Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom n Dad - 25th Wedding anniversary :)

Me cho kappy !!  Apart from being their silver jubilee anniversary celebration,  I  gave mom n dad one more reason to smile today. A cute heartfelt gift to my folks with a fair bit of hard work n personal touch from my side.  :)  made 'em both extra happy...

Got this awesome idea to make a collage of our family pics n gift it, when I was idly waiting in the market place... lols, all  good ideas come to those who think useless. So, got into action quickly n designed a collage in some 3 hours (me not technologician you see...), printed it n framed it...

Lovely... ain't it..??   he he... :)

High point of the day - Makin everyone happy n thus me too kappy...  :)

Low point of the day - Getting hyper bored in the temple for about 2 hrs !! seriously, temples are boring without cute gals.

Family pic. (Sis n bro in law n cute nephew missing !! )

I look fat !!  have to get rid of those extra adipose in my cheeks... friggin friends... always makin me eat out !!

Anyways, the entire day went in good spirits... Wishing my mom n dad to have lots of jubilee anniversaries... :D


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Think Little...

I know some bloggers have come across this 'blogging crisis'... no this is not the 'writer's block', which everyone suffers from time to time. This is blogging crisis - you don't know what to blog about anymore.

I remember, when I started out blogging... I used to write about my views on life and all about it. But, there is only so much one can write about it. Then my posts centered around my travels, my movie reviews, college mishaps, sarcastic/fictionised stories about my college mates jus to irritate em... lols. Then I wrote a few stories n poems (Dunno whether they can be termed as poems... they were just thoughts put into fabricated words). Then I stopped writing them altogether.Now I dunno what to blog about.

This is what happens when you start thinking too much !!

Anyways, New blog... New impressions... Am so far pretty satisfied with WordPress, except the part where I can't add javascript widget on the side bar... :P  Altogether its pretty simple n professional.


P.S. - If you guys have come across any good, interesting tamil blogs, pls leave the link in the comments section. Am getting pretty fond of them nowadays. :)  Ciao.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

She Stole My Sundays

I've lost all my Sundays.
As I look up,

Daylight is no more
Can't see the sun warming my skies.
Its all dark clouds now,
Veiling over my sun.
I keep smiling
Cos, Its raining love.

P.S. -
She can pirate as many 'SUN'days as she wishes....
As long as the sea is... love.
Have a happy 'Sun'day everyone... (oops, it ain't Sunday still.... who cares  :)  )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Car Laughs With Pravin...

I drive around in an old Santro whose engine produces more sound than a 1500 watts stereo system. Most of the time I wont be the one handling the wheels. It'll be one of my best buds - Pravin.  Fact 1) He is a better driver.  Fact 2) I get easily distracted by cute gals passing by.

When we are cruising thro in my four wheeled metal of terror, we strike up sometimes funny, sometimes creepy n sometimes wicked conversations.

Car Laugh 1:

Pravin was talking about his elder brother who is doing his PG. In the middle of the convo,

Me: Your bro saw many movies during his MBBS life ??
Pravin: Nah, he wasn't the movie type of guy.
Me: Oh. So, he is the patiently-reading-novels type..??
Pravin: Naaah, He didn't even read a single novel da...
Me: Then, What the heck did he do in those five and half years ??
Pravin: (Didn't even think for a moment)  He fell in love with a girl da...

A few seconds of understanding silence between us two. Fact - I'm a movie maniac, seeing atleast 7 movies a week and Pravin reads a lotta novels n sees as many movies as I do. So, bottomline - We both didn't have a Girlfriend to spend (read: waste) time with. This sudden realisation struck us. Are we two loser guys stickin together ?? The panic thought didn't last.

Me: He He... Your loosu brother wasted all his 5 damn years da... atleast we had a great time seeing movies n readin novels... n we acquired some great knowledge (?? ) too !!!  Poor dude didn't even enjoy his college life...
He agreed and we both had a great laugh, as if the realisation hadn't even dawned on us.
he he... we, the awesome loser dudes....

(Anyways, Pravin noted the point - Get a GF quickly. News Update - Pravin has achieved his love. He is nowdays dancing in dreams with Miami (pet name) and I still am single :)  n happily available !!! )

Car Laugh 2:

Pravin is a maniac driver. Period. Everyone who has been with him while on a car race or in his bad mood knows this. He was as usual driving maniacally thro the traffic when I said...

Me: Dai dai... Slow down da... Kolai veri nayee (Mad dog begging for death)... slow the heck down !!
Pravin: Hmmmm... YOU are callin me a Kolai veri nayee... remember the time when you killed that dog on the highway ??

(Fact - Once while I was driving pravin to bus stand, in a good speed... A stupid dog came in the way n didnt move either way n it was too late to hit the brakes. A loud bang. The dog ran (limped) to the sidewalk n we went in a hurry...)

Me: Dai... I didn't kill it da... Might have just fractured it... While on my way back, I stopped the car and searched da... Didn't find any dog body !!!
Pravin: Oh yeah... what wud you have done if you found one ??  mouna anjaliya selutheerupa?? (Would u've arranged a memorial for the dead dog??)
Me: Naaah... I would have just took a picture of it and posted it on twitter  "Death on highway. Dr.Arun suspected."  and I would have received a lotta 'lols'  and 'OMG's... he he..

Car Laugh 3:

Happened during the same journey. As usual pravin drivin maniacally. A  4 or 5 year old came to the middle of the street suddenly. Pravin stopped the car at the correct time. My mind went back to the dog incident. If i were the one driving... That lil dude would've been dead by now... I'm too slow on brakes.
The lil' guy still didn't even move an inch...

Pravin: Friggin' children... pissin me off... he is still not moving da... (He WAS getin really pissed)
Me: What do you say... give full throttle man... hit the acclerator... lets take him out... he won't even leave a dent da... what do you say ??
Wicked Laugh. Good thing, that the child left the road by that time. he he...

P.S. - So, If you see a santro car with license plate no 1122... Stay the hell away !!!  :P