Friday, January 22, 2010

Exams are pure Evil !!

First, it was 7 exams in 9 days... Then one week leave followed by 4 days back to back practicals... but, NO... those fuckers in the Directory of medical education were not satisfied !!  They decided to push us into vacuum n cut our air supply too !!  Now, the practical exams are scheduled to start the very next day after the theory exams  :(

This means 11 exams in 14 days... How the fuck am I gonna survive 14 days with only 2 or 3 hours of sleep everyday ?? n not to mention that I've to memorize some 4000 to 5000 odd pages...

Sleep deprivation, High amounts of stress, head ache before each exam, poor diet... Seriously, these exams are an inhumane method of torture !!

This will probably be my last post before the exams (hoping to cut off internet from my life for the next few days... lets see how that works out...)

If I don't post another post for the entire month of February... consider me dead  :P
Hoping to survive these mind-fucking exams...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best-est Exam Advice EVER !!

My friend, Shiva told the best exam advice ever... (Actually he told it to Pravin... n pravin told it to me)

It goes like this...

" மச்சி... நம்ம குடும்பம் என்ன வறுமையில வாடுதா... இல்ல, கல்யாணம் ஆகாத மூணு அக்கா தங்கச்சிய நம்ம தான் கறை செக்கனுமா  ??  ஒரு மண்ணும் இல்ல !!  பெயில் ஆனாலும், ஆறு மாசம் நம்ம வீட்ல கூழோ கஞ்சியோ கண்டிப்பா ஊத்துவாங்க டா... அப்புறம் எதுக்கு டா கவல பட்டுகிட்டு... விட்டு தள்ளு !! "

To say the truth, I was kinda worried n stressed about my exams... but after hearing this (life changing) philosophy... I haven't touched my book  :D  (Oh God, please deliver me from this evil n save your child  :P )

English Translation - " Dude, seriously... our families ain't exactly the penniless kind... nor do we have the responsibility of marrying 3 over-age sisters... Even if we fail in these exams, our parents are gonna feed us... So, stop worrying n be cool dude !! "

Monday, January 18, 2010

New year... B'day... Family... Exams... Stress !!

I didn't wanna post anything till my friggin Final year exams were over, like I did in last year Jan... But here Iam bored n stressed n wasting hours before a computer.. So why not post..??

So far, my new year has been treating me good. Lots of movies... Tv series... B'day treat on 12th... Family get together on Pongal... Got lucky with pediatrics n OG attendance lag...  So Its been pretty good :)

Except for the nearing exams (impending doom) !!  Been stressed 'cos of that... haven't even studied 10% of the portions n only 2 weeks to go... Hope Luck stays with me n  God doesn't screw me (he hasn't for the past 3 years in a row  :D).  But I have to accept, this year pre-exam season has been less stressful than the other years... 3 reasons

1. I'm kinda (over)confident that I'll pass the theory exams, cos I can write a full page about any given question even if I havent studied it... (3 yrs of med college n 1 yr in clinicals expertise u see..)
2. I havent called any of my college mates for the past few days... 'cos I know they've been studying n I dont wanna stress myself even more... This is one big change from the the previous times, when I used to call everyone up n ask how much they've studied... Lets face it - Whatever the fuck they've studied ain't gonna help me pass in the exams. So why bother...
3. Battlestar Galactica TV series, Lots of movies n Twitter  have been keeping my mind off the exams... :)

Speaking of TV n movies... Watched 'Sherlock Holmes' today.  It was zoooper funny n thoroughly entertaining !!  I wanted to see a dark n mysterious movie.. but from scene 1, the movie was naughty n witty... Robert Downey Jr gave a new version to Sherlock. LOVED the movie.

Finished seeing 'Battlestar Galactica' TV series.. Yup all four seasons in the last 3 weeks !!  thats nearly 55 hours  !!  :O  not my fault... The series was highly intriguing n addictive... I rate it as the best 'Drama/Action'  series I've watched. Yup Its better than 'Prison Break' IMO. have to write a big post abt it after the exams are over...

n My B'day was great... Got a lotta surprise wishes from friends... FL dedicated a post in WL at midnight... Was pleasantly surprised... :D  My cousin gifted me a stereo headset n Coll friends gave me a framed 3D horse artwork thingy..  Treated my coll mates grandly at night !! Didnt have enough money n had to cash out extra bucks from my dad's ATM card.. This wud be my last treat paid by Dad's money... so spent a lil bit more... But the bloody friggin bastards (i.e. Coll friends)  ate as if it was their last meal before Judas was gonna betray 'em... he he... some of em even complained that they still had room in their stomach (seriously, how big n elastic is the stomach btw) n ordered freshly made juices to top off their meal n screw off my purse... Surprisingly, I didnt mind much...

Pongal was great get together in my native... saw my sis n cute nephew... He is adorable n chubby... cuuute !!

So thats whats all I've been doing this Exam fever January... n that brings us to today... Hoping I start studying seriously from tomorrow... Honestly, hoping....

see ya all after the exams... :)

My B'day pics... :)


Friday, January 1, 2010

The way it was... 2009.

So, yeah... the year 2009 ends...

On the whole, this year, for me... was all about new experiences. The year began at a stressful note with the exams n attendance lack fiasco... Then got more stressful, with me grouped with 6 gals (n me the only guy) in medicine postings... it was the worst part of the year. Then It got better as the rest of the postings were just 'phoooey'...  I joined a blog called 'The writers Lounge'... got a lotta friends there... wrote a few stories n thingies... Then I ceased writing n went back to my older ways... :)  It was refreshing... started a couple of new blogs n finally shifted to wordpress...

2009 was the year....

  • When I became more self-confident and less insecure...  :)

  • When My new n cute nephew - Arjun was born n made my entire family uber happy  :D

  • When I got a lot of awesome blogger friends... n then I changed my blog thrice... n lost in touch with most of em.  :(

  • When I called a gal on her mobile n her sister picked it up. I stuttered n made a fool outta myself..  ;)

  • When one of my profs threatened to kill me if I don't answer the next question with a right answer (Yeap, I gave the wrong answer once again, n nopes he didn't kill me..)

  • When I made my first more-than-one-hour-phone-call. Followed it up with more late night/early morning one hour phone calls.  :)  (not doing that now... Sleep is more important n my dad pays my phone bills)

  • When I got addicted to an online game so much, that I even cut classes n woke up by 4AM in mornings to play it.. (It was a kinda life changing experience... gotta say that.)

  • When I made a crazy decision n traveled some 160 Kms to see a movie (which I had already seen) in 3D.  (Craziest thing I did this year)

  • The only year in my college life when I attended all the internal exams !!

  • When I started using twitter a lot. Made a few good friends there. It's a good time pass.

Life lessons learnt this year:

Think whether it really means anything to you... before progressing too much into it.

It's always better to have 'Less'  n experience more of that 'Less' , than to have 'More'  n experience less of that 'More'

Money means shit. (Hope I remember this in the future.. I really do.)

People come people go... The ones that matter always stay with you.

P.S. -->> Happy new year everyone... Have a great year ahead !!