Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My year in retrospect..2008

Another year passes one word...has been very "knowledgeable"....
Learnt a lotta things about life,myself n others....

became more polluted n less innocent... is my news for this year..


-Passed second year....i think it was more outta luck than my hardwork...i can still remember those sleepless nights during my exams...n many afterwards ,waiting for the results....still remember those hard headaches....

-Had my first US trip....was a grand experience...met jikki ka...after a long time...n her adorable family...kissed J Lo (wax figure...)....sighted a lotta cute gals....went for disney land (n i'm 20...still enjoyed my dream come true..)...spent some 38 hrs in flight goin n  returning....went for miami n took a basically lived the american dream (my version)...

-Havin a cute nephew-Nitin...born on 21st of july...Priya's son...the next generation...n i'm an uncle now...


-Proximal phalanx comminuted fracture - happened while i was bowling...actually pretending to bowl inside my room i dashed on my bed...had general anesthesia n a K-wire...was really uncomfortable for one n half months...


-Bye bye PC...Hello MAC.....brought my imac in US...2.4 GHz core 2 duo ,2 GB ram n 250 GB hard drive....had to give away my old PC (2.9 GHz dual core,512 MB ram n 80 GB hard drive )....was a really sentimental moment...had a lotta fond memories in that PC....

anyways my new imac is great...the OS is superb...starts in 38 secs n shutsdown in 6 secs...had no probs with it still...


-Street cricket...started playin cricket with friends in Ponmani colony n now in Arch...not good in anything ...but still spendin time with pals..

-Montague shot...guys in ashwin room bought a new carrom board...played it for a few days...invented a new shot ....basically its just hitting without any aim...but by luck (n magic) more than one coin is pocketed...


This year was great for entertainment cos the burden of studies was really less this year...

-Movies....saw hella lotta movies....finished the process of compiling the list....huge here for the list....

-TV shows....following prison break,heroes,how i met your mother,grey's anatomy....saw arrested development n spaced too....

-Music....the last four months of this music world had a big bang....usually i hear only tamil songs...i started hearin English songs...n i luv em....My fav genre are Alternative rock n all kinds of pop n Ballads.... 7 books...completed 5 of em...the twilight series (4 books) n angels and having enough patience to read books after all...its just the mood thats required...


-Started this blog during april...first post on april 16th...have published 55 posts till now ...including this...havin a very good time writing it..

So that sums about everything....

waiting fondly for 2009...

Happy new year everyone...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Outing with my friends...Aral ride #3

Me n my friends went to Aral to attend Akbar Sha's Bro marriage....

Up to date...I've attended both his bro's marriages n went for aral three times...

Mostly its because i really like the biryani they cook...but also (a little)  its outta respect for our friendship...he he...

But this was the first time i took my car....I usually n

ever take my car outta town...but this time...I was in a really jolly mood n Aibu had damaged his reputation in his home cos he was involved in a  'hit n run case' with a mom n her child...n so he could not bring his bike...SO i had to take the car...Siva also took his car...

I beat siva's car to the marriage site n he beat me on our return (actually i let him win...)...

We ate feistily...until our stomachs ached n then returned after giving the gifts...

On Our way back...we took a detour...involving a little bit of trecking n a wee bit of adventure (?!).....Let the pictures speak for themselves.....

In the marriage....

Little bit of trecking....

Lots of laughs.....

Wee bit of adventure.....

Everything Christmassy...

Everything about this week is 'christmassy'.....
Family,Friends,Cousins....n holidays....

Good ol' family reunion :

Had a sort of a family reunion...7 outta 10 cousins....most of the family....under a single roof....
Dunno how it happened...but it sorta occurred without planning...The Get-Together...

My sis aarthi arrived...Divya venki ramya Abi 
n kummy....n me...n also the elders of the household were here...was really fun....
I ate a lot....Slept a lot n spoke a lot....

Most of the years,i spend christmas watching TV or jus stayin inside....My best experiences of christmas have only been in movies n cartoons....I think this year christmas eve is the closest thing i have to a 'christmassy' feel....

SO...HO ...HO..HO...Happy belated christmas wishes to everyone....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aibu - skeletons in his of em wears a dress..

U know those old indian movies...where a hero n heroine unknowingly bump on each other n then the heroine's books fall in ground ...then both of em exchange glances n then couldn't stop lookin at each other....well.. a similar thing happened with Aibu...but the result ...was tragic...unknown to many....unearthed by Arun...

Location - opthal class...far back of the class....on my retribution day...

Last bench...The hero is with his friends...tryin to listen the class...
the heroine sittin infront of the hero "accidentally" drops her torch....the friend of the hero signals the hero to help her....The hero thinks n waits...then as soon as he sees the heroine's hands searching for the torch...he extends his "helping"  hands....n both of em reach the torch at the same moment...the heroine's hand shivers ...the hero's hand doesn't (cos he was already planning n  expectin for this moment...) ...the hero could feel the heroine smiling....n then background music takes the center stage...."tan tana nun nun...tana nan nan...tan tana nun nun..."....The friend notices...

The class ends...the heroine "accidentally" leaves her pen on the desk n waits near the exit....n the hero being hyper dumb n stupid....does not understand the she is about to leave the class....she gives a look...the pen remains untouched...she gives into her pain n returns....takes her pen n leaves in tears...The dumb hero is still smiling in awe,thinking about how good he is when it comes to i said 'DUMB'....

N the smart friend sittin near the hero notices...figures everything out n writes it on his blog...
The tragic tale of love....a ballad about An Idiopathic  Bittersweet Ulcer of the heroine..

Note from the author:
This tale has never been told by any scholar or reproduced in any other form of art...
It was witnessed firsthand by me ...So the authenticity of the tale is outta question...

1:14 PM December 14,sunday

Its been a good normal n ordinary week....Pretty hard to get nowadays...

Am in surgery posting....which has all the more chaos than it requires...jus goin for the sake of attendance....nobodys in a mood to teach it seems...It been a week in this posting n i havent still seen a demonstration of a case....
The chiefs are preparin the final year students for their exams ahead...n i really cant blame em for that...n we remain unnoticed...

whats more to unit chief seems like a goofy guy...he actually asked...

"which day is the friday coming this week ??"  n he answered himself....GOOFY...

- On saturday...retribution day...lack of attendance bites me in the ass....attended an extra class in ophthal dept....still have one and half days of retribution...some of my pals hav more than 10 days of retribution ahead...poor them..

-Got scolded by killer mam twice on friday while being attested for my hall ticket...first for stickin a stamp size photo instead  of passport sized one ...then i took a new one...but she again scolded me for wearing a black shirt on the photo...cos she couldn't sign in it...friggin unbelievable...what does it matter anyway..?? Its not like the CIA is gonna look into it...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So ,Last n my friends planned a one day a waterfall n other etc...
The climate was great....n i was lookin forward to n'joyin with my pals...
But life has its won way of pissin me off...

I came home the night before tour....n casually asked permission from my grandparents...that didn't go well ....So i went higher up in the family ladder n asked permission from my i was tryin to convince her,fate interrupted...My dad came into the scene....Its easy to tackle my parents if i phone them separately...but that simply wasn't my day...

So,everyone joined hands...My parents n my grandparents...n the news anchors....yeap...just as we were speakin...cyclone warnings were given in tamilnadu coastline(seriously,what does that have to do with me travellin in interior of state...i dont know..)...Paranoia struck...n a strong 'NO' notice was issued....n my parents started advising about me needing to be responsible n other etc...

The same happened with pravin...he said n i quote...

"when i say waterfalls...he says i ll slip
when i say boatin,he says i ll drown and
when i mention van,he says it ll crash !!"

yea...he is poetic when he gets pissed....

So...after a lotta drop outs , the van was cancelled n 10 guys went for the tour in their bikes...
n it seemed like a lotta fun...I missed out...once again...

Seriously,whats up with parents nowadays n their overprotective agendas....I'm 20 for christ sake....
the next time im planning tour,I aint sayin them...jus gonna mention im goin to be in some friend's home...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smiling in the breeze....

Jus now saw "Little Manhattan" -  n I'm smiling in its cold breeze...Cutest Movie Ever..

Its about a 10 3/4 year old fallin in his first love...
I loved everything about the movie....It was like lying in bed n hearing rain (Its the best thing i could think of now)...
The movie had no overused narrated by the boy in his simple words...It was realistic n funny n romantic at times..n it happens in New York...(i dunno why i love NY so much...Its jus their lifestyle i think..)..The movie is very true to life n seen in the views of a 10 yr old boy...whom every guy can relate to...

n Best last line of a movie ever ...Its definitely my fav...

"The truth is there's gonna be other girls out there. I mean...I hope. But I'm never gonna let another first love. That ones always gonna be her."

quite simply,this line explains what the movie is all about...
No happily ever after n a kiss at the wedding altar at the end...But Life still has several unopened gifts waitin for you n life goes on...(woo..thats my own line..)

PS: Thanks to Pravin,who brought this movie in his ipod n also to that unknown friend of his who downloaded it...I've tried to download this movie via torrents...didn't get a good one...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

9:20 PM ,Saturday November 29th...

God...I'm becoming hyper-lazy nowadays....i've been meaning to write a blog entry for almost a week now...not that i was busy or anything like that...i had all the time in the world....i was infront of my mac for atleast 5 hours a day....but...jus lazy...HMMM...

a LOT of things happened in the past two weeks......

Mumbai on WAR:

Mumbai was under a terrorist attack...nearly 150 died....saw News n read about in Google...was like a hollywood movie...with commandos rescuing hostages inside taj hotel....I truly feel sorry for all the victims....I think its the fault of the self-centered Politicians...doin nothing but simply doin politics..playing the blame game on one another n invoking the people's sentiments...I hate em...Its time they did something constructive for India...thay owe that to the nation after all they stole form it...

I always wondered why our nation has yet to recognize a personal ID for every citizen like the Social security numbers in US....
I feel that security rules must be tight
ened even if it meant harassing a few rights of citizens....
India is so vulnerable to these terror things nowadays...Jaipur,Bangalore,Ahmedabad,New Delhi...n now Mumbai...yet nothing done except increased security AFTER the attacks....STUPID POLITICIANS N STUPID GOVT.....

Now, About college:

Adrenx-three weeks ago:
It happened on Nov 9th....Enjoyed a lot...Usually ,I've always hated big social gatherings...i kinda feel awkward with so many poking eyes....But it didnt bother me much this time...c
os i, this time was fully occupied during the entire course of the function...
I was made the Computer Guy....But i wud like to call myself the Dj of the function...I had to randomly select songs for the full day...Catering a large number of guys did have its worst case scenarios...a few irritations...but it felt good that i was able to contribute in some way....after all our batch "Wragorianz" were the organizers this time...
The function ...not much different...the usual...kuthu dances,good food,seniors-juniors,fun...etc..

Ecstasy too happened:

Our college culturals programme 'Ecstasy' also happened this week...
I went during the evening of first day of culturals...Pranesh western dance was good..below his usual-par....but still better than the others...way better...But he was given second...I fell a bit pissed....what the hell...the judges were dumb n so naive...cant do much about it...
Enjoyed a lot with my our last row....shouting insults n whistling always...

Didn't go for the next two days....function still goin on aint gonna miss Aun n Arun aint gonna regret missin it it...Its jus that the function never stupid n gross most of the time....nothing like innovative thinking ...Its been the same for last three years....

Pranesh won second in two dances n won first in fashion show....n he ended the function in a very 'pranesh-like' manner....

Heroes Saga-Gooooood

I watched two full seasons of 'Heroes' n ten episodes of current season 3....i had three days leave....nothing much to do other than being lazy....

Over all, it was really good...well thought n had a great mythology to it....loved the first two seasons....but the 3rd season...i feel is lagging behind...The writers are tossing out characters here n there...but still good....

It has good logic about the way people think,react in different situations...also has a good concept of evolution ...i really liked how 'natural selection' was put to good tales in the series...

I liked the characters Eden n soooo cute n other so sexy....both of them died during the course of the series....why god why..???

On the whole,The series got me pretty interested in Psychology n Evolution...I wanna read about those two in the coming weeks...Lets see how that plays out...

Other Trivia:

- I did my ophthal case presentations very well it seems...i was so afraid of screwin up in that...

- Tried reading 'unlikely spy' n 'five people we meet in heaven'....Didnt like em both...still searchin which genre i like....I really liked twilight first part....It had me goin light speed...others just make me doze off..

- Wished my Mom n Dad ..."happy anniversary" today....I dont think i've wished them both before(wished mom last yr)...what kind of a son am  i ???  but will wish em for every year from now..

- Went for shopping with prnsh n buy a jean for n prnsh ended up buyin a pair of sweat-pants each...n prvn bought nothin....

- My pal Shiva shankar started a new blog....We r blogger buddies now...

- Rumor mills running steady .....Bulb Subramani continues his impromptu fling with his affectionate one...passionate glances exchanged from both sides....

Monday, November 17, 2008

11:53 AM ,Monday - November 17th...

I'm in a really happy pleasant n serene mood now....
Jus saw Forrest Gump.... really good movie...sorta like an epic....
Saw it the first time a few years back...i loved it then....but now seeing it once again after i've gained enough movie n world knowledge.....i noticed a lotta things that i didn't notice on my first watch....Like..

- Jenny turns out to be slutty becos she was abused as a child...i didnt realize this back then..didn't know it...

- n the thing forrest feels uncomfortable while in jenny's dorm...

- n about Lef.Dan he empathizes towards Gump....why he shouts at the hookers...cos he feels makin fun of Gump is like makin fun of himself...

-n a lot of symbolic n meaningful scenes like why the feather flies in air first n also durin the end of the movie...n how forrest feels so lonely at times...

n a heap of other things on this second viewing....
n i seem to like it even more now....
i think its a movie in which u understand n learn different things while watchin it during different stages of ur life...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vampire Frenzy grips me tight....

For the last two weeks....I've been strangely fascinated n highly excited about vampires....Dunno whether its good or bad...But i'm down with vampire mania...
It all started with me reading the book 'Twilight' to pass time during power cuts....a vampire romance story....dark n romantic...i bought the sequel 'New moon' ....finished it in two days time...
didnt hav enough money to buy the next book....So i downloaded the sequel 'eclipse' n got it into my iphone n finished it

thats actually 544 + 608 + 629 pages.....  = 1781 pages in 2 weeks....the last two books in 5 days...

I saw the movie "Bram Stoker's Dracula " last week...
I've also downloaded a movie "Let the right one in" a vampire horror drama story....
n most of my internet searches hav been related to vampires or about Twilight....Me...??

For you info - I'm a highly impatient guy even for a small magazine n even the thought of horror movies makes me panic...

Its just that the story n myth about vampires have been so captivating, so fascinating, so compelling ,so gripping n intriguing for me...

The first book 'Twilight' was really refreshing....soo romantic....yet the narration had a lot of adjectives n adverbs which slowed down the pace a little..

The second book 'new moon' was initially great ...lagging behind in middle n picked up pace in last half....

The third book 'eclipse' ...better than new moon..the narration was better with less slow pages n was darkly romantic too,but could never match with first this book from start to finish in my iphone...actually reading in my iphone was better than readin from a book....

N the best news is 'Twilight' is being released as a movie..on Nov 21st....I have seen all the trailers n all news about the movie...expecting it a great deal...

I think i will start reading the next book 'Breaking dawn' from my iphone...can't wait to start...

Since Diwali...Till today...

Huh...Its been nearly half a month since my last post....I was jus lazy n didnt feel like writing....

Lots of things have happened in this time...LOTS.....

Let me begin with a happy note...

Had a Great Diwali....

Enjoyed my Diwali holidays to the fullest...went to kovilpatti,my native...Nearly 5 families under one roof...had a really gooood n much needed family time....
Didnt burst much crackers....jus did a little to contribute to the already hefty smoke...Funny,During my childhood i anticipated diwali mostly for the my adhesion has waned a little it its mostly about eating n relaxin n havin happy talks...

Met my school friends...three of them(Dinesh,Saravanan,Arun) after a really long time....

Met my most fav of school teachers...

I wanted to meet Mangai sir,my chem teacher...for a long time...the last time i met him was jus by chance in a restaurant ....
n He was my neighbour next door in my native town...i met him along with my cousins(who were also his students)....n had along chat with him...
I've been procrastinating this meet for a long time n i felt relieved finally....
He was a great inspiration n a great influence on me...

Attended Pranesh Bro marriage...

Came back to nellai after the hols n left the same day to Chennai with my friends to attend Pranesh Bro's marriage..travelled thro bus,my longest bus travel since birth evening 5 to next morn 10...We attended only the reception...the wedding was very early in the morning n we were lazy buffs...
we roamed Chennai...jus the traditional shopping spots...Spencers,City centre etc...
I bought a book (Th Newmoon) n a headset for my iphone...
Returned in train with dad...the rest of the pack once again made their hefty journey home thro bus...reaching nellai 5 hours after me...he he he...

Now to other things...

-> My grandma had a minor relieve her the pain caused by an anal fissure...she's now havin a good recovery...thank God for that..

-> My attendance has been lagging in pediatrics dept...n my absence due to chennai trip has exacerbated the lagging...Hav to take care of that in next sem..

-> Adrenx is coming...this sunday....its jus a function we have among dayscholar boys...My batch is organizing the event this year...Everyone else is highly excited n involved in working for the event...while i myself am searchin for a petty excuse to skip the event...I dont think i'm gonna enjoy it this time...I liked it when i was a junior...n now me bein the senior n all...i dont think i will like the function that much...

-> Our batch lost a cricket match with juniors...although i always knew that was gonna struck others a little hard...

-> Pravin's B'day is tomorrow...n i've a surprise gift for him....a useful gift...n i know he needs it...

-> My college cultural fest 'ecstasy' was cancelled due to some discontentment between gents n gals hostel....too bad i was expecting those holidays...

Not to forget the gossips...

-> Isaac's not so secret gal actually a medical student....most probably third year...He was found saying "why didn't u study lacrimal apparatus n orbit...i said u na??"  during a not so private talk in the pediatrics who cud that be....??mystery prevails....n isaac grins..

thats it for two weeks...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crap...I'm highly impressionable n vanity filled...

Crap...I'm highly impressionable n vanity filled...

I get influenced so almost everything n anything around

Day before yesterday was a local holiday for me...that night I saw
'The dreamers'...didn't like it that much..but I was really absorbed
by how the teens in the movie looked so easy on everything about
life...never stressed...enjoyin every moment of their life n their
time together....their lazy lifestyle really got to me I think....

I was in a great mindset that night...
The next day when I woke up...I felt like I was still on a holiday
(there were classes actually) ....I did not want to go to
college...but after a reallyhard struggle with my sleazy mind,I ended
up going...

At night,I did not complete my paper on HIV (which I am supposed to
submit today)....n this morning I'm not in any mood to study for
ophthal exam (which I have to write in noon) ....

So ,Basically I'm screwed ....

The cold climate,a cold shower with a new perfumed shampoo n ofcourse
'The dreamers' effect are controlling my mind right now....I'm in
pravin's room, everyone around me is studying....n are ready to spoon
feed me....yet I'm still writing this post....

Maybe it's not only those things mentioned above....maybe too much
pressure of doin so much work in too little time got to know
I tend to slip out n run away from stress at most repeated
escapes to cinema theatres the day before my readymade
excuses whenever I'm asked to attend a family functions...explain I'm
a 'slipout of pressure' guy...

Yet,the GAKSTER can never be tamed....I can't be changed (GAKSTER - G
Arun Kumar with a suffix)

I'm not guilty of my actions nor I'm proud of em...but these rash
decisions n stupid actions are a part of me...those are the molecules
which contribute to my Arun-ness...
I think I'm too proud of me that I'm uncapable of changing....

As the devil says "Vanity is definitely my favourite sin...."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not 'just another week' ....

Lets see....

Freakin unbelievable Monday:

 Monday , a prof from medicine dept called me n pranesh as "stray dogs" (in tamil-Theru nayee) for no apparent reason at all...except that we sat in the penultimate row...he also used the words "rascal" "arivillathavanae" describe pranesh....Boy...that prof was a friggin psycho...

I've never been scolded like this before...watta way to start the week...nowadays i'm getting shrills when i hear that medicine class is on noon...YUCK...

Reliving 1st year:

On tuesday,Our batch representative announced that a whole batch photo was gonna be taken n he requested everyone to come to coll auditorium....

Since a few of us separated from the rest of the batch due to 'difference in opinions'....a whole batch photo session seemed like fun (for me)....

After a lot of surveys,contemplations,scrutinization n considerations....It was decided that we take part in the photo session..It was like reliving first year...
n the highlights were...

- Pravin wore a new brief....rather unusual ..but its pravin...
- Aibu grew a beard of about 1 inch long (may be symbolic to show that he misses someone from the other side)
- Everybody tried to recapture their teenage looks by washing their faces innumerable times..combing their hair for minutes....
- The whole batch waited for Ravi for more than 20 mins...
- There was a small war of words between Pranesh n Siva...stupid guys...stupid talks...
- Isaac sent a message to everyone to reconcile which was well received comically...

Comic moment of the week:

Its raining a lot nowadays...
Pranesh n Pravin were riding a bus to tvl...n nature showed its harsh face...
Pranesh reached his peak urination threshold....he was ready to void any
 minute...except that it was a non stop bus to tvl.....
n what our evil geniuses did is unspeakable....
Pranesh emptied a newly bought mineral water bottle....n inserted his little jimmy n did his thing...n threw the only evidence out of the bus...
N all the time Pravin was sitting jus inches near him...Romantic isn't it...??? 

Trivia of the week:

I've started reading 'Twilight' during power cuts...a really romantic novel...i seem to like it until now...

Presented a book 'Doctors' to my sis on her b'day...Dunno whether she'll read...

Monday, October 13, 2008

The big fat movie list...

Pls dont mind this post....its just that i'm so bored n unoccupied right now...

Now...every one who knows me knows that i see hell a lotta movies...
Come on...Im a bored teenager having a broadband connection n knows what is what in net...what else wud u expect me to do....
I have heard someone sayin(probably in a movie) that seeing a lotta movies will cause brain cells to die...

So i thought of a way i call them back from the dead...I'm gonna remember all the movies i've seen so far...Its gonna be one BIG LIST...

TV shows i've seen so far:

  1. Arrested development
  2. Battlestar Galactica
  3. Coupling
  4. Family guy (jus a season)
  6. Full house (korean)
  7. Grey's Anatomy ((first 3 seasons only...n then everyone started cryin in it))
  8. Heroes (Missin it..)
  9. How i met your mother
  10. Prisonbreak
  11. Spaced
  12. Sex and the city (First 3 seasons...too much oestrogen..)
  13. The Big Bang Theory
  14. True Blood
  15. Two and half men

Movies i've seen so far:

  1. 300
  2. 28 days later
  3. 28 weeks later
  4. 50 first dates
  5. 10 things i hate about you
  6. 12 monkeys
  7. 10000 BC
  8. 40 year old virgin
  9. 88 minutes
  10. 3:10 to yuma
  11. 2 fast 2 furious
  12. Armageddon
  13. Armor of God
  14. Analyze this
  15. Analyze that
  16. Anaconda
  17. Amelie
  18. A fistful of dollars
  19. A bugs life
  20. Aladdin
  21. Anastasia
  22. America's sweethearts
  23. August rush
  24. A history of violence
  25. After sunset
  26. As good as it gets
  27. Artificial intelligence
  28. A few good men
  29. American history X
  30. About a boy
  31. Airforce one
  32. American psycho
  33. American gangster
  34. Apocalypse now
  35. Apocalypto
  36. Atonement
  37. A very long engagement
  38. A walk to remember
  39. American pie 1
  40. American pie 2
  41. American pie 3
  42. American pie 4
  43. American Pie 5
  44. American pie 6
  45. Alien
  46. Aliens
  47. Alien raiders
  48. A fish called wanda
  49. A beautiful mind
  50. Annie hall
  51. Around the world in 80 days
  52. Anniversary party
  53. American beauty
  54. Beauty and the beast
  55. Bramstoker's Dracula
  56. Boondock saints
  57. Big fish
  58. Basic instinct
  59. Bourne identity
  60. Bourne supremacy
  61. Bourne ultimatum
  62. Blue velvet
  63. Bruce almighty
  64. Blood diamond
  65. Black book
  66. Batman Begins
  67. Blade runner
  68. Before sunset
  69. Before sunrise
  70. Burn after reading
  71. Boy A
  72. Bad boys 1
  73. Bad boys 2
  74. Bridget jones diary
  75. Bridget jones - edge of reason
  76. Black hawk down
  77. Beowulf
  78. Bend it like Beckham
  79. Bewitched
  80. Borat
  81. Baby's day out
  82. Beowulf and grendel
  83. Brave heart
  84. Bruce almighty
  85. Behind enemy lines
  86. Back to the future
  87. Back to the future 2
  88. Back to the future 3
  89. Breach
  90. Being john malkovich
  91. Big
  92. Crank
  93. Cats and Dogs
  94. City of God
  95. Casablanca
  96. Children of men
  97. Cast away
  98. Citizen Kane
  99. Catch me if you can
  100. Contact
  101. Con air
  102. Cars
  103. Crash
  104. Casino Royale
  105. Cellular
  106. Commando
  107. Casino
  108. Cant hardly wait
  109. Chaos
  110. Chasing amy
  111. Conversations with other women
  112. Confessions of a dangerous mind
  113. China town
  114. City of angels
  115. Clerks
  116. Click
  117. Close encounters of the third kind
  118. Cruel intentions
  119. Closer
  120. Collateral
  121. Curse of the golden flower
  122. Charlie's angels
  123. Charlie's angels full throttle
  124. Cloverfield
  125. Dead poets society
  126. Death Race
  127. Definitely may be
  128. Donnie brasco
  129. Dare devil
  130. Desperado
  131. Deja vu
  132. District B13
  133. Deep impact
  134. Disturbia
  135. Diehard 1
  136. Diehard 2
  137. Diehard 3
  138. Dirty Harry
  139. Dumb and dumber
  140. Die another day
  141. Diamonds are forever
  142. Dark city
  143. Dazed and confused
  144. Death at a funeral
  145. Dan in real life
  146. Dragons forever
  147. D-war
  148. Eastern promises
  149. Edward scissorhands
  150. Entrapment
  151. Equilibrium
  152. Enchanted
  153. Eurotrip
  154. Extra terrestrial
  155. Eagle eye
  156. Enemy at the gates
  157. Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask(jus a comedy documentary)
  158. Eternal sunshine of spotless mind
  159. Eyes wide shut
  160. Election
  161. Eragon
  162. Existenz
  163. Employee of the month
  164. Enemy of the state
  165. Eight legged freaks
  166. Ever after
  167. Everyone says i love you
  168. Excalibur
  169. Forrest gump
  170. Four weddings and a Funeral
  171. Fight club
  172. Father of a bride
  173. Finding nemo
  174. Finding neverland
  175. From russia with love
  176. Fantastic four
  177. Fantastic four - rise of silver surfer
  178. Final destination
  179. Final destination 2
  180. Final destination 3
  181. Fracture
  182. Fahrenheit 9/11
  183. Freaky friday
  184. Fast times at ridgemont high
  185. Friends with money
  186. Face off
  187. Four brothers
  188. Get smart
  189. Good will hunting
  190. Gangs of newyork
  191. Ghost rider
  192. Ghost town
  193. Goodbye lenin
  194. Golden eye
  195. Gone with the wind
  196. Gone in 60 seconds
  197. Gone baby gone
  198. Good night and good luck
  199. Good fellas
  200. Gladiator
  201. Harry potter and the philosopher's stone
  202. HP and chamber of secrets
  203. HP and prisoner of azkaban
  204. HP and goblet of fire
  205. HP and order of phoenix
  206. How to lose friends and alienate people
  207. Hot fuzz
  208. Happy feet
  209. Hollow man
  210. Hannibal
  211. Hannibal rising
  212. Happiness
  213. Harold and kumar go to white castle
  214. Harold and kumar escape from G bay
  215. Hamlet
  216. How the grinch stole christmas
  217. How to lose a guy in 10 days
  218. Horton hears a who
  219. High Fidelity
  220. Hitch
  221. Hulk
  222. Hancock
  223. Hit man
  224. Heat
  225. Home alone 1
  226. Home alone 2
  227. Home alone 3
  228. Ironman
  229. Interview with the vampire
  230. Into the wild
  231. Its a wonderful life
  232. Ice age
  233. I am legend
  234. Ice age - the melt down
  235. Irobot
  236. Independence day
  237. I spy
  238. Insomnia
  239. I know what you did last summer
  240. identity
  241. Indiana Jones 1
  242. Indiana Jones 2
  243. Indiana Jones 3
  244. Indiana Jones 4
  245. Inside man
  246. In bruges
  247. Intolerable cruelty
  248. I know who killed me
  249. Jerry maguire
  250. Just friends
  251. John tucker must die
  252. Juno
  253. Just like heaven
  254. Jackie brown
  255. Juno
  256. Jaws 1
  257. Jaws 2
  258. Jaws 3
  259. Jurassic park
  260. Journey to center of earth
  261. Kingdom of heaven
  262. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  263. Keeping mum
  264. Kung fu panda
  265. Kungfu hustle
  266. Kangaroo Jack
  267. Kill bill 1
  268. Kill bill 2
  269. K-Pax
  270. King arthur
  271. Knocked up
  272. Kate and leopold
  273. Kramer vs Kramer
  274. LA confidential
  275. Layer cake
  276. Liar Liar
  277. Leon
  278. La femme nikita
  279. Lie with me
  280. Lethal weapon 1
  281. Lethal weapon 2
  282. Lock stock and two smoking barrels
  283. lost in translation
  284. Love actually
  285. Life is beautiful
  286. LOTR - fellowship of the ring
  287. LOTR - the two towers
  288. LOTR - The return of the king
  289. Lucky number slevin
  290. Little miss sunshine
  291. Lucky you
  292. Little manhattan
  293. Let the right one in
  294. License to kill
  295. Minority report
  296. Made of honor
  297. Match point
  298. Momento
  299. Mission impossible 1
  300. Mission impossible 2
  301. Mission impossible 3
  302. Moonstruck
  303. Me,you and everyone we know
  304. My lucky stars
  305. Munich
  306. Monsters inc
  307. Match stick men
  308. Moulin Rouge
  309. Mrs doubtfire
  310. Mr.Brooks
  311. Mr Bones
  312. Mr nice guy
  313. Mulholland drive
  314. Mean girls
  315. Matrix 1
  316. Matrix 2
  317. Matrix
  318. Mindhunters
  319. My sassy girl (korean)
  320. My sassy girl (english)
  321. Mr and Mrs Smith
  322. Meet the parents
  323. Meet the fockers
  324. Magnolia
  325. Mad max
  326. My big fat greek wedding
  327. Memoirs of a geisha
  328. Magicians
  329. Men in black
  330. Million dollar baby
  331. Mr beans holiday
  332. My super ex girlfriend
  333. Miami vice
  334. My best friend's wedding
  335. My best friend's girl
  336. Midnight run
  337. Miss congeniality
  338. Next
  339. National Treasure 1
  340. National Treasure 2
  341. Nightmare before christmas
  342. No reservations
  343. Napoleon dynamite
  344. New police story
  345. Notting hill
  346. Night at the museum
  347. Out of sight
  348. Once upon a time in mexico
  349. October sky
  350. Oceans 11
  351. Oceans 12
  352. Oceans 13
  353. Over the hedge
  354. Octopussy
  355. Old school
  356. Pirates of the carribean 1
  357. POTC 2
  358. POTC 3
  359. Poseidon
  360. Paprika
  361. Planet terror
  362. Pan's labyrinth
  363. Pretty woman
  364. Pineapple express
  365. Priceless
  366. Pulp fiction
  367. Phone booth
  368. Patriot games
  369. Prime
  370. Project A
  371. Police academy
  372. Police academy 2-their first assignment
  373. Platoon
  374. Pride and prejudice
  375. Righteous kill
  376. Road to perdition
  377. Road trip
  378. Roger dodger
  379. Rocknrolla
  380. Romeo + Juliet
  381. Red dragon
  382. Running scared
  383. Ratatouille
  384. Rumor has it
  385. Rain man
  386. Roman holiday
  387. Rebecca
  388. Reservoir dogs
  389. Revolver
  390. Risky business
  391. Rambo
  392. Red eye
  393. Rush hour 1
  394. Rush hour 2
  395. Rush hour 3
  396. Rob-b-hood
  397. Star wars 1
  398. Star wars 2
  399. Star wars 3
  400. Star wars 4
  401. Star wars 5
  402. Star wars 6
  403. Sex and the city
  404. Saw 1
  405. Starship troopers
  406. Shakespeare in love
  407. Some like it hot
  408. Sister act
  409. Shaun of the dead
  410. She's the man
  411. Shrek 1
  412. Shrek 2
  413. Shrek 3
  414. Schindler's list
  415. Saving Private ryan
  416. Sicko
  417. Silence of the lambs
  418. Sincity
  419. Sliding doors
  420. Snatch
  421. Sunshine
  422. Shaolin soccer
  423. Spiderman 1
  424. Spider man 2
  425. Spiderman 3
  426. Stuart little
  427. Smokin aces
  428. Sense and sensibility
  429. Serenity
  430. Science of sleep
  431. Superman returns
  432. Savages
  433. Syriana
  434. Say anything
  435. Sleepless in seattle
  436. Serendipity
  437. Seven
  438. Shallow hal
  439. Singles
  440. Stand by me
  441. Shanghai knights
  442. Shanghai noon
  443. Stranger than fiction
  444. Spy games
  445. Swordfish
  446. Steal
  447. Stealth
  448. Scream
  449. Shoot em up
  450. Star dust
  451. Super bad
  452. Shark tale
  453. Sindbad legend of seven seas
  454. Sunset Boulevard
  455. Shadow man
  456. Spy kids 3D game over
  457. Something's gotta give
  458. The bank job
  459. The blue lagoon
  460. The return to the blue lagoon
  461. The tailor of panama
  462. The butterfly effect
  463. The constant gardener
  464. The crow
  465. The godfather
  466. The godfather 2
  467. The godfather 3
  468. The jacket
  469. The count of monte cristo
  470. The constantine sword
  471. Tropic thunder
  472. The fountain
  473. The lion king
  474. The dreamers
  475. The devils Advocate
  476. The dark night
  477. The girl next door
  478. The truman show
  479. The duchess
  480. There's something about mary
  481. The illusionist
  482. The patriot
  483. Taxi driver
  484. Taken
  485. The lifes of others
  486. The look out
  487. The road to el dorado
  488. The holiday
  489. The man from the earth
  490. The phantom of the opera
  491. The other Boleyn Girl
  492. The black dahlia
  493. The fall
  494. The Prestige
  495. The princess Bride
  496. Tomorrow never dies
  497. The green mile
  498. The insider
  499. The shooter
  500. Terminator
  501. Terminator 2 judgement day
  502. Terminator 3 rise of machines
  503. True lies
  504. The pursuit of happyness
  505. Titanic
  506. The machinist
  507. The shawshank redemption
  508. The perfume
  509. Training day
  510. The incredible hulk
  511. Troycr
  512. True romance
  513. Toy story 1
  514. Titan AE
  515. Total recall
  516. Toy story 2
  517. The incredibles
  518. The little mermaid
  519. The terminal
  520. The tuxedo
  521. The x files
  522. The mask
  523. The legend of Zorro
  524. The mask of Zorro
  525. The last kiss
  526. The big lebowski
  527. The myth
  528. The cable guy
  529. The graduate
  530. The queen
  531. The fast and the furious
  532. The devil wears prada
  533. The da vinci code
  534. The visitor
  535. The scent of a woman
  536. Top gun
  537. The forbidden kingdom
  538. The medallion
  539. The curious case of Benjamin button
  540. The good the bad the ugly
  541. Transformers
  542. Tristan and Isolde
  543. Tomcats
  544. To Catch a Thief
  545. Tomb raider
  546. Tomb raider - cradle of life
  547. Thanks for smoking
  548. The rock
  549. The world is not enough
  550. The ice storm
  551. The lake house
  552. The one
  553. The departed
  554. The rain maker
  555. The patriot games
  556. The gods must be crazy
  557. teenage mutant ninja turtles
  558. The scorpion king
  559. The scorpion king 2
  560. The time machine
  561. The breakfast club
  562. The fifth element
  563. The hot chick
  564. The italian job
  565. The last samurai
  566. The wedding planner
  567. The last temptation of christ
  568. Twinkle twinkle little stars
  569. Transporter 1
  570. Transporter 2
  571. Transporter 3
  572. The notebook
  573. The pacifier
  574. The player
  575. The rundown
  576. The secretary
  577. The secret garden
  578. The prince and me
  579. The princess diaries
  580. The princess diaries 2
  581. The wackness
  582. The mummy
  583. The prince of egypt
  584. The mummy returns
  585. The english patient
  586. The shining
  587. The sixth sense
  588. The recruit
  589. The usual suspects
  590. The wedding date
  591. The break up
  592. The family stone
  593. The island
  594. The bucket list
  595. The good shepherd
  596. United 93
  597. Unbreakable
  598. Unforgiven
  599. V for vandetta
  600. Vicky christina barcelona
  601. Van vilder 1
  602. Van vilder 2
  603. Van helsing
  604. Vexille
  605. Vantage point
  606. War of the worlds
  607. Wedding crashers
  608. Wild things
  609. Wild at heart
  610. Wall E
  611. What women want
  612. When harry met sally
  613. When a stranger calls
  614. Wicker park
  615. Wanted
  616. Who am i?
  617. Willow
  618. Where in the world is osama binladen
  619. X men
  620. X men united
  621. X men the last stand
  622. Young people ****ing (comedy movie)
  623. You've got mail
  624. You kill me
  625. Yu tu mama tambien
  626. You me and dupree
  627. Zodiac
  628. Zack and Miri make a porno
  629. Millions (From Jan '09 to June '09)
  630. Happy go lucky
  631. City of ember
  632. While you were sleeping
  633. Wrist cutters-A love story
  634. Slumdog millionaire
  635. The escapist
  636. 40 days and 40 nights
  637. Elegy
  638. L'auberge Espagnole
  639. Les Poupees russes
  640. 21
  641. Swingers
  642. Ensemble c'est tout
  643. Just buried
  644. The lost boys
  645. Traitor
  646. Playing by heart
  647. Running scared
  648. Rambo - first blood
  649. Rambo - first blood 2
  650. Rambo 3
  651. Bienvenue chez les chtis
  652. Eastern promises
  653. August rush
  654. The science of sleep
  655. The wackness
  656. Once
  657. Boy A
  658. Run Lola Run
  659. Oliver twist
  660. Cash back
  661. The game
  662. Traffic
  663. Abre los ochos
  664. Choke
  665. Vanilla sky
  666. Body of lies
  667. Joyeux noel
  668. Speed
  669. The reader
  670. Animatrix
  671. Amores perros
  672. The outlander
  673. Camille
  674. Primal fear
  675. Runaway jury
  676. The scarlet pimpernel
  677. Sex drive
  678. The last kiss
  679. Hable con ella
  680. Freeway
  681. Wallstreet
  682. Gran torino
  683. For a few dollars more
  684. Confessions of a dangerous mind
  685. Sur mes levres
  686. Full metal jacket
  687. Dogville
  688. Sexo, pudor y lagrimas
  689. Forgetting sarah marshall
  690. Rachel getting married
  691. Manhattan
  692. The boleyn girl
  693. A very long engagement
  694. In search of a midnight kiss
  695. Honey I blew up the kids
  696. Pathology
  697. Panic room
  698. Austin powers 1
  699. Alien 3
  700. Valkyrie
  701. Frequency
  702. Babel
  703. It happened one night
  704. Stalingrad
  705. Extreme movie
  706. The midnight meat train
  707. Underworld
  708. Seven pounds
  709. Max payne
  710. Finding forrester
  711. Underworld evolution
  712. Jamon jamon
  713. Twilight
  714. Hercules
  715. Paris, je t'aime
  716. Underworld rise of the lycans
  717. Lust caution
  718. Oldboy
  719. Aliens vs predators 2
  720. Garden state
  721. Children of heaven
  722. Ne le dis a personne
  723. Die welle
  724. Following
  725. Jersey girl
  726. The spirit
  727. Lie to me
  728. Fallen
  729. The interpreter
  730. Mystic river
  731. The bridge to terabithia
  732. Matilda
  733. 25th hour
  734. October sky
  735. Love story
  736. Monsoon wedding
  737. The unbearable lightness of being
  738. Fast and furious 4
  739. Sideways
  740. Suspect zero
  741. Palo Alto CA
  742. Night on earth
  743. Its a boy girl thing
  744. A lot like love
  745. Chicken run
  746. The wrestler
  747. Sweet november
  748. The last word
  749. Blow
  750. The score
  751. Hallam foe
  752. Sex and death 101
  753. The frighteners
  754. Jarhead
  755. From dusk till dawn
  756. Peter's friends
  757. Beautiful girls
  758. Death proof
  759. Cache
  760. Momma's man
  761. Crank 2
  762. Defiance
  763. Cape fear
  764. Flags of our fathers
  765. All the real girls
  766. Broken flowers
  767. Letters from Iwo Jima
  768. Elizabeth
  769. X men origins Wolverine
  770. He's just not that into you
  771. International
  772. Bridges of madison county
  773. In the land of women
  774. Casanova
  775. The girlfriend experience
  776. Dangerous beauty
  777. The revolutionary road
  778. Once upon a time in the west
  779. The treasure of sierra madre
  780. Quills
  781. Push
  782. Angels and demons
  783. Across the universe
  784. The name of the rose
  785. Not another teen movie
  786. Anatomie
  787. Patch adams
  788. Flesh and blood
  789. Grosse pointe blank
  790. My bloody valentine
  791. Cube
  792. Failure to launch
  793. War inc
  794. Terminator 4 Salvation
  795. Almost love - Cheongchun manhwa
  796. Love phobia - Domabaem
  797. My wife is a gangster - Jopog Manura
  798. Bad santa
  799. Nick and Norah's infinite playlist
  800. My wife is a gangster 2 (From July 09 to Dec 2009)
  801. Charlie Bartlett
  802. Watchmen
  803. Leaving Las vegas
  804. My tutor friend
  805. The young victoria
  806. Duplicity
  807. Oh in Ohio
  808. The talented Mr.Ripley
  809. Knowing
  810. Two girls and a guy
  811. Transformers - Revenge of the fallen
  812. Gray matters
  813. Groundhog day
  814. My girl and I
  815. Harry potter and half blooded prince
  816. The hangover
  817. 17 again
  818. Ghosts of girlfriends past
  819. The hitchhiker's guide to galaxy
  820. Payback
  821. Ransom
  822. The punisher
  823. Sunshine cleaning
  824. Yes man
  825. Sympathy for Mr vengeance
  826. I love you man
  827. Very bad things
  828. Maid in Manhattan
  829. Lethal weapon 3
  830. Music and Lyrics
  831. Evil dead 2
  832. Adventureland
  833. The untouchables
  834. Ice age 3
  835. Waiting
  836. Lesbian vampire killers
  837. The shape of things
  838. Still waiting
  839. Requiem for a dream
  840. Daisy
  841. Dakota Skye
  842. The informers
  843. The classic
  844. Der Untergang
  845. Blade trinity
  846. Runaway Train
  847. Inglourious basterds
  848. Hard Boiled
  849. District B 13 - Ultimatum
  850. District 9
  851. Year one
  852. Monsters vs Aliens
  853. Keeping the faith
  854. From hell
  855. Prey
  856. Star Trek
  857. Rushmore
  858. The proposal
  859. Ronin
  860. Ugly Truth
  861. GI Joe - Rise of the Cobra
  862. Dark Man
  863. Public Enemies
  864. The Brothers bloom
  865. Surrogates
  866. Up
  867. The sleep Dealer
  868. Four Christmases
  869. 500 Days of summer
  870. Infernal affairs
  871. Jennifer's Body
  872. Zombieland
  873. Moon
  874. Pandorum
  875. 2012
  876. Becoming Jane
  877. Breakfast at Tiffany's
  878. Better off dead
  879. If only
  880. The private lives of Pippa Lee
  881. The league of extra ordinary gentlemen
  882. Sex and Lucia
  883. Night Watch
  884. Ink
  885. The tournament
  886. Cronos
  887. Day Watch
  888. 10 items or less
  889. 9
  890. North by northwest
  891. Near dark
  892. Blade
  893. Queen of the damned
  894. Blade 2
  895. Extreme measures
  896. The others
  897. Carriers
  898. Final Destination 4
  899. Ninja Assasin
  900. American Pie 7 - Book of love
  901. Thirst
  902. New Moon
  903. My fair lady
  904. Law abiding citizen
  905. Paranormal activity
  906. Avatar
  907. Gamer
  908. 12 angry men
  909. An affair to remember
  910. Bad lieutenant
  911. A guide to recognizing your saints
  912. Dorian Gray
  913. Gattaca (From Jan 2010 to Dec 2010)
  914. City Island
  915. The time traveller's wife
  916. Nothing but the truth
  917. Rendition
  918. A perfect getaway
  919. BSG - The plan
  920. The lovely Bones
  921. The Englishman who went up the hill and came down a mountain (Jan 12th :D B'day night.)
  922. Harry Brown
  923. Sherlock Holmes
  924. The nany diaries
  925. Pitch Black
  926. Blood and Chocolates
  927. Carlito's way
  928. Adam
  929. Everybody's fine
  930. Dont say a word
  931. New York I love you
  932. Religulous
  933. Meet Joe Black
  934. Notorious
  935. The wolfman
  936. Legion
  937. The informant
  938. Day breakers
  939. Whiteout
  940. Up in the air
  941. Hurt locker
  942. The orphanage
  943. The road
  944. The rebound
  945. An education
  946. Its complicated
  947. A mulher Invisivel
  948. The men who stare at goats
  949. The princess and the frog
  950. The edge of darkness
  951. Valentines day
  952. Man on fire
  953. Brotherhood of the wolf
  954. From paris with love
  955. A perfect murder
  956. Kick Ass
  957. The book of Eli
  958. Shutter Island
  959. Unthinkable
  960. Solomon Kane
  961. Karate Kid
  962. Prince of Persia
  963. Green Zone
  964. Couples Retreat
  965. Hot Tub time machine
  966. How to train your dragon
  967. Date night
  968. Circue De freak - the vampires assistant
  969. The secret in their eyes
  970. Hana Bi
  971. The Royal Tenanbaums
  972. Babylon AD
  973. Strictly Sexual
  974. Fantastic Mr.Fox
  975. Virtuality
  976. The girl with the Dragon Tatoo
  977. The girl who played with fire
  978. The girl who kicked the hornet's nest
  979. The clash of the titans
  980. Blind side
  981. The ghost writer
  982. Unleashed
  983. Sleepy Hollow
  984. Ondine
  985. The A team
  986. Vampires suck
  987. Splice
  988. She's out of my league
  989. Crouching tiger hidden dragon
  990. Musa
  991. Repo Man
  992. Hero
  993. The Aura
  994. Rocky Balboa
  995. Rocky
  996. Run fatboy run
  997. Agora
  998. Sneakers
  999. Mists of avalon
  1000. House of flying daggers
  1001. Me and Orsen wells
  1002. Eclipse
  1003. Salt
  1004. Rocky 2
  1005. Shanghai
  1006. Capitalism: a love story
  1007. P.S I love you
  1008. Rocky 3
  1009. Lethal weapon 4
  1010. Demolition man
  1011. The expendables
  1012. Rocky 4
  1013. Fugitive
  1014. Rocky 5
  1015. Four lions
  1016. Bolt
  1017. Robin Hood
  1018. Ironman 2
  1019. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  1020. Knight and Day
  1021. Youth in revolt
  1022. Get him to the greek
  1023. Machete
  1024. The last airbender
  1025. Wild target
  1026. Resident Evil
  1027. Alice in wonderland
  1028. Jonah Hex
  1029. Leaves of grass
  1030. Resident evil Apocalypse
  1031. Resident Evil Extinction
  1032. Resident Evil After life
  1033. Love at First Hiccup
  1034. Enigma
  1035. ToyStory 3
  1036. One flew over the cuckoo's nest 
  1037. High plains drifter
  1038. Rio Bravo
  1039. The American
  1040. Black death
  1041. The other guys
  1042. The Sorcerer's apprentice 
  1043. The reckoning
  1044. Red
  1045. Wall Street 2 Money never sleeps
  1046. Shrek Forever after
  1047. The Thomas crown affair
  1048. The social network
  1049. L'immortel
  1050. The age of innocence
  1051. 2046
  1052. Ip Man
  1053. Merchant Of Venice
  1054. The experiment
  1055. The switch
  1056. Cyrus
  1057. Planes, trains & automobiles
  1058. Devil
  1059. Brooklyn's finest
  1060. Brothers
  1061. The losers
  1062. Red Cliff 1
  1063. Going the distance
  1064. Red Cliff 2
  1065. A christmas Carol
  1066. Unstoppable
  1067. Tron
  1068. Dogma
  1069. Hang 'em High
  1070. Black Swan
  1071. Whatever works
  1072. The host
  1073. Despicable Me
  1074. Pirates of the silicon valley
  1075. The sentinel
  1076. Buried
  1077. Shadow of the vampire
  1078. Flipped (from Jan 2011)
  1079. Megamind
  1080. Centurion
  1081. 127 hours
  1082. King's Speech
  1083. True Grit
  1084. The Tourist
  1085. Monsters
  1086. Rabbit Hole
  1087. The Romantics
  1088. Due Date
  1089. The Fighter
  1090. The Magnificent Seven
  1091. Two mules for sister Sara
  1092. Blue Valentine
  1093. The town
  1094. Little Fockers
  1095. Love and other drugs
  1096. Tangled
  1097. Next three days
  1098. Drive Angry
  1099. Tron Legacy
  1100. Morning Glory
  1101. Lincoln Lawyer
  1102. Rio
  1103. The Adjustment bureau
  1104. Unknown
  1105. The Mechanic
  1106. London Boulevard 
  1107. Awakenings
  1108. L'Illusioniste 
  1109. Gulliver's travels
  1110. 13
  1111. Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
  1112. Chaplin
  1113. Memories of a Murder
  1114. Nine Queens
  1115. Bright Star
  1116. Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole
  1117. Polar Express
  1118. Thor
  1119. Fast five
  1120. No strings attached
  1121. Dale & Tucker vs Evil
  1122. Waiting For forever
  1123. Limitless
  1124. Source code
  1125. Pirates of the Caribbean - on strangers tides
  1126. Shaolin
  1127. Hannah
  1128. Kung Fu panda 2
  1129. Hang over 2
  1130. Just go with it
  1131. Iam number four
  1132. Priest
  1133. City Slickers
  1134. Speed of thought
  1135. The Green Hornet
  1136. The green lantern
  1137. X-men first class
  1138. Sucker Punch
  1139. Battle Los angeles
  1140. Cars 2
  1141. Transformers 3 The Dark of moon
  1142. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows 2
  1143. Seven Samurai
  1144. Cowboys and Aliens
  1145. Maverick
  1146. Copycat
  1147. IronClad
  1148. Bad teacher
  1149. Exam
  1150. The dinner for schmucks
  1151. Sabrina
  1152. Zeitgeist
  1153. Tactical team
  1154. Tempest
  1155. Assassins
  1156. Blitz
  1157. Final Destination 5
  1158. Paul
  1159. Friends with benefits
  1160. Super 8
  1161. Sinners and Saints
  1162. Season of the witch
  1163. Your Highness
  1164. Griff the invisible
  1165. Bridesmaids
  1166. The conspirator
  1167. Zeitgeist Addendum
  1168. Shinobi: Heart Under Blade
  1169. Mongol
  1170. Drive
  1171. Never Let Me Go
  1172. Ip Man 2
  1173. Page Eight
  1174. Cell 211
  1175. Captain America
  1176. Crazy Stupid Love
  1177. Real Steel
  1178. My cousin vinny
  1179. The outlaw Josey Wales
  1180. The change up
  1181. Bullets Over Broadway 
  1182. Anatomy of a murder
  1183. Heartbreaker
  1184. Im Juli
  1185. The guard
  1186. The adventures of Tin Tin
  1187. The immortals
  1188. The trip
  1189. � bout portant (Point Blank)
  1190. Rise of the planet of the apes
  1191. Killer Elite
  1192. Coma
  1193. To Die for
  1194. Horrible Bosses
  1195. The Man Who Would Be King
  1196. Machine Gun Preacher
  1197. 100 rifles
  1198. Columbiana
  1199. Breaking Dawn 1
  1200. The three musketeers
  1201. The debt 
  1202. Hugo
  1203. A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas
  1204. Underworld Awakening
  1205. The Descendants
  1206. A Dangerous Method
  1207. Anonymous
  1208. The Inbetweeners
  1209. Midnight in Paris 
  1210. Contagion
  1211. The Sitter
  1212. Mission impossible 4
  1213. We bought a zoo
  1214. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  1215. Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows
  1216. chronicle
  1217. Love likes coincidences 
  1218. One Day
  1219. Black gold
  1220. Get The Gringo
  1221. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
  1222. This means war
  1223. Haywire
  1224. Avengers (From August 2012)
  1225. The dark knight rises
  1226. American reunion
  1227. Lockout
  1228. War of the arrows
  1229. Swept from the sea
  1230. Untamed heart
  1231. The GreY
  1232. The Bourne Legacy
  1233. Safe House
  1234. Puss in boots
  1235. The five year engagement
  1236. Snow white and the huntsman
  1237. Wild bill
  1238. men in black 3
  1239. Hunger games
  1240. The Dictator
  1241. Prometheus
  1242. Clue
  1243. The invention of lying
  1244. People like us
  1245. John Carter
  1246. IceAge 4 Continental Drift
  1247. Wrath of the titans
  1248. Flypaper
  1249. Iron Sky
  1250. Expendables 2
  1251. Abraham Lincoln the vampire hunter
  1252. Find me guilty
  1253. Seeking a friend for the end of the world
  1254. The Campaign
  1255. Cloud Atlas
  1256. Brave
  1257. Ted
  1258. Tootsie
  1259. To Rome with love
  1260. Take me home tonight
  1261. What dreams may come
  1262. Paranorman
  1263. Un Homme Et Une Femme
  1264. The Purple Rose of Cairo
  1265. Taken 2
  1266. Premium rush
  1267. Ruby sparks
  1268. Your sister's sister
  1269. Looper
  1270. Flight
  1271. Life of Pi
  1272. Django Unchained
  1273. Argo
  1274. Hotel Transylvania
  1275. French Kiss
  1276. The man with the iron fists
  1277. Lincoln
  1278. Les Miserables
  1279. The impossible
  1280. Parker
  1281. Breaking Dawn Part 2
  1282. Silver linings playbook
  1283. Anna Karenina
  1284. The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
  1285. The rise of the guardians
  1286. Wreck it Ralph
  1287. Annie Hall
  1288. Sure thing
  1289. Mulan
  1290. First Time
  1291. Ironman 3
  1292. Star trek into the darkness 
  1293. Gangster squad 
  1294. Jack Reacher 
  1295. Hansel and Gretel witch hunters 
  1296. Mr Popper's penguins 
  1297. Identity thief 
  1298. Guilt trip 
  1299. A good day to die hard
  1300. Beautiful creatures
  1301. Snitch
  1302. Two weeks notice
  1303. Stoker
  1304. Oz the Great and Powerful
  1305. Jack the giant slayer 
  1306. Super
  1307. Olympus has fallen
  1308. The lost world
  1309. Wild target
  1310. Dodgeball
  1311. GI Joe Retaliation
  1312. In good company
  1313. Chocolat
  1314. Total recall (2012)
  1315. King Kong
  1316. New World
  1317. Iron monkey
  1318. The thieves
  1319. The Great Gatsby
  1320. Bernie
  1321. Me, myself and Irene
  1322. Now you see me
  1323. Pain and Gain
  1324. One fine day
  1325. The core
  1326. World war Z
  1327. Fast and furious 6
  1328. After Earth
  1329. This is the end
  1330. Hangover 3
  1331. Side effects
  1332. Headhunters
  1333. The cabin in the woods
  1334. We are the Millers
  1335. Short circuit
  1336. Project X
  1337. Heat
  1338. Pacific rim
  1339. The internship
  1340. White house down
  1341. Man of steel
  1342. Despicable me 2
  1343. Mortal instruments City of bones
  1344. Before Midnight
  1345. Monsters university
  1346. Place beyond the pines
  1347. Dredd
  1348. Solaris
  1349. Red 2
  1350. Moonrise kingdom
  1351. Driving miss daisy
  1352. The raid redemption
  1353. Motorcycle diaries
  1354. The wolverine
  1355. Gravity
  1356. The world's end
  1357. 2 guns
  1358. Elysium
  1359. In time
  1360. Love me if you dare
  1361. My little bride
  1362. Hard eight
  1363. The Family
  1364. Riddick
  1365. Prisoners
  1366. Man on a ledge
  1367. Three Kings
  1368. Bad Grandpa
  1369. Captain Philips
  1370. Wolf of wallstreet
  1371. The Hunger games - Catching fire
  1372. Escape plan
  1373. Frozen
  1374. Instructions not included
  1375. About time
  1376. American hustle
  1377. Warm bodies
  1378. Secret life of Walter Mitty
  1379. Ender's Game
  1380. Thor The dark world
  1381. Justice League War
  1382. Her
  1383. Justice League The New Frontier 
  1384. Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox
  1385. Justice League Doom
  1386. Justice League Crisis on two earths
  1387. Anchorman
  1388. The Aviator
  1389. The Lego movie (From April 2014)
  1390. 300 Rise of an empire
  1391. Bad words
  1392. Europa report
  1393. Noah
  1394. The Mummy tomb of the dragon empire
  1395. Divergent
  1396. Captain america winter soldier
  1397. Amazing spider man 2
  1398. Transcendence
  1399. Barefoot
  1400. Godzilla
  1401. A Million Ways to Die in the West
  1402. X men days of future past
  1403. Transformers - age of extinction
  1404. Edge of tomorrow
  1405. Dawn of the planet of apes
  1406. Guardians of the galaxy
  1407. Lucy
  1408. Predestination
  1409. Maze runner
  1410. Dark shadows
  1411. Maleficent
  1412. Hunger Games MockingJay part 1
  1413. Interstellar
  1414. The Hobbit - Battle of five armies
  1415. 22 jump street
  1416. Exodus - Gods and kings
  1417. Dracula untold
  1418. Equalizer
  1419. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  1420. 50 shades of grey
  1421. Jupiter ascending
  1422. Ex Machina
  1423. Focus
  1424. Kingsman the secret service
  1425. Last knights
  1426. Expendables 3
  1427. Taken 3
  1428. Gone girl
  1429. How to train your dragon 2
  1430. Sin City A dame to kill for
  1431. Furious seven
  1432. Insurgent (From July 2015)
  1433. Chappie
  1434. Hercules (2014)
  1435. Fury
  1436. No country for old men
  1437. Teenage mutant ninja turtles
  1438. This is where I leave you
  1439. Horrible bosses 2
  1440. About alex
  1441. Automata
  1442. The november man
  1443. Mad max Fury road
  1444. Spy
  1445. Tomorrowland
  1446. Inside out
  1447. Get hard
  1448. Age of Adaline
  1449. Jurassic world
  1450. She’s funny that way
  1451. Man up
  1452. Hector and the search for happiness
  1453. Mission impossible rogue nation
  1454. Fantastic four 2015
  1455. Self/less
  1456. Cinderella
  1457. Its complicated
  1458. Ted 2
  1459. Neighbors
  1460. The interview
  1461. The grand budapest hotel
  1462. Role models
  1463. Journey 2 the mysterious island
  1464. Vacation
  1465. Trainwreck
  1466. Stepbrothers
  1467. Two night stand
  1468. The man from UNCLE
  1469. Antman
  1470. Jack Ryan Shadow recruit
  1471. Mr Holmes
  1472. The man from the future
  1473. Maze runner Scorch trials
  1474. Nightcrawler
  1475. American Ultra
  1476. Magic in moon light
  1477. Goosebumps
  1478. Creed
  1479. Hotel transylvania 2
  1480. Martian
  1481. Sleeping with other people
  1482. Spectre
  1483. The good dinosaur
  1484. Steve Jobs
  1485. The hateful eight
  1486. The big short
  1487. In the heart of the sea
  1488. Judge
  1489. Spotlight
  1490. Hunger Games Mockingjay 2
  1491. Absolutely anything
  1492. Macbeth
  1493. Deadpool
  1494. Star wars - The force awakens
  1495. Kung fu Panda 3
  1496. The other woman
  1497. Get a Job
  1498. Stonehearst asylum
  1499. The night before
  1500. Epic
  1501. Bridge of spies
  1502. Seven psychopaths

I'm gettin royally PO'd

I've successfully wasted 336 hours of my life doin absolutely nothin...

this bein the holiday season n all...there were no regular classes....number of days-off in last 2 weeks was 9....pathetic...which means no pals to hang around with(everyone outta town)...I was getting bored like hell...

N to top it off....the TN Govt has been extremely humble in power supply...yeah 6 n 1/2 hours off every 'shittin' day....

I'm getting Pissed Off.....No no fan even...I hate these stupid, pathetic excuse of a hell with them...

afternoon,there is a 4 hour continuous power supply....Its like im being in a third world country...

So,how did i manage to pass my time during my PO'd noons...??this is how..

-Played cricket as usual for a few days...but all my pals took off durin the second week..

-Started sleeping soundly...n certainly not getting comfy with that...i cant sleep in night now..

-Been downloading a lotta english music nowadays...n hearing em by noon n selecting the best from them..dunno whats the purpose...but still doin it...

-Did all my errands...Diwali shopping...unfinished cuts....repeated baths....during noon....

- Shit,i even tried to read a novel...I ordered 'twilight' on ebay...(n it still is being shipped...)

-I phoned all my school pals,most of them i haven't been in touch for months...

But i hope the coming weeks should be change in current cuts..but..

-Regular classes (i'm never cutting one from now on..)
-Pals will be back...
-I'll get a book to read...

But still i'm blamin this all on the Mary 'freakin' Poppins government...never noticing the big power deficit until it hits the people hard...**** 'em...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ganguly retires...It hurts...

My all time favourite cricketer...Saurav gonna retire after a month....this hurts...a lot....

I know he does not have a great technique...n not the best cricketer to play for india...but he was my favourite...
I like him as a person n a character....
I really dunno why i started liking him...but i know when...It was 1999 worldcup...Ind vs SL...he was scintillating best...183 .....since then i'm one of his ardent followers...

when he was kicked outta the team during 2005...I thought he was doomed for real...but the phoenix arose....made a remarkable comeback in south africa....I started liking him much more...

Yeap...I'm his blind supporter...
n he is gonna retire after this australian test series...END OF AN ERA....
I wish he retires with a final triumph...n a smile on his face....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whats up with me..???

The past few days got me thinking.....
Suddenly a few of my friends started asking why i don't chat up with girls much...??why im not friends with em...etc...

It never bothered me be4....but after being pointed sorta got to me...why..??

i think these may be the probable reasons....

- I'm already havin so much fun with my friends....I don't need one more....

- I'm not exactly a peoples person....I'm kinda shy n i won't talk to someone until i'm spoken to....(but once i get to know em....they cant stop me talking...)  May be thats why....i haven't approached a girl n no one has approached me too...

- I have an elder sister n five more cousin sisters...too much estrogen in my life already...

- I don't laugh to light weighted jokes....n i wont make one humor is always sarcastic n rated R sometimes.....May be thats why i'm not good around gals...- I belong to a group that pretty much makes fun of anyone who 'socialises' with a girl...of course that group includes me too....May be thats why ....I've unknowingly built a wall around me...(but actually a few of my gang guys r really good with gals...hav to learn from em..)

- I don't have anything in common with them...I jus like to talk about movies n technology n sports....n I dunno whether they would like those talks...

- I really can't tolerate non-sense talk....I've seen guys talk to gals for hours with purely no substance at all...i'm not that type....when i matters...

- I cant withstand uncomfortable silences in a kills me...

(n thats to it...With all the attributes i've mentioned earlier It wud be difficult for me to keep up with a girl....I'm better off waiting for that special 'SHE' , than to search for her....)

The other reasons could be...n sadly...

- I lack the technique...n smooth moves ....(really,what r they???)
- I'm jus insecure n lacking confidence...(hmm...maybe true...)
- I don't attend classes regularly....(really...could it be a reason...??)
- Am i not handsome enough...???  (I don't think so....)

Then why i'm so bad with girls...????

SO...there is this block between me n gals...which is invisible ...but its out there....

Are these the actual reasons or Is it true that i'm living under a terrible misunderstanding about the opposite sex....???
Am i genetically engineered to be better off staying single ..???

something inside me tells "Come on Dude....You're Arun , Start behaving like him...Be stupid ,Be gross ,Be goofy ,Be inappropriate....BE ARUN..."

but still im searchin for the answers...

i'm sure there a lot of 'sociable' guys n gals out there.....gimme ur opinions....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drastic change of luck....phewww...I hate that..

I've been havin a string of good weeks lately...n was bound to run into an exception....yeah...had a not-so-good week....a bit stressful....

Bad news first....

- I was boasting of the fact that i e
scaped from SPM posting without getting scolded at...actually it was before storm comes the calm...i fell right into killer's clutches last week....of all the guys in the class...she picked me first to give a seminar on diabetes...n thats how it all started...scolding n embarassment infront of the class(which i dont mind much)....But the worst was yet to come..

-Two days later on friday.....she picked m
e up first once again....this time more was due to the fact that i hadn't been attending much classes lately n i had been lagging in attendance...but actually i attended a lot of SPM classes this year...but not so much in the previous 2 years...seems the SPM dept considers those atendance afterall...MY BAD...

Silver lining of the cloud:

-After killer chose me to present diabetes n after pounding me to near death...she gave me a choice...Pick a friend n he will be her next victim....well...what would you do..???
I know its a moral gray area...n a person has to consider all the ethics in mind....but not so much dilemma for me...i immediately chose aibu....n ran to my seat...
n he received the 'treatment' .....My Loyal Friend...Endured all rest of the treatment for me...(tears are flowing down my cheeks as i write this...)but actually he was really furious...n beat me up after the class got over....this time tears actually came down...

-On the next class...Ganapathi gave me company....(what are friends for..??) He received the treatment for misbehaving in the class even after repeated warning....

Pilgrimage to Trichendur:

Went to Trichendur with grandparents ....met my cousins there(5 of 'em)....had a little get together....n a bit of worshipping too...ate a lot n came back to tvl on the same day....

What are friends for..??

You know how Aibu n Ganapathy proved worthy of my friendship when they shared the treatment with me during SPM classes....

After the second treatment in SPM n threats about me being lawfully disqualified for writing the exams...I was a wee bit depressed...After i came to Pravin's room...i learnt that Nazar,Pravin n Pranesh also had received treatment from killer(but for a shorter span of time..)...which actually comforted me...I AINT THE LONELY MAN IN TITANIC...

after that i went for dropping P^2 in bus stand....we went for a snack at Archana's...there all we did was complain complain n complain.....about everything...about SPM about the food in Archana's n about the sappa girls dining near us....

N suddenly i felt really good....i was not in a bad mood after that....felt great to complain...
now thats what friends are for...just to rebel n complain n laugh until everyone feels good....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The week that was...Tour,fun etc...

Tour to kumarakom:
Returned from Kumarakom tour on last sunday evening....It was great...except for the travel...which was really awful....Kerala Govt sucks big time....

God's own really was....full of green coconut trees....water weather....n a happy family in a house boat....

Its not often i wake up next to coconut trees n smell of back water was refreshing n stress relieving....(these medicine postings sucked life outta me completely....)

n a chance to be with my doesn't happen often...

Mom in kovilpatti ,Dad always roaming ,Sis n Bro in law in Chennai.....n Me in Tirunelveli...

Well...It was unity from diversity....

n I had traditional rejuvenating Ayurvedic Oil massage too....don't know what the hype is all about...i didn't feel rejuvenated at all....but one more tick in 'my things to do in life'....

thus the week had a happy start.....n once again back to TvMC...

Wazzup in TvMC ..::

- Passed in two IA tests...happy news....havent done that since high school...

- We made Pravin relight his first year love life....we brought back his repressed memories....I think he wants it to remain repressed..but you know...its never gonna be...

- Me pravin n prnsh went to a prayer cell meeting...jus for fun...

- Isaac has been tirelessly talking to 'customer care' in his mobile....still remains a mystery...we have narrowed down the territory to Tamil of the mystery will unfold in the following posts....

Not much to add in this week.....thats it...shit i forgot....Aibu made a stupid haircut...just to escape from the comparisons with his new 'never stop staring' girl...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

An ode to my friends

Before writing this post i wanna clear somethin...
- no...i'm not held under knife edge or gunpoint to write this

- nobody bribed me to write this

- i'm not intoxicated by any means

- i'm writing this with full self consciousness n good will..

Enough with the build to the post..

I'm not highly critical of the persons around me....but i'm not highly appreciative either...

I know I feel happy when i'm bein why not return the favour..?

I'm dedicating this post to all my friends...who've stayed with me n brought me joy...even after tolerating my non stop mokkai...TO MY FRIENDS....

Good virtues n good times i had with my pals eh...this is goin to be really hard...but here goes..

Aadil - Friend from school...was my first friend in college...gave the first treat in guy who never crosses boundaries n respects friendship....

Akbar Sha - Always has a smile in his face...treats friends like family....discovered a funny alternative tamil language (mayirachi,mannava..etc)

Algin Danny - He is really frank n spontaneous....he is our official WZ cricket team,he makes everyone assemble on the ground by his constant messages..

Arul Venkatesh - He is really highly patient n tolerant ...laughs even when he is being ottified...cares about his friends n advices them not to repeat their mistakes..

Ashwin - Became friends with him thro second friend in college...had a lotta fun in first year...has a great sense of humor n nowadays highly faithful to God...

Ayappan - Knows what is right for him...laughs like a hyena...great friends with fire Gana...both of them have a great understanding...never gives up his friends n always stands by em..

Ganapathy - (hmm...these guys come next to next in my friends list too) Really cool guy...appreciates his friends whenever possible...never selfish....n one of my proud blog readers..

Henith Raj - Really innocent of the brain dudes of WZ really proud to be a part of WZ...makes an intriguing use of tamil vocabulary...passionate about cricket..

Isaac - He was one of my very first friends in college....likes music n fashion a lot...our batch photographer...loves to spend time with friends talking....

Kadal - Likes to maintain his own boundaries....he is really calm....never tries to hurt anyone...has a smile for every question.

Manikandan - He is really attached with his family....fondly called as 'theviravathy'....He has high self confidence n never gets stressed..

Mariraj - Values his friendship with others a lot...Gets happy n upset in a moments notice...

Mohd Nazar - Introduced the term 'Vesha Kadi' ...which is the most widely used term in college nowadays...Loves to play cricket ....n is good at it too....

Muthu Chidambaram - One of the brain dudes of WZ...Many guys passed 2nd yr (especially me) mainly because of him....innocent guy...never selfish...

Parthiban - Always remains cool n keeps a smiling face...helps his friends a lot...he is highly tolerant to my mokkais...

Pranesh - Hyper excited always....remains passionate towards his friends....shares the same vibe as mine...a really great friend....spent a lot of happy days with him n pravin...

Pravin - Always supportive to me....we both luv to see movies....has dedicated his room to WZ club...forms an integral part of AP^2....

Raja Prabakar - Funny guy of our gang...always sticks to his own decisions....n basically he is very naive n innocent...

Ravi Kumar - Forms an unbreakable part with me in 'The Mokkai Boys'....makes everyone laugh except the person who is being mokkaiied...

Subramanian - 'Su Groups' member....has a romantic side hidden inside of him....makes everyone laugh with his goofs...

Surendran - 'Su Groups' member....enjoys a lot when he is with friends...Good in keeping secrets to himself....

Siva Shankar - Forms an unbeatable combo with 'Su Groups'....Good in flirting with gals...n a proud contributor this blog with his SMS gossips...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the last 3 weeks....

So...thats a pretty long time to let me sum up..

-->I went to see my newborn nephew....he was cute n always crying...met all my cousins...spent a great day in coimbatore...

-->Can u believe it..?? i missed two treats on a single day trip to coimbatore...Isaac's n Raja prabakar's......every wragorian enjoyed the treats...except time missed...huh..

-->I escaped ophthal posting without presenting a case or even without being scolded....yet another record...n i also maintained more than 85% attendance ...kudos to me...

-->Medicine posting has been hectic(have to stand 4 atleast 4 hours..)...posted in 7th unit...its a begger's life up there...not much profs n cases in our unit....Me,Ganapathy,Henith,Anish n two gals are in...

-->Henith has become a 'Brain tuner' maniac....he's been playing it continously...n has set the record for 10.5 secs....unbeatable till now...I havent even got close to it...henith being MACRO CEPHALY n all...he deserves it...

--> Mani's strange disappearance everyday during evening 5'o clock has been resolved....he's been following a cute gal from bus stop to her unknown escort...where is this gonna lead to...??

-->Films that impressed me during these weeks - dead poets society,wall e,roger dodger

-->received a letter from pediatrics dept stating that i have attendance lag in 4th sem im in 7th sem....talking about past sins...eeww...

Good deed of this week:

-->Pranesh also received that same letter...n i gave the wisdom of my experience to him by which he survived ...."i will not repeat this...from now on i will attend all postings regularly n will study really well...please..please" i said pranesh survived...

he thanked me msging "problem solved da.!.!. I jus told wat u told da :) thanks a lot.!.!."
"u r my god n preacher n philosopher from now on indebted to u for my entire life da..."

ok..the last line i made it of it was real..

Most notable moment of past week:

Me pravin prnsh n isaac went for aryaas on an evening...just as we were about to finish...a guy working there asked me if i can move the car...when i asked why....he cooley said that some guys saw a snake crawling beneath the car....n he needed to kill it...

BOOM....i chickened out n gave the keys to him...after several 'wroom wrooms' n to n fro movements...the bloody snake was declared missing....which made me more afraid...n finaly the most wanted snake was found crawling near the place where i parked my car....

n you know...5 guys with sticks...the poor snake got it all...we stayed there till it was dragged out of its hideout..n squished...rotten memory...

Fight of the past week:

God...lots of things happened in last week....hmm..
while playing cricket...aibu n ganapathy got into a fight with ravi n pranesh....

u know ravi n pranesh n u know aibu....they poked at him n he went "ippa pesungada ....ippa pesu...vaada.."

but the surprise element was ganapathy...he usually remains calm n cool....but he became furious as well...the kadi of ravi n prnsh combo was too powerful it seems...thats the second time i was seeing gana really furious....first time i think was outside the auditorium durin ecstacy.. 

however.....aibu n gana team won the series 2-1.....n Arun was in the winning team(he always is..)....calm n cool as usual...never flattered by victories n never slowed down by loses...he is a legend...

Gossips i know:

--> Aibu n pranesh's cute faced gal are sharing secret smiles n repeated step for aibu n a huge leap for Wz..

--> Pravin still chooses to maintain his on n off  romance with the main star of gana's five-star mysterious...

--> Gana has set his eyes on mani's 5'o clock mystery gal....he said "tnveli la ippadi oru figura..??" it an effort to increase his star ship troopers..???....i dunno...

(when will these guys ever learn not to steals a bro's girl....breaks my heart..)

--> Gana's main star has been taking good care of gana's education i've learnt from his SMS messages...

--> Henith has been soooo happy so far in med postings....those who know him know the reason as well...