Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Address Changed...

Its not a shift to wordpress or some other blogging platform. I'm staying with blogger. I'm getting bored of this blog for quite some time now. Just want to have a 'move on' and start something new. Start something original.

Yeah, Its always been itching me. The blog title, 'My Life As I Know It' - was not conjured by me... Copied it from some other guy's blog name. I was starting out new in blogging and just wanted some good name. So, I created a new blog with a name conjured by me n me only.  'Cupid's Lunatic' . It is the title I gave to one of My favorite writes.

My New Blog - Cupid's Lunatic

So, with the new blog, I'm thinking about starting new. Starting something much simpler than this blog. Starting with the template... its just 'Minima - Black'.

Disclaimer - The blog is just gonna be my personal rants n stuff... nothing more than that. No stories or poems (I wasn't good at them anyway  :P )  So think twice before following me... I might just bore you to death.

P.S. - Oops... where is the comments section to this post ??  (You can see it in my new blog...) Marketing idea mateys !!!  :P

A pic of my old n soon to be deleted blog  :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

100th post... 100 smiles...

Yup, I've reached a 100 posts.  Its been a slow and un-steady journey. It has took me exactly one year, six months and ten days...  5.55 posts per month.  :)

Thanks you all for being there with me, commenting and encouraging my writes.

I started this blog when I entered my third year in college just because I was bored and didn't have anything else to do. But, now it means more to me than just a web log. I have connected with people from different backgrounds, different traditions and upbringing, none of whom I would have met if not for this space. I'm glad to say I've made a few friends along this journey.

So, for the inspirations and support they have given me... I just wanna say a few words about each of em and what they mean to me.

Family Comes First:

Raja and Kumar -  My cousins and blogging support from my family. Raja is very mature with his writes, blogs his passions, posts amazing tamil poems with a new n different theme in every post. love reading about his nostalgic posts... Kumar is tries his hand on every genre of writing... Love, suspense, horror, acrostics, everything... he's been kinda-not blogging nowadays... hope he returns soon... got to know more about both of them thro their blogs.

Friends Next:

Ganapathy and Shiva -  My college friends. Shiva blogs and Ganapathy is happy with commenting and Me n Shiva are happy with ottifying Ganapathy. Its always a pleasure to blog about our misadventures (Read: Ganapathy's love entanglements) in college and wait for their comments. Luv to read the college gossips from Shiva's blog thro his puzzling narrative. :)

Pranesh - Unique commentator... He actually reads my blog in full flow, all the posts, then comments and then calls me n asks why I wrote this? Wha I thought like that?? What were my view regarding that subject ??  etc etc... motivates me to write more abt college life...

Blogging Friends are the best :)

Aparna - Writes amazing, pristine to the detail stories n poems. my favourite post by her - skulls and skeletons. I got to know of WL thro her only... thanks a thousand times for that Aps.

Arjun - Comedy mama... had fun reading about his weirdest dreams n strange encounters in life... He tells about himself as a serious guy... But, I honestly don't believe him... No serious guy could write such comic posts. Awesome guy.

Artz - A virtual sis. although I'm a few minutes older than her, she shows way more maturity in years (Patti). Had a lotta laughs by teasing her. I dunno what others think, but, she is intimidating. A person of same age,  havin a matured outlook and a demanding job, when I'm still feeding off my parents... he he.. intimidating !!!  :P

Asit Dhal - Honesssssst n true to his soul blogger. Has a comic way of narrating his life n happenings... still remember one of his posts - 'the asshole within me'...  luv his attitude when it comes to life and gals.

Brocasarea @ Pratap - My very first blogger buddy... a fellow medico. Luv to read his daily adventures in hospitals n his thots about life. I consider him as Mr.Perfect medico student loving what he does.

Fiducia - Her poems are kinda uniquely good... dunno why I feel so.... Unique. she has a different style of writing I think. She has been regular in commenting n encouraging my writes.

FL @ Mridul - Eccentric dude. Buddy from WL. Absolutely love his romantic writes n penguin grasshopper posts...

Kajal @ Pink Orchid - She'll always be 'pinky' to me. Highly encouraging abt my writes in WL. I know her only thro her writes...  A gifted poetess. I wish her a bright future in life n love n marriage.

Nuchu - Chweet sis. Always on a perky mood. The blogger whom I share many similarities with.. we both are lazy and we both hate what we do, she, her job  and  me, my course. Always been a great support to me. She has an amazing marriage/love story  and following her blog has always been a joy.

Prats - The surviving phoenix. Her passion for blogging amazes me. Writes amazing poems with simple words which never fail to convey a deep sense of love n pain (been askin her to write a chweet poem for a long time now). PLZ don't delete your blog again.  :)

Pulkit - Dunno which of his writes I like more.. His hyper romantic poems with a great style or  His themed story series... He is good in both of em. One of my favourite bloggers.

Rose - I think she was my first friend from WL. Avery sweet friend, always brings me smiles. But, I've lost touch with her nowadays  :(  still remember that combo effort to write a dark post.

Rosh and Sona ka - The awesome mom n daughter pair, ever supportive friends. Love Rosh's small stories... She's writing matured writes at 12 !!! Her road to become an author is BRIGHT. You must blog Sona ka !! Sona is a super caring n kind sis... Love chatting with them.

Saim @ CN - Love His Metaphors !!!  period.  Read his blog even before I was a regular blogger.  His write 'Shades Of Rain - Angst' is starred in my Greader. The only blog post which is starred in mine. Simply love his writes.

Sam @ Bumble @ Chandler - Love his views on life n love. Dont know much about him personally, but love his long updates on life. He has an awesome attitude. n more... he too is an iphone enthusiast !!!  no more reasons needed to like him...

Satheesh - A highly supportive friend. Another fellow medico. I always luv to see his loong comments on my posts... Flatters me with his huuuge appreciation for my writes. great bro.

Sonshu - The lil' one. .Luv her cute acrostics. Her passion for blogging at an age of 15... kinda makes me feel like the 'past generation'...  Wish her great luck on her aspirations of becoming an author.

Stephen - Stibu mama. what to tell about him... dude actually researches before writing his posts. He is a great friend n one of the co-owners of WL. love his writes on relationships. He was the first blogger whom I actually spoke with in phone.. he has a squeaky tamil. Networking Harry Potter.

Vinu @ Leo - My motivating stimulus !!  He writes amazing poems with the same speed I eat thro lays chips. Poetry comes naturally to him. He's a sensitive guy n an ever helping friend. Sorry for that one time I hurt you man.

Yamini Meduri -  I initially knew her as a sweet poetry blogger. But, she is way more than that... her poems on various social awareness themes were jus awe inspiring...  Love mattading in telugu with her... :) chweet friend to have...

P.S. - Pheww.... Took me about an hour now... Hope I didn't miss out anyone...  Once again, thank you all my friends for your support n motivation !!!   Hoping to start out new with the next post...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Morning SMS

Wrote these and sms'ed to a good friend at morning 4 AM !!!
lols.  I'm a torturing friend with a sweet soul...

"Your every smile tickles my mind...
You are the best friend anybody could find...

My heart's full of You...
With You beside me, My life has a better view"

"I wish to be your friend,
Your eyes become grey and
My hair becomes white.
When You can't walk anymore and
I can't hear anything...
I will be your walking stick and
You will be everything I hear."

P.S. - Chweeet...  Rite ???  Its 'cos Arun is 100% chweet !!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Few Diary Entries.

This is gonna be one looong boring post. :-) So beware....

Sep 3:
Pranesh treated us for his B'day in advance. Tomorrow was gonna be his b'day. I wished him by mid night. sent a custom made sms.

"Some Best Friendships are born thro Mistakes....
Some Mistakes make the Best Memories....
You are My Favourite Mistake... :-D

Kave a Kappy Bat'day."

Sep 9:
My nephew entered my world. He looked super cute. Went shopping with my co-sister for itty bitty baby things. he he.... he sure is a precious baby.

Sep 17:
The Big day. The Surgery internals with case presentation. Me n my unit mates raided the wards the day before and took case histories. I took a Bilateral Direct Inguinal Hernia case. Sappa case. So, I woke up at 2 in morning and studied all my books about hernias. But the case presentation wasn't all that serious. The surgeons just made fun and were cool. I did a very good presentation. The prof praised me (After a long time). Yay !!! Finally... I didn't screw up a practical exam... happy me.

Sep 17:
Evening. I wanted to treat my friends (a few of em were also bugging me) for my nephew birthday. I took em to the cheapest ice cream place possible 'Amul'. But the bloody guys milked my purse... Became a beggar overnight.... n also had to borrow some bucks from pranesh... he he... but I loved the occasion n was happy.

(Me (in orange Tee) n The ice cream demolishers.  look out for the guy in cow boy hat !!!)

(The mess we created.... A barbaric Yuck !!!  :-D)

Sep 18:
The next day. Took my 'A' batch guys for a small treat to a place nearby our hospital. Once again milked. Had a great time once again.

(Me, Elichavaayan Arul, Innocent Ganapati, Astonished Aibu, Big man Bulbie, n Regular Raju.  n No I'm not treating the gals sitting behind us)

Sep 18:
The last day of my surgery clinical postings. The journey of 3 months. Awesome time. Had a great time with my unit mates. This posting was a lot pressure-less when compared to my medicine postings. SURGEONS ARE WAY MORE COOLER THAN PHYSICIANS. I'm gonna miss my easy going profs and the jolly classes. yeah.

(The empty ward class.... am goin nostalgia already !!!)

Sep 19:
Wrote a Guest post for my blogging sis Artz. The Wind and The Butterflies... The Destiny. She was hyper happy. Me too !!!

Sep 21:
Went to Akbar sha's home for Ramzaan. Biriyaani !!! :-D while on our way back Siva n Pravin raced to our town, with pravin using 'MY' Car. Shit !! after 3 near death experiences Pravin won the race with my car. But some weird smell cam
e from my engine and since then its been giving some weird sound too...

Sep 28:
It was my friend Preetha's B'day. Planned to wish her by midnight 12. But I didnt (Not my fault. She dozed off quickly)... Then wished her by morning 4, while she was studying. he he... never wished anyone by 4'o clock. She was kinda pissed after I tweeted that it felt weird wishing her at 4. Had to do a lotta consoling to perk up her mood again. Had to send a lottta sorry sms n b'day sms. Anyways, She cooled down.

Sep 29:
My school and college friend Aadil's B'day. He treated us grandly. Zooooper party. Ate a lot in the restaurant and then Pranesh n Aibu pulled a cheap trick on me ( *censored* ) . he he... after the treat, we went to our college lecture hall n trashed the place. Cake cutting n thermocol throwing. The place was a mess after we left it.

This pretty much sums up my month....  :-)  lot of happy moments !!!  lots of b'days !!! lots of treats !!!  n sorry for borin ya ppl...