be easy n fun there... So, Yet to decide on one...  :D

Happy Holidays Everyone !!  (oops, Most of you guys will be working or studying your asses off... he he... holidays only for me then... :P )


Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Custom Made (by me !!) Header... n Theory exams over btw...

Yup, spent the last 2 or 3 hours making various headers for this blog...n uploaded this one (see above ^^).

But before that, Exam news - PASS !! yeap. The theory exams are over n I'll pass in all of 'em (I hope. Still have to wait for the results though). This year was less stressful than previous year exams. I was kinda over-confident n it worked for me. Saw 2 tamil films in theatre during exam time (Thillu !!)... n some 3 english movies in pc... :) Pravin was determined not to come to the movies.. but me n Pranesh dragged him into the back seat n drove to the theatre... :D

Having Clinical exams by coming monday. Hope luck stays with me. 9 outta 10 students flunking in final year fail only due to clinicals !! *gulps*

And now to the header image... chose a classic papyrus background, wrote my name in a stylish font n threw in a few terms which best describe me (Eg: Liar, mokkai) and things which i like (eg: cute chicks, movies).... n Voila, HEADER !!  Pour in your views - awesome or sucks !!

I know this header is not exactly color-compatible with my green colored blog... but, these WP themes suck... only very few themes to select from... so, crippled.

P.S. - I'm thinking about owning my own site (one more toy to play with !! )... he he... yeap, I'm that vetti n I'll be more free after exams !! plus, it costs only like 2 dollars per month... 90 bucks from my Dad's credit card... He wont notice.. :P n suggest some nice names for my site btw...