Monday, December 14, 2009

Galfriend gyaan I've received in my college lyf...

A friend of mine from school called me a few days back. This was how a part of the conversation went...

HE - "So, How many ??"  (he giggles)
ME - "Errr.... how many what ??"
HE - "How many NOW man ??  Got any ??" (once again that irritating giggle..)
Me - "What the heck are you blabbering about da DOG"
HE - "You knowwww..."  (I could feel him nodding his head at the other end of the line)

Basically what the stupid dude is trying to get outta my mouth is how many girlfriends I've got... lols. I said I don't have any (like there's any kinda mystery in it. nah.. everybody knows it)  but, he didn't believe n kept on interrogating me. This torture went on for another 3 minutes... Ugh..

So, for the other people who are limping thro their relationship journey happily/sadly  with crippled theories about  love... I present  them with these valuable piece of love philosophies told to me by persons who had first hand experience in luuuve... Its called "The Galfriend Gyaan".

  • When you guys start your first year of college, don't sink your heads into those friggin books. Keep your head high n survey the herd (gals side of the class) and pick out the prime ones and get on board quickly. Cos' by the time the first class trip is arranged, everyone of em gals, will be 'corrected' and you would be 'the weirdo guy who doesn't talk to gals'. Once a weirdo... always a weirdo.  -  A senior told this to our group on the eve of the day scholar's day.  TRUE THAT !!

Its okay... So, You missed out on your first year. No biggie !! Cos in the next few years, You are the senior in college.

  • Every cute fresher girl, on her first year of college, has a limited period of availability. The senior who makes the most outta that window of opportunity, gets into a short but exciting relationship. ( Eventually the girl gets bored n finds a guy from her own batch. 'No problemo senorita t'was fun while it lasted' thinks the senior ) - This was actually formulated in my mind while havin a rather interesting convo with Arul about a cutie pie junior gal who has had as many boyfriends as her years in the college.

Oh... So, You are like me... Had no luck 'as' a fresher n had no luck 'with' a fresher...  Welcome to the club n listen to Shiva's gyaan.

  • Its like Distance leads to enchantment. People without a GF want one... while, people on other side with a GF feel to get outta it  n be a freelancer (??) with no commitments, n unnecessary emotional sequences where u got to project u like that girl, that u care for her ;when u really don't. - Shiva  (This actually feels like a great advice to soothe your mind... but on some level it feels like he is just bragging a little.. knowing the guy, He probably did !! :P  )

But, what if love had struck you n failed in it...?? thats when this guy turns up with his gyaan.

  • எல்லாம் மாயை டா... பொண்ணுங்க ரொம்ப விவரம்... தேவை இல்லாட்டி கழட்டி  விட்டுட்டு போய்ட்டே இருப்பாங்க... (Everything is like a mirage dude... Don't trust gals... Love is 'use n throw' for them)  -  Said by my best bud Pranesh. Nope, he is not drunk or high on drugs... Nopes, he aint 45 yrs old !!  But still platinum advice to heal your mind.

(Huh.. how about that... thinking so much, I couldn't find a single relationship advice I've got from Ganapathy, The college's mass lover !! The man with 5 stars (each star denoting each GF) Then I realised 'empty vessels make more noise'  he ain't empty !!  THE LEGEND !!  )

P.S. - So much for the relationship gyaan... Love is what Love ain't (I made this up just now !! ). For everyone its new... for everyone its different. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm starting to feel 'it'...

It's the december of the year and I'm starting to feel 'it'. The timelines have started.  :(  (for those who are confused, pls read below.)

This is the time of the year (2 months before the univ exams) when I start to play three altogether different characters SIMULTANEOUSLY !!

The Characters:
1) The Loner
2) The Beggar
3) The Addict

The Timeline of The Loner:

Every one of my classmates would leave me behind (Soo typical of em) and would have already started getting friends with 'The Five Big Fat Assholes'. Those five assholes being Davidson, Bailey, Ghai, Mudhaliar and Shaw, the guys who wrote the text books for final year MBBS subjects.

Thus begins my lonely paddle boat journey across the River of Thousand Deaths, through the Valley of Exam Anxiety. This journey is like Influenza(common cold). Easy to diagnose, with no valid treatment. You gotta live through the constant ache to get it over with.

I mostly never call any of my friends during this time, cos being friends with 'The Five Big Fat Assholes' kinda rubs off on them. They too become assholes in my view. Pravin is the only guy whom I can call at this time, cos he is always paddling nearby me in the journey. Its only in the last phase of the journey, he goes full-throttle on the paddles n gets far ahead of me. Pranesh takes an altogether different path of hyper crazy n hyper religious, Nobody knows where he is or what he does during this time of the year.

I paddle alone in this journey and I go to war alone n under-prepared.

The Timeline of The Beggar:

We have to beg for the fucking 'attendance' to get our clearance for the exams. Thank God !! In this timeline I'm not alone and I've a vast degree of experience. Yup, most of my friends fall into the pit of 'attendance-lack' and we will be doing this begging for four years in a row this time... :)  sooo much of valuable experience !!

But still, the begging sucks. To every department HOD, professor and even clerks n registrars sometimes. Every year they've let us go for the exams after constant begging. Hope this year it happens the same.

Whats more annoying than the begging is, a few of my friends who enjoy as much as me during the academic year, maintain a  80 % attendance !! Ganapathy n Shiva come in this category. They come to nearly all the noon shows to movies, yet somehow they properly maintain their friggin attendance !! Traitors.

The Timeline of The Addict:

Needless to say, in order to survive 'The three butchers of joy'(the stress, the loneliness and the guilt), I usually make myself get addicted to certain things n try to forget the butchers. no no no !! I don't drink or take drugs or eat a lotta junk. My addiction is far more evil and far more enticing. Movies and TV series.

Think about it,
1) I'm kinda a movie n tv series freak
2) They cost nothing n are easily available (unlimited download you see..)
3) They are available right at my room and nobody else has to know about the addiction !! *wicked smile*

My iMac never gets switched off and will be continuously downloading all the evil in the world (ie., movies n TV). I would be seeing as much as 5 movies per day !! n have finished entire seasons of TV series on a stretch !! As I said, ADDICTED.

Thats it about the 3 characters/ghosts of exam time.

So, why am I starting to feel 'it' ?? Cos I've already started living one of the characters, 'The addict'. Saw 9 episodes of How I Met Your Mother and 8 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, in the last 2 days... 'The begger' will show up when the attendance registers are dusted off and 'The Loner' will have to wait until january of 2010.

P.S. - "Errr... where the fuck are the timelines u said abt??" You may ask. Wait For It. Oh yeah, there is one more post, equally depressing n more pathetic than this one coming up with detailed timelines of all the three characters... :P

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom n Dad - 25th Wedding anniversary :)

Me cho kappy !!  Apart from being their silver jubilee anniversary celebration,  I  gave mom n dad one more reason to smile today. A cute heartfelt gift to my folks with a fair bit of hard work n personal touch from my side.  :)  made 'em both extra happy...

Got this awesome idea to make a collage of our family pics n gift it, when I was idly waiting in the market place... lols, all  good ideas come to those who think useless. So, got into action quickly n designed a collage in some 3 hours (me not technologician you see...), printed it n framed it...

Lovely... ain't it..??   he he... :)

High point of the day - Makin everyone happy n thus me too kappy...  :)

Low point of the day - Getting hyper bored in the temple for about 2 hrs !! seriously, temples are boring without cute gals.

Family pic. (Sis n bro in law n cute nephew missing !! )

I look fat !!  have to get rid of those extra adipose in my cheeks... friggin friends... always makin me eat out !!

Anyways, the entire day went in good spirits... Wishing my mom n dad to have lots of jubilee anniversaries... :D


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Think Little...

I know some bloggers have come across this 'blogging crisis'... no this is not the 'writer's block', which everyone suffers from time to time. This is blogging crisis - you don't know what to blog about anymore.

I remember, when I started out blogging... I used to write about my views on life and all about it. But, there is only so much one can write about it. Then my posts centered around my travels, my movie reviews, college mishaps, sarcastic/fictionised stories about my college mates jus to irritate em... lols. Then I wrote a few stories n poems (Dunno whether they can be termed as poems... they were just thoughts put into fabricated words). Then I stopped writing them altogether.Now I dunno what to blog about.

This is what happens when you start thinking too much !!

Anyways, New blog... New impressions... Am so far pretty satisfied with WordPress, except the part where I can't add javascript widget on the side bar... :P  Altogether its pretty simple n professional.


P.S. - If you guys have come across any good, interesting tamil blogs, pls leave the link in the comments section. Am getting pretty fond of them nowadays. :)  Ciao.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

She Stole My Sundays

I've lost all my Sundays.
As I look up,

Daylight is no more
Can't see the sun warming my skies.
Its all dark clouds now,
Veiling over my sun.
I keep smiling
Cos, Its raining love.

P.S. -
She can pirate as many 'SUN'days as she wishes....
As long as the sea is... love.
Have a happy 'Sun'day everyone... (oops, it ain't Sunday still.... who cares  :)  )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Car Laughs With Pravin...

I drive around in an old Santro whose engine produces more sound than a 1500 watts stereo system. Most of the time I wont be the one handling the wheels. It'll be one of my best buds - Pravin.  Fact 1) He is a better driver.  Fact 2) I get easily distracted by cute gals passing by.

When we are cruising thro in my four wheeled metal of terror, we strike up sometimes funny, sometimes creepy n sometimes wicked conversations.

Car Laugh 1:

Pravin was talking about his elder brother who is doing his PG. In the middle of the convo,

Me: Your bro saw many movies during his MBBS life ??
Pravin: Nah, he wasn't the movie type of guy.
Me: Oh. So, he is the patiently-reading-novels type..??
Pravin: Naaah, He didn't even read a single novel da...
Me: Then, What the heck did he do in those five and half years ??
Pravin: (Didn't even think for a moment)  He fell in love with a girl da...

A few seconds of understanding silence between us two. Fact - I'm a movie maniac, seeing atleast 7 movies a week and Pravin reads a lotta novels n sees as many movies as I do. So, bottomline - We both didn't have a Girlfriend to spend (read: waste) time with. This sudden realisation struck us. Are we two loser guys stickin together ?? The panic thought didn't last.

Me: He He... Your loosu brother wasted all his 5 damn years da... atleast we had a great time seeing movies n readin novels... n we acquired some great knowledge (?? ) too !!!  Poor dude didn't even enjoy his college life...
He agreed and we both had a great laugh, as if the realisation hadn't even dawned on us.
he he... we, the awesome loser dudes....

(Anyways, Pravin noted the point - Get a GF quickly. News Update - Pravin has achieved his love. He is nowdays dancing in dreams with Miami (pet name) and I still am single :)  n happily available !!! )

Car Laugh 2:

Pravin is a maniac driver. Period. Everyone who has been with him while on a car race or in his bad mood knows this. He was as usual driving maniacally thro the traffic when I said...

Me: Dai dai... Slow down da... Kolai veri nayee (Mad dog begging for death)... slow the heck down !!
Pravin: Hmmmm... YOU are callin me a Kolai veri nayee... remember the time when you killed that dog on the highway ??

(Fact - Once while I was driving pravin to bus stand, in a good speed... A stupid dog came in the way n didnt move either way n it was too late to hit the brakes. A loud bang. The dog ran (limped) to the sidewalk n we went in a hurry...)

Me: Dai... I didn't kill it da... Might have just fractured it... While on my way back, I stopped the car and searched da... Didn't find any dog body !!!
Pravin: Oh yeah... what wud you have done if you found one ??  mouna anjaliya selutheerupa?? (Would u've arranged a memorial for the dead dog??)
Me: Naaah... I would have just took a picture of it and posted it on twitter  "Death on highway. Dr.Arun suspected."  and I would have received a lotta 'lols'  and 'OMG's... he he..

Car Laugh 3:

Happened during the same journey. As usual pravin drivin maniacally. A  4 or 5 year old came to the middle of the street suddenly. Pravin stopped the car at the correct time. My mind went back to the dog incident. If i were the one driving... That lil dude would've been dead by now... I'm too slow on brakes.
The lil' guy still didn't even move an inch...

Pravin: Friggin' children... pissin me off... he is still not moving da... (He WAS getin really pissed)
Me: What do you say... give full throttle man... hit the acclerator... lets take him out... he won't even leave a dent da... what do you say ??
Wicked Laugh. Good thing, that the child left the road by that time. he he...

P.S. - So, If you see a santro car with license plate no 1122... Stay the hell away !!!  :P

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Address Changed...

Its not a shift to wordpress or some other blogging platform. I'm staying with blogger. I'm getting bored of this blog for quite some time now. Just want to have a 'move on' and start something new. Start something original.

Yeah, Its always been itching me. The blog title, 'My Life As I Know It' - was not conjured by me... Copied it from some other guy's blog name. I was starting out new in blogging and just wanted some good name. So, I created a new blog with a name conjured by me n me only.  'Cupid's Lunatic' . It is the title I gave to one of My favorite writes.

My New Blog - Cupid's Lunatic

So, with the new blog, I'm thinking about starting new. Starting something much simpler than this blog. Starting with the template... its just 'Minima - Black'.

Disclaimer - The blog is just gonna be my personal rants n stuff... nothing more than that. No stories or poems (I wasn't good at them anyway  :P )  So think twice before following me... I might just bore you to death.

P.S. - Oops... where is the comments section to this post ??  (You can see it in my new blog...) Marketing idea mateys !!!  :P

A pic of my old n soon to be deleted blog  :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

100th post... 100 smiles...

Yup, I've reached a 100 posts.  Its been a slow and un-steady journey. It has took me exactly one year, six months and ten days...  5.55 posts per month.  :)

Thanks you all for being there with me, commenting and encouraging my writes.

I started this blog when I entered my third year in college just because I was bored and didn't have anything else to do. But, now it means more to me than just a web log. I have connected with people from different backgrounds, different traditions and upbringing, none of whom I would have met if not for this space. I'm glad to say I've made a few friends along this journey.

So, for the inspirations and support they have given me... I just wanna say a few words about each of em and what they mean to me.

Family Comes First:

Raja and Kumar -  My cousins and blogging support from my family. Raja is very mature with his writes, blogs his passions, posts amazing tamil poems with a new n different theme in every post. love reading about his nostalgic posts... Kumar is tries his hand on every genre of writing... Love, suspense, horror, acrostics, everything... he's been kinda-not blogging nowadays... hope he returns soon... got to know more about both of them thro their blogs.

Friends Next:

Ganapathy and Shiva -  My college friends. Shiva blogs and Ganapathy is happy with commenting and Me n Shiva are happy with ottifying Ganapathy. Its always a pleasure to blog about our misadventures (Read: Ganapathy's love entanglements) in college and wait for their comments. Luv to read the college gossips from Shiva's blog thro his puzzling narrative. :)

Pranesh - Unique commentator... He actually reads my blog in full flow, all the posts, then comments and then calls me n asks why I wrote this? Wha I thought like that?? What were my view regarding that subject ??  etc etc... motivates me to write more abt college life...

Blogging Friends are the best :)

Aparna - Writes amazing, pristine to the detail stories n poems. my favourite post by her - skulls and skeletons. I got to know of WL thro her only... thanks a thousand times for that Aps.

Arjun - Comedy mama... had fun reading about his weirdest dreams n strange encounters in life... He tells about himself as a serious guy... But, I honestly don't believe him... No serious guy could write such comic posts. Awesome guy.

Artz - A virtual sis. although I'm a few minutes older than her, she shows way more maturity in years (Patti). Had a lotta laughs by teasing her. I dunno what others think, but, she is intimidating. A person of same age,  havin a matured outlook and a demanding job, when I'm still feeding off my parents... he he.. intimidating !!!  :P

Asit Dhal - Honesssssst n true to his soul blogger. Has a comic way of narrating his life n happenings... still remember one of his posts - 'the asshole within me'...  luv his attitude when it comes to life and gals.

Brocasarea @ Pratap - My very first blogger buddy... a fellow medico. Luv to read his daily adventures in hospitals n his thots about life. I consider him as Mr.Perfect medico student loving what he does.

Fiducia - Her poems are kinda uniquely good... dunno why I feel so.... Unique. she has a different style of writing I think. She has been regular in commenting n encouraging my writes.

FL @ Mridul - Eccentric dude. Buddy from WL. Absolutely love his romantic writes n penguin grasshopper posts...

Kajal @ Pink Orchid - She'll always be 'pinky' to me. Highly encouraging abt my writes in WL. I know her only thro her writes...  A gifted poetess. I wish her a bright future in life n love n marriage.

Nuchu - Chweet sis. Always on a perky mood. The blogger whom I share many similarities with.. we both are lazy and we both hate what we do, she, her job  and  me, my course. Always been a great support to me. She has an amazing marriage/love story  and following her blog has always been a joy.

Prats - The surviving phoenix. Her passion for blogging amazes me. Writes amazing poems with simple words which never fail to convey a deep sense of love n pain (been askin her to write a chweet poem for a long time now). PLZ don't delete your blog again.  :)

Pulkit - Dunno which of his writes I like more.. His hyper romantic poems with a great style or  His themed story series... He is good in both of em. One of my favourite bloggers.

Rose - I think she was my first friend from WL. Avery sweet friend, always brings me smiles. But, I've lost touch with her nowadays  :(  still remember that combo effort to write a dark post.

Rosh and Sona ka - The awesome mom n daughter pair, ever supportive friends. Love Rosh's small stories... She's writing matured writes at 12 !!! Her road to become an author is BRIGHT. You must blog Sona ka !! Sona is a super caring n kind sis... Love chatting with them.

Saim @ CN - Love His Metaphors !!!  period.  Read his blog even before I was a regular blogger.  His write 'Shades Of Rain - Angst' is starred in my Greader. The only blog post which is starred in mine. Simply love his writes.

Sam @ Bumble @ Chandler - Love his views on life n love. Dont know much about him personally, but love his long updates on life. He has an awesome attitude. n more... he too is an iphone enthusiast !!!  no more reasons needed to like him...

Satheesh - A highly supportive friend. Another fellow medico. I always luv to see his loong comments on my posts... Flatters me with his huuuge appreciation for my writes. great bro.

Sonshu - The lil' one. .Luv her cute acrostics. Her passion for blogging at an age of 15... kinda makes me feel like the 'past generation'...  Wish her great luck on her aspirations of becoming an author.

Stephen - Stibu mama. what to tell about him... dude actually researches before writing his posts. He is a great friend n one of the co-owners of WL. love his writes on relationships. He was the first blogger whom I actually spoke with in phone.. he has a squeaky tamil. Networking Harry Potter.

Vinu @ Leo - My motivating stimulus !!  He writes amazing poems with the same speed I eat thro lays chips. Poetry comes naturally to him. He's a sensitive guy n an ever helping friend. Sorry for that one time I hurt you man.

Yamini Meduri -  I initially knew her as a sweet poetry blogger. But, she is way more than that... her poems on various social awareness themes were jus awe inspiring...  Love mattading in telugu with her... :) chweet friend to have...

P.S. - Pheww.... Took me about an hour now... Hope I didn't miss out anyone...  Once again, thank you all my friends for your support n motivation !!!   Hoping to start out new with the next post...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Morning SMS

Wrote these and sms'ed to a good friend at morning 4 AM !!!
lols.  I'm a torturing friend with a sweet soul...

"Your every smile tickles my mind...
You are the best friend anybody could find...

My heart's full of You...
With You beside me, My life has a better view"

"I wish to be your friend,
Your eyes become grey and
My hair becomes white.
When You can't walk anymore and
I can't hear anything...
I will be your walking stick and
You will be everything I hear."

P.S. - Chweeet...  Rite ???  Its 'cos Arun is 100% chweet !!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Few Diary Entries.

This is gonna be one looong boring post. :-) So beware....

Sep 3:
Pranesh treated us for his B'day in advance. Tomorrow was gonna be his b'day. I wished him by mid night. sent a custom made sms.

"Some Best Friendships are born thro Mistakes....
Some Mistakes make the Best Memories....
You are My Favourite Mistake... :-D

Kave a Kappy Bat'day."

Sep 9:
My nephew entered my world. He looked super cute. Went shopping with my co-sister for itty bitty baby things. he he.... he sure is a precious baby.

Sep 17:
The Big day. The Surgery internals with case presentation. Me n my unit mates raided the wards the day before and took case histories. I took a Bilateral Direct Inguinal Hernia case. Sappa case. So, I woke up at 2 in morning and studied all my books about hernias. But the case presentation wasn't all that serious. The surgeons just made fun and were cool. I did a very good presentation. The prof praised me (After a long time). Yay !!! Finally... I didn't screw up a practical exam... happy me.

Sep 17:
Evening. I wanted to treat my friends (a few of em were also bugging me) for my nephew birthday. I took em to the cheapest ice cream place possible 'Amul'. But the bloody guys milked my purse... Became a beggar overnight.... n also had to borrow some bucks from pranesh... he he... but I loved the occasion n was happy.

(Me (in orange Tee) n The ice cream demolishers.  look out for the guy in cow boy hat !!!)

(The mess we created.... A barbaric Yuck !!!  :-D)

Sep 18:
The next day. Took my 'A' batch guys for a small treat to a place nearby our hospital. Once again milked. Had a great time once again.

(Me, Elichavaayan Arul, Innocent Ganapati, Astonished Aibu, Big man Bulbie, n Regular Raju.  n No I'm not treating the gals sitting behind us)

Sep 18:
The last day of my surgery clinical postings. The journey of 3 months. Awesome time. Had a great time with my unit mates. This posting was a lot pressure-less when compared to my medicine postings. SURGEONS ARE WAY MORE COOLER THAN PHYSICIANS. I'm gonna miss my easy going profs and the jolly classes. yeah.

(The empty ward class.... am goin nostalgia already !!!)

Sep 19:
Wrote a Guest post for my blogging sis Artz. The Wind and The Butterflies... The Destiny. She was hyper happy. Me too !!!

Sep 21:
Went to Akbar sha's home for Ramzaan. Biriyaani !!! :-D while on our way back Siva n Pravin raced to our town, with pravin using 'MY' Car. Shit !! after 3 near death experiences Pravin won the race with my car. But some weird smell cam
e from my engine and since then its been giving some weird sound too...

Sep 28:
It was my friend Preetha's B'day. Planned to wish her by midnight 12. But I didnt (Not my fault. She dozed off quickly)... Then wished her by morning 4, while she was studying. he he... never wished anyone by 4'o clock. She was kinda pissed after I tweeted that it felt weird wishing her at 4. Had to do a lotta consoling to perk up her mood again. Had to send a lottta sorry sms n b'day sms. Anyways, She cooled down.

Sep 29:
My school and college friend Aadil's B'day. He treated us grandly. Zooooper party. Ate a lot in the restaurant and then Pranesh n Aibu pulled a cheap trick on me ( *censored* ) . he he... after the treat, we went to our college lecture hall n trashed the place. Cake cutting n thermocol throwing. The place was a mess after we left it.

This pretty much sums up my month....  :-)  lot of happy moments !!!  lots of b'days !!! lots of treats !!!  n sorry for borin ya ppl... 


Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Smile, A New Beginning...

I'm so Happy... Everyone around me is Happy... 
My sister gave birth to a cute lil' son... 
Cute n rosey... Everytime he cries... he turns pink... 

I'm not the only kid in my home any more...  :P  
I'm now an 'Uncle'... 'Maamu'... 'Maams'....  

The picture above, is his first yawn... while bringing him from the Operation theatre to the maternity ward in an elevator... he yawns... 30 mins after birth... No guesses on how he is gonna turn out in future... Lazy n Cool... like his maamu...

Here's my nephew kickin ass...

P.S. - This blog has been put on a break for a few weeks... I also haven't been visiting any of my friends' blogs... I'm thinking about starting fresh in due time... Until then... 


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drowning in Blue...

Every time,

I let my love sail through my dreams...

It steers head on to the iceberg,

The impact haunting my nights...

Deserted by love and

Drowning in blue.

P.S. - Drowning in love singing my blues... muffling myself into the quietness...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Autopsy

They autopsied my love and

Declared it as suicide.


I knew that long ago...

When I saw you holding his hands


I still couldn't stop loving you...

Love proved fatal.

P.S. - Starting a new series 'Drowning in blue'...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 times Arun - Tag

Leo @ Vinu tagged me... :-D n today is his B'day... Wishing him lots of happiness...

About the TAG:
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five people.

My five favorite words:

1. Hmmmm - Expresses whatever I wanna express... comes in handy...
2. Luv - I like this word more than the feeling itself...
3. Chuweeeet - Lovely word. Always makes me smile.
4. Cute - My most used word... referring to gals, poems, things...
5. :-D - not cheating... I luv this smiley a lot... if hmmm counts. this counts too..

My five favorite celebrity crushes:

1. Kirsten Stewart (The reason I read n saw twilight... multiple times...)
2. Aishwarya Rai (my first celeb crush)
3. Rachel Weisz
4. Michelle Monaghan
5. Genilia D'souza (ah... the angel...)

My five favorite random things:

1. My imac - I get crazy when I spend a day without it.
2. My iphone - I'm 80% sure that will get into drugs, if I lose this phone
3. Movies - They taught me everything. Made me who Iam..
4. Music - to amp up my mood
5. Junk Food

My five favorite Childhood Memories: (Courtesy: Vyshu)

1. Playing Hide n Seek with cousins and the funny places we used to hide.
2. Eating lunch with friends in shade of trees in school
3. Spending the summer hols in my grandparents home... we were 10 cousins.
4. Listening to Grandpa's stories sitting in varanda
5. The maid who used to work for us Lakshmi... cared for me a lot.

My five favorite Literary Characters:

1. Romeo from Romeo n Juliet (Luv his dreamy speech while professing love to Juliet)
2. Edmond Dantès from Count of Monte Cristo
3. Mark Antony from Julius Caesar
4. Bella Swaan from Twilight (:-D)
5. Karna from Mahabaratha

My Five Favorite Movie Characters: (My addition)

1. Harry from When Harry met Sally
2. Jesse from Before Sunrise
3. The Pikey from Snatch
4. Amelie from Amelie
5. Xavier from Les Poupées russes

Wowie.... I loooove making lists... just luuuuuv it...

People I wanna Tag - Anyone who likes it n hasn't done it.... pls take it up...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My August 15th..

This is not a post where I advice India n Indians to get better.. become a super power... Do this, Don't do that... etc... just a post where I'm gonna babble how my August 15th went...
Woke up by 7'o clock... Decided it was too early on a holiday, played a few slow tracks from my mobile n went back to sleep again... Finally woke up by 8. Shaved, bathed n ate by 9 30... was watching TV while eating... There was this Leoni's pattimandram ( A talk show), laughed my heart out... was awesome... haven't felt this light in laughter in a long time...

Then mom n dad called me... put me on some guilt about not visiting them often, asked me to come to my home town today itself. I gave a silly but effective excuse - I have my medicine test on wednesday, So have to do some group studies with my friends. n they believed it.

Switched on my imac, saw a lotta independence day posts... posts by comfortably numb and soul of a woman were good, thought provoking. The morning went great... twittered a lot... got some new friends... was chatting with my friends in GTalk till noon...

Then saw this tweet about SRK detention thingy... yucky face of indian media n publicity stunts... hate it. Kalam was in a similar security check before n the news didn't even make it till one month later. C'mon what better way to earn publicity for a movie named "My Name Is Khan" than making an issue outta a secondary security check in US n complaining "They detained me cos my name is khan"... n that too on Independence day... FYI, I luuuuuv SRK in movies. I just don't like these silly publicity stunts which harm the sentiments of the people of both the nations.

Started seeing this movie I downloaded, The Informers. It was about the life in Los Angeles before AIDS... ie., 1983. It was a pretty erotic movie, about people exploring their sexuality n drugs... extensively. But had to stop the movie in the middle. My lil' cousin sister came, talked with her then started watching Ice Age 3 with her (cos the movie I was seeing wouldn't have sent a right message). She left after a while n then I finally finished the movie. The movie doesn't show this, but implies that all characters end up being dead cos of HIV spreading within their group due to multiple partners n drug abusing.

I badly wanted to study for my medicine test... but ended up chatting n twittering. Then by 11'o clock, started writing a guest post for Nuchu akka's blog... had a fun time doin it, imaginations running wild.

Then I slept finally by 12 30 listening to tracks by Led Zeppelin. This group is my new craze... the drums n guitars are awesome....

P.S. - Thanks for listening to my bullshit... It was not the perfect Independence day an Indian should spend, but I ended up being happy n felt independent. I think thats what our forefathers fought for from the British. So, In a way I actually am fulfilling their wishes.... n Arun is pretty damn proud of that.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Friendship day tweets...

Tweets by Arun on Friendship day:

Tweet Thot 1 :

Friendship is the feverish rest in a rainy november morning...

Tweet Thot 2 :

Friendship is when its raining cats n dogs and you take shelter under the shade of a tree and someone kicks your ass back into rain again...

Tweet Thot 3 :

Friendship is... when the girl you have a crush on walks by without even noticing you... n your buddy says "Chappa Figure da Arun !!!"

Tweet Thot 4 :

Friendship is when you are writing bits for your exams.. your buddy advices you its a waste of time n asks you to take micro-xeroxes instead...

Friendship Tweets by Friends:

By Saim :

Love: Isn't abt expressin wid heavy words.It's abt understandin a gentle touch n a pure heart.Friendship: Is 2 laugh @ d nonsense above:D

Friendship is when you give up your crush/love coz he wants a friend more than a Girlfriend !!!

P.S. - I luuuuuv twitter... Luv writing short n random thots on it even more...
P.P.S. - Have an app installed for twitter in both my phone n mac... both are awesome...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tagged by Nuchu, Chandana n Bala

Had 3 tags hanging over my lazy head....
not anymore...

Tagged by Nuchu:

A – Available/Single? - Single...

B – Best Friend? Pravin n Pranesh

C - Cake or Pie? neither...I like halwas more...

D – Drink Of Choice ? Lemonades.. anytime..

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? Axe duo... thrice daily..

F – Favorite Color? RED

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy Bears!

H – Hometown? Kovilpatti... hate it...

I – Indulgence? bein with friends...

J – January Or February? January... Arun is all happy on january.. cos of his b'day n the numerous hols...

K – Kids and their names? I dont even have a GF... lols... k.. the girl names i like r meera n veena... boy name - Arun Jr.

L – Life Is Incomplete Without? people who care for me...

M – Marriage date? he he... its the end of the road... n i've fractured my limbs at the start..

N – Number Of Siblings? 1 sister ... Aarthi... (not that dupid blogger artz...) my real life sister is too named Aarthi..

O – Oranges Or Apples? Apples... cold n green apples...

P – Phobias/Fears? Snakes n thieves... i always check under my bed for both of em...

Q – Favorite Quote? "Never take life seriously, You may never get outta it alive."

R – Reason to Smile? my friends n their comic love stories..

S – Season? Winter... with snow..

T – Tag 3 or 4 people? EVERYONE WHO LIKES THIS....

U – Unknown Fact About Me? I've killed more than 1000 mosquitos

V – Vegetable you don’t like? Brinjals... YUCK !!!

W – Worst Habit? sitting around in net all day n browsing nonsense...

X – X-rays You've Had? Numerous... may be around ten.. i've had two surgeries n numerous root canal procedures...

Y – Your Favorite Food? Noodles, Spicy Biriyaani, Sausages, n bhel pooris..

Z – Zodiac Sign? Capricon

Tagged By Chandana:

The other tag is by Chandana Sekar... Its the 'A' tag...

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real .... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

So, here I go again :)

1.What is your name: Arun Kumar

2. A four Letter Word: Able

3. A Boy's Name: Aakash

4. A Girl's Name: Archana (luv the name...)

5. An occupation: Aeroplane driver.. :P (seriously, are there any occupations starting with A?)

6. A colour: Amber

7. Something you wear: Adidas shoes..

8. A food: Apples

9. Something found in the bathroom: Anti bacterial tooth lotion (phew... seriously this tag is difficult..)

10. A place: Austria (My sis says it s grt honeymoon spot.. wanna go thr.. :-))

11. A reason for being late: Accident mam... so traffic jam mam... really sorry mam... wont happen again mam...

12. Something you shout: Aiyo.. mokkai da...

13. A movie title: Amelie (I luuuuv it )

14. Something you drink: Apple juice

15. A musical group: Aerosmith

16. An animal: Antelope

< div style="margin:0;">17. A street name: Anna nagar

18. A type of car: Audi...

19. Something scary: Anatomy professors .. LoLs..

20. Ice cream flavour: Apple crunchies...

P.S. Phewwww..... it was reeeeally difficult doin this... but great experience... he he..

TAGGED BY BALA - My Cousin Bro:


The rules of the award are as follows:

  • Link the person who tagged you
  • Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post
  • Post this in one or all of your Blogs
  • Answer the questions(I’ve written below with answers) below following these Rules
  • Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them
  • Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

So, let me fill up the above checklist with my answers…

He is my cousin bro n an awesomely chweet guy... I ve never seen him get angry... ever... he is a great guy... His blog has nostalgia, poetry , stories, social issues, n his own opinions about them... its amazing...

  • Date when you were tagged: August 4, 2009

he he... its the fastest i've taken up a tag n done it... i think...

  • Persons you tagged: So here, I’m passing on the award along with the tag to…. see below....
Hah.... 3 tags... in 1 hour.... awesome timing Arun... anyways have a great sunday everyone...

The persons i'm tagging these tags to - Everyone who comes across this post... n comments on it.. I will stalk their blogs n check em individually... so beware of commenting on this post...
he he... just kidding... pls comment... !!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The spider in my heart...

(Fragment 3 of the tetrology. Read Fragment 1 and Fragment 2 for this to make any sense... )

"What's your name then ? "

"It's spikey.... "

At a leisurely pace, she started renovating my heart... chamber by chamber... weaving her web all over my bruises... stitching my cuts, kissing the heartache goodbye.

My heart was in ruins... She made it a relic... antiquated by spiderwebs.

She healed me.

And I'm in love with her.

P.S. - Yeeah.... about that... Spikey is a spider... who else could occupy my lonely heart ? n spiders tend get into places which are uninhabited for long periods... like my heart...

n thanks for reading thro my borin crap for these past three writes... he he...

I'm stopping this tetrology with this 3rd post... (Ya...I can see some of you saying "Thaaank God"...)

Will write fragment four n complete this tetrology when some cute girl colonizes in my heart (i.e, when I fall in love again dumb heads...)... So long long time to go till then...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The heart is for lease

(Fragment 2 of the Tetrology. Read Fragment 1, for this to make any sense)
And a fine rainy evening,

She came knocking at my door.

To liven-up my soul,

Frozen in its core.

"Hey !! Need a place to stay... for a while... is the 'To-Let for My Heart' still on ?? "

(Finally, a tenant for my heart, I was happy)

"Yeah. It is... but.."

"what ??"

"Its ain't a perfect place... Its a wreck. Has a lot of bruises.... tears... cracks."


"hmmm... when the last tenant was here... Me and my heart kinda made a irrevocable treaty. Consequently, I closed its doors and intentionally lost the key and left the previous tenant locked in there to die. When..."

"When I finally came back... She was disintegrated... putrid... Lifeless "

I broke down. She who was listening, came close by me and soothed me with all her hands in my shoulder.

"I tried to dislodge the remnants of her... Fragments of her were knitted secure to my heart... didn't come off easily... parts of her shredded the walls of my heart... "

She spoke at last...

"Hmmmm... that explains the bruises, tears and cracks... "

"So, as I said... It ain't new... aint perfect either... needs a lot of mending... and I completely understand if you don't want to stay there now..."

"Dude.... see this ??" (she turns back to show off her work pack) "I AM the right person for your heart... I fix things, fuse them up... "

"I can sew up your heart in no time and I'll be the best tenant you never had. So, when can I move in? "

She made me smile. I liked her. Perhaps she is the right person to lodge in my heart for the time being... I replied,

"Anytime... "

She made a chirpy smile and a second later she was populating my lonely heart.

Suddenly, I remembered...

"What's your name then ?? Did I ask it ??"

"No man.. You didn't. Thought You would never ask."

(to be continued... next fragment is a 55 fiction)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Heart - The Drug Dealer

I caught a glimpse of her smiling. That innocent smile, I couldn't take my eyes off... I tripped over and fell in love. The first and the only time I sensed love within my black heart.

My heart is black... cruel... selfish... It hungered for her presence, coveted all the love that humanity had archived. Yes, It was addicted to love, but didn't want to face the pain of a rejection. It made a simple plea to me " Please don't make me get hurt.... Please don't take away this love... "

A simple request from my heart, a selfish one... raised in fear of getting broken... getting dead. How can I deny such an uncomplicated request ? After all the love it has pumped thro my body ? The love which gave me so much thrill, Love which made me love myself, Love which I desire more after each passing breath. My love, a cut above the rest....

The more I pondered over the thought, the more it became evident to me. Like my heart, I too live off my love. I too, am addicted. I made my choice. I decided never to tell her. I wanted to keep on loving her... Thus never getting hurt.

I answered my heart's plea.... " Yes. I promise. "
My heart pumps up more love... and I don't let it get hurt. Straight forward Give and Take treaty with my heart. I was proud of my decision. I was happy...

As I walked a few steps, still in awe of the simple treaty with my heart, It struck me. What have I done ? I have killed all the great times ahead in my life... I have changed what lies ahead.
I have mutated my love into a narcotic.

The more I walked towards my home, the more it seemed to get farther.
I broke down, I cried.
I don't want love... I just want her...
I turned back and ran to the place. I couldn't find it anywhere... where is my heart, the drug dealer ? It has tricked me in the name of love....
It has stolen my future away from me.

I didn't violate the treaty. I never told her.
I felt empty...
After the ecstasy waned out, my heart joined me in my emptiness. The traitor... But, I extended my warm welcome... I knew he was not broken... he was not hurt... but is just alone. I cuddled my heart and cradled it to sleep.
Then put up the board in the next morning..
"Cabin To Let - My Heart"

And one fine evening... She came, knocking at my doors.
(to be continued)

P.S. - Hmmm... how was it ?? Planning to write this thing for some time... Me the narrator n protagonist, my heart the villain turned good guy, a surprise addition to the cast at the next write... a quirky, unconventional story which only I can fully understand... did anybody else decipher ? keep it to your thoughts...
n BTW, I'm planning to continue this quirky thing as a tetrology or pentology...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Hey knuckle heads, twerps and schmucks... Its me who is gonna write today... Arun's Inner Voice.... in short called Ivoice... you may have seen the condensed, edited, sanitized part of me in Arun's writes... He is sleeping now... had to give him 3 anxits...

Lemme tell you all, something about Arun...
Arun looks all calm, silent and composed on the exterior... But, truth be told... He is scared shitless... every minute of every day.... of everything he sees... Lets look at a fine example... shall we ?

Arun meets a girl online... Liz... after 40 mins of light hearted, jovial, perky chat msgs... This happens...

Liz: How can I call u ?

And what does he do ?? He wakes me up...

Arun - WTF ?
Ivoice - What ?
Arun - She's askin for my number man... my mobile number...
Ivoice - So... Whats wrong with that... are u being a sexist suddenly ? Its alright for guy but wrong for girl eh? You suck dude...
Arun - It ain't that man... Its just that... that... I know so little about her... we've just met online n we've chatted for less than an hour...
Ivoice - Awwwww.... You are afraid she is gonna break your little heart... (shouts aloud) Stop being such a girl and type the F@#king number...
Arun - Its not like that man... You know... I'm just really... really... ammm.... nervous , when I have to talk to a girl... n .... I just tell the wrong things man...
Ivoice - Dude... START BEING A MAN... just give her the damn number...

Finally, he does this...

Arun: 99400##### .

This is my mob no. whats urs?

But pls dont call me now...

Cos, you know...

we've known eachother for just an hour... n...

Liz: Dude... dude... Shut up... just shut up...

I asked how can i call u in the sense ...

whether to call u as dude... bro... or buddy... or a nick name.... things like that...

n u thought i was some cheap tramp...

Arun: :( hey, i'm reallllly sorry..... I totally mis-understood that...

Liz: Talk about ''making intentions clear'' at the start of a relationship... ewww

Arun: I'm ... really sorry... :-( ... pls... dont be angry...

Arun: Pls...

Arun: It was an honest mistake... really..

Arun: believe me...

Arun: u thr?

Liz: Its k... i kinda believe you...

Arun: he he... thanks... once again i'm cho chowwy if i had upset you... :) I feel like an idiot..

Liz: hmmm... Dont be... Its K... I believe you... have to...

Arun: Tan q...

Liz: Anyways .... #####37462... This is my number.... :-)

Arun: :-)

n thus that doofus ended up gettin her number... in a chat session lasting 50 mins... with the half witted neurotic mind of his.... Ewwww....

Is there no justice in this world....???

Yours annoyingly,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lightning trip to Courtallam

Yay... yay... yay...
Students strike has started from yesterday, supporting the CRRIs and PGs of Tamilnadu medical colleges.
Bottom line - Holidays for me...

I was just lying there in my bed browsing the web n then pranesh called... n everything happened so quickly... I was at the back of pravin's bike in 10 mins time, making a trip to Courtalam. (For those who don't know.. its just a place with a lotta waterfalls...)

Of course, I lied to my grandpa. No way he'll let me go in a bike to courtallam. But college strike presents you with multiple options. "Thatha, I'm goin to strike... can't come out till night 10'o clock..." . Off we went to courtallam.

The ride to courtallam was just awesome... cool wind blowing from everywhere... n u got to be seated in the back of the bike to enjoy the sight of the mountains... I did. It was just splendid.

Had a rocking evening in courtallam. The waterfalls were crowded, so I bathed in only one... more than one bath a day would have been a touture and record for me... my friends made me sit 'watchman' for the clothes n things in the next 2 waterfalls... Couldn't click many pics... cos there was a slight drizzle... n i luv my iphone too much...

The thing abt courtallam I like are the roadside small shops which sell spicy eatables... ate a lot at every chance I got... mmmmmhhhhhmmmm... tasty as hell... made my friends go ewwwww...

Then by 7'o clock... it started raining a lot... a lot... hell a lot more... more water in rain than in the waterfall... We were drenched waiting for 4 of my friends... when they came back, I felt like killing them... I hate waiting n that too in rain... but they had a good excuse... "Nazar saw a cute gal n got lost da"... Thus they escaped our fury...

Then we ate in a border restaurent n came back...
I decided to cut the classes today... yup my body aches like hell...
Just then Pravin called me n delivered the good news "Dont go to classes da... today also strike..." Like was planning to go to classes....

Saturday, July 11, 2009


"Fuck You Asshole" and then the call disconnected.... With the call, their relationship... or whatever that remained between the two...

Where did it all go wrong ?

Was i too much Possessive ? Was I over-controlling ?

I tried to be a good lover. I was a good lover.

I loved every little fragment of her.

Every little glance, every little smile,

every little word out of her lips.

Intense pain now it is, her very lips cursing me.

A year of Love. A year of rift.

Now, minutes into my eternal loneliness,

I think back into our love

Love at first meet.

"How can this be, love so quickly ?" I was dubious

"Love doesn't linger and wait. It seizes without notice" she replied...

She was instinctive... I believed in reasons...

Reason - My heart's mighty foe...

Yet, I fell in love...

How can I, her love deny ?

The alluring angel, staring at my eye.

Thus begun, our journey of love.

Thinking back, now, alone , i get a new perspective on me and my love , she and her love. Our love was mutual, yet not the same. Her's was romantic, head in the clouds passionate and utopian. Mine was down to the earth practical, analytical and always in pursuit for logic.

We were two different people when our love emerged.

We were changed when our love ceased,

Different from our own selves.

In cupid's game of hearts... we were two mis-matched toys.

And we've lost the game even before the game began.

(P.S - Been in a terrible moody state nowadays.... so posting this older post of mine from WL.

College is going fine... its just that everyone has started studying a lot n i'm in no mood for studying. Even the sight of the big fat books make me nauseus. hope I recover from this slump. K. bye for now...)